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Jim Jefferies Is Back from the Wilderness


Starting March 19, Jim is back for an all-new season of The Jim Jefferies Show, and you just might learn something (but probably won't).

The New Americans Club


Before they take the oath of citizenship, Jim invites his fellow immigrants over for a cookout to discuss President Trump, post-9/11 xenophobia, and how American bread sucks.

From Immigrants to Citizens


Jim looks at the journeys of several soon-to-be U.S. citizens and learns how Trump administration policies and rhetoric are depriving other immigrants of the same opportunity.

Truth, Lies and Spin: April Ryan, Sean Spicer and Covering the Trump Administration


White House journalist April Ryan describes being a target of President Trump’s vitriol, and former Press Secretary Sean Spicer explains the difference between spin and lies.

T5: T-Furious


London Heathrow Airport’s T5 transit train has gotten popular on social media since Jim first mentioned its Twitter account, and now there’s a movie in the works.

Seeking Bipartisanship at Politicon


Jim sends a team of correspondents to Politicon, a gathering of political enthusiasts, to look for signs of political unity.

The Jim Jefferies Show Third-Party Debate


As voters go to the polls to choose candidates who will actually win, Jim hosts a debate between candidates from lesser known parties.

How Trump and Fox News Fill the Minds of Domestic Terrorists


After a mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue and a string of attempted mail bombings, Jim looks at how paranoid Republican talking points are motivating acts of violence.

Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child (with Happiness and Mental Stability)


Jim delves into the debate over spanking children by talking to a parenting expert with loads of statistical evidence and a pro-spanking advocate who goes by his gut.

The Impossible Task of Being Healthy


From sleep to exercise to diet, there’s tons of recommendations for living a healthy lifestyle, but following them all is impossible.

The Perks of Being Pretty


Jim looks at the unfair advantages society affords to attractive people and offers some solutions for offsetting the imbalance.