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Yo' Mama's So Broke


Judge Doug Benson and Tiffany Haddish talk "yo' mama" jokes and the monetary damages of giving birth.

Dog Toy or Dog Food?


Judge Doug Benson and guest bailiff Brandon Wardell attempt to figure out whether or not a dog ate a bag of hair extensions.

The Importance of Manila Folders


Guest bailiff Rory Scovel is impressed by the defendant's preparation in one key regard.

Reggie Watts Takes Excellent Notes


As Judge Doug and guest bailiff Reggie Watts get baked, they review a dispute over a musical demo.

Doug Benson Looks the Part


After rolling a joint, guest bailiff Slink Johnson explains why Doug Benson is believable as a judge.

The Thousand-Dollar Joke


Judge Doug and Jessimae Peluso get stoned and discuss how much one terrible joke is worth.

Did the Guy Have Sex?


Michael Ian Black raises an important question in Judge Doug Benson's chambers, and then they evaluate the emotional suffering of a man who's lost his pet snake.

Judge Doug Benson's Wink Story


While passing a bong back and forth, Doug Benson and Geoff Tate deliberate about the past tense of "wink."

Your Car Was "Tooken"?


As Judge Doug Benson and guest bailiff Tiffany Haddish smoke up, they discuss whether "tooken" is a real word.

Good Judge, High Judge


A clearly stoned Doug Benson (with a little help from guest bailiff Tiffany Haddish) begins hearing a courtroom argument over a towed car.