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Weak or On Fleek?


Gorburger tries to stump Danny Brown in a round of slang trivia.

Booty Weed


Danny Brown shares the craziest interaction he's ever had with a fan, and Gorburger comes to an important conclusion about the etiquette of smoking weed in jail.

The Beforeburger Show


Chris Hardwick takes over the set for one of his signature pre-shows.

Inventor's Corner - Third Arm Device


Kazuki reveals a mountable third arm that makes multitasking easier than ever -- but it comes at a price.

Inventor's Corner - Multi-Knife II


Kazuki the inventor shows off an exciting new gadget that can be used to cut food and even hair -- unless you're Rob Corddry.

Sylvan Esso and Big Freedia Perform "Pony"


Following a string of brutal murders, Gorburger brings in Sylvan Esso and Big Freedia to raise everyone's spirits.

Rob Corddry Plays Kiss Your Mother with That Mouth


Guest Rob Corddry shows Gorburger the difference between kissing your mother, kissing your wife and kissing your bus driver.

A Grizzlebub's Day Celebration


Zach Woods and Johnny Pemberton join Gorburger and his friends in a rousing rendition of a Grizzlebub's Day carol.

Electric Guest and Portugal. The Man Perform "Dear to Me" and "Feel It Still"


Electric Guest and Portugal. The Man team up for a collaborative song in honor of Grizzlebub's Day.

Corn Hole


Zach Woods competes against Johnny Pemberton to see who can throw more corncobs into a man's butt.

Get Down Gram Gram


Tig Notaro uses some advice from a Gorbaby in her final attempt to rescue Gram Gram.