Van Jones - Accelerating Social Causes with the Dream Corps

March 14, 2016 - Van Jones 03/14/2016 Views: 549

Van Jones elaborates on an argument he had with a fellow CNN commentator about Donald Trump's KKK endorsement and discusses his non-profit advocacy group, the Dream Corps. (5:39)

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My guest tonight,I'm really excited for.

He's a political commentatorfor CNN

and the presidentof the Dream Corps.

Please welcome Van Jones.

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

-No, please.-(laughs)

I c... I can't, until...

I see you are trainedin the skills of hosting.

You know I can't situntil you sit.

It's just a... it's a game.Thank you for being here, sir.

-Thank you so much for...-Good to be here.

I'm a fan's weird to say that

to somebody on the news,and I don't say that,

-but I'm a fan of yours.-Well, I appreciate it.

-I'm a fan of yours as well.-Yeah, but not only do you

do a great job,but have you exhibited

the most restraint

of any human being...

I have ever seen.

Let's go straightinto that moment.

So, for those who don't know,there-there's a famou...

you can see it on YouTube,you can see it everywhere.

We talked about it on the show.

You had a fight--or an argument...

-Argument. Yes.-...let's say, an argument--

with, uh, with a man...

I mean, even the namesare so insane. Like...

-Van Jones versus Jeff Lord.-Jeffrey Lord.

-If sounds like peopleinvented these names. -Yeah.

-And you were fighting.This is-- this is in 2016. -Yes.

Fighting about the KKK.

Yes. It would've been bad enough

if we were justfighting about whether the KKK

should or should notbe endorsing Donald Trump.

We were fighting about

whether it's a liberalorganization.

So, you can imagine, I'm like,

"Uh, well,if they're so liberal,

why are theyendorsing Donald Trump?"

-How about that?-But-but how...

Here's-here's what I don't...'Cause I watched you

in the interview,and there was a point

-where you put your hand...-Yes.

...on Lord's shoulder, and-andyour voice went high-pitched.

And, you know, like,as a kid, I always remember

on the playground--be afraid of the kid

who shouted in the whisper.

'Cause you did that--you were like,

"Why are you sayingthese things, man?

Why are you..."

Why... why were you so afraid

of what he was saying,and why-why are you so afraid

of the rhetoric that's being...that's being perpetuated?

Well, I think that

America needsto wake the hell up.

-Wake the hell up.-(cheering, applause)

This is real.This is the real thing.

I-I think you have people--everybody says, you know,

the Republicansor the establishment,

-like, why didn't they takeTrump more seriously? -Yeah.

The whole society is makingthe same exact mistake.

I think we have the riseof a right-wing

authoritarian movement,and I think this guy

is likely to becomepresident of the United States

if we don't quitscrewing around.

So at first... it wasa nice little conversation

-on cable TV. I suddenly thoughtabout my kids, -Yeah. Yeah.

and what it would meanto have this kind...

And I just had to get real.I had to get real.

Let's talk about that pieceof the media

and the people involved.You-You're a part of that.

-Mm-hmm. -You-you cannot denythat Trump has been given

a-a huge platform by the media.I mean, we sit

and watch the news all the timehere. Donald Trump,

he-he gets to phone inlike nobody else does.

All the other candidateshave to come to shows.

Trump gets to phone in.I wouldn't be shocked

if he gets to textat some point.

I-I shouldn't say this, 'causeI work for a major news...

I have a secret.

There is a way to get himoff the air permanently.

Destroy him in 50 statesin November. Period.

Let's just deal with thispolitically.

That's the way you deal with it.That's the way you deal with it.

We need... Listen, you havean opportunity right now.

Look, I love the protests.That's great. And I don't...

And he's... Oh. "My free speechrights are being impeded."

-Yeah.-Dude, you speak all the time!

You speak more than any humanever born!

Okay? So... But the protests,

to your point,it can play into his hands.

That's not the only thingwe should be doing.

The way these right-wingauthoritarian movements win

is that they start getting moreand more people on their side

who are legitimate.So what we should be doing

is getting every preacher,every, uh, uh, board of-of...

editorial board,every intellectual,

every artist on record right nowsaying,

"We don't want your hate.Period.

"We don't want your hate.We don't want it.

Get out of here with that.Get out of here with that."

Let's, uh...let's switch gears for a second.

You're doing some amazing work,uh, not just...

not just on the news,but you are president

of the Dream Corps. What does...what does that mean?

-I mean, I knowyou're doing projects, -Yeah.

trying to get, uh, you know,green energy

into low-income neighborhoods.

You're workingto educate people.

What-what are all the thingsthat you're focusing on and why?

Well-well, look,if-if all I did was go on TV

and argue with Jeffrey Lord,I would put a gun in my mouth.

So I have to do other things.

And the thing I do the mostis I'm the president

of something calledthe Dream Corps.

Uh,it's an incubator/accelerator

for social causes,so we have #YesWeCode,

uh, 14 technology organizationshelping to get apprentices

-from Oaklandinto Silicon Valley. -Wow.

That's good. Uh, Green For All,

working to get solar panelsinto poor communities.

Uh, #cut50 and #BeyondPrisons,working to cut

the prison population in half.We're actually doing real stuff.

And, frankly, there aremore people in America like you,

like me, like the people here,who are doing good stuff

for America than hatemongerswho are trying

to rip the country apart.If we stand together,

we can stop Trump. The wayyou stop him is you make sure

that everybody knowsthis guy is real.

He could actually be thePresident of the United States

or he could be humiliatedin 50 states.

-And that's what we got to do.-(cheering and applause)

Van Jones.Check out the Dream Corps.

It's a beautiful cause.We'll be right back.