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Let the Dog Decide


Judge Doug and the Lucas Brothers discuss dog ownership and "Air Bud" while sharing a bong.

A Full Docket and a Big Jar of Reefer


In chambers, guest bailiff Joey "Coco" Diaz makes the case for ordering a quick compromise between two feuding parties.

Can You Own a Magic Trick?


Judge Doug Benson and guest bailiff Michael Ian Black debate where magicians fall in the hierarchy of crappy entertainers and question ownership of a magic trick.

Right Into the Gully


Judge Doug Benson and guest bailiff Rory Scovel consider a mother/son dispute and imagine what they'd do if they had an acne breakout before a modeling shoot.

Don't Judge Appearances


Judge Doug Benson and guest bailiff Beth Stelling determine if a man with shady eyebrows owes a woman her deposit for a truck he never sold her.

Serious Bailiff, Flighty Judge


While guest bailiff Todd Glass tries to get down to the nuts and bolts of the case, Judge Doug Benson goes off on other tangents.

The Couch Conspiracy


The Lucas Brothers and Judge Doug Benson discuss whether the defendant burned the plaintiff's couch with a joint.

Slink's Philosophy


Guest bailiff Slink Johnson suggests a simple way to resolve a case involving two friends and a suspicious loan.

Todd Glass Makes His Case


Guest bailiff Todd Glass shows off his energy as he lays out his argument to a dazed Judge Doug Benson.

The Case of the Ratchet Roommate


Bailiff Tiffany Haddish deploys a whole bunch of TV references in an effort to explain a case to Judge Doug.

When a Werewolf Borrows Your Truck


Guest bailiff Joey "Coco" Diaz offers some harsh wisdom about who's to blame when a truck goes missing on your watch.