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Slink's Philosophy


Guest bailiff Slink Johnson suggests a simple way to resolve a case involving two friends and a suspicious loan.

The Couch Conspiracy


The Lucas Brothers and Judge Doug Benson discuss whether the defendant burned the plaintiff's couch with a joint.

Todd Glass Makes His Case


Guest bailiff Todd Glass shows off his energy as he lays out his argument to a dazed Judge Doug Benson.

Don't Judge Appearances


Judge Doug Benson and guest bailiff Beth Stelling determine if a man with shady eyebrows owes a woman her deposit for a truck he never sold her.

When a Werewolf Borrows Your Truck


Guest bailiff Joey "Coco" Diaz offers some harsh wisdom about who's to blame when a truck goes missing on your watch.

Right Into the Gully


Judge Doug Benson and guest bailiff Rory Scovel consider a mother/son dispute and imagine what they'd do if they had an acne breakout before a modeling shoot.

The Case of the Ratchet Roommate


Bailiff Tiffany Haddish deploys a whole bunch of TV references in an effort to explain a case to Judge Doug.

A Full Docket and a Big Jar of Reefer


In chambers, guest bailiff Joey "Coco" Diaz makes the case for ordering a quick compromise between two feuding parties.

Can You Own a Magic Trick?


Judge Doug Benson and guest bailiff Michael Ian Black debate where magicians fall in the hierarchy of crappy entertainers and question ownership of a magic trick.

Let the Dog Decide


Judge Doug and the Lucas Brothers discuss dog ownership and "Air Bud" while sharing a bong.

Serious Bailiff, Flighty Judge


While guest bailiff Todd Glass tries to get down to the nuts and bolts of the case, Judge Doug Benson goes off on other tangents.