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A Presidents' Day Message from Jim Jefferies


Why should Jim bother to remember the names of all the U.S. presidents if they didn't bother to be more memorable?

A Valentine's Day Message from Jim Jefferies


To commemorate Valentine's Day, Jim wonders why images of naked babies are only acceptable on greeting cards one day a year.

Rob O'Neill - The Man Who Killed Osama bin Laden


Jim talks gun control with Rob O'Neill, a Second Amendment advocate and former Navy SEAL who is somehow also Jim's friend.

The Story of Thanksgiving


As the holiday approaches, Jim looks at Thanksgiving's true origins, which have less to do with sweet potatoes and turkey, and more to do with decapitation and slavery.

Feeling More American by the Minute - Jim Goes to a Gun Range


Jim joins former SEAL Team 6 member Rob O'Neill at a gun range and discovers that guns are fun -- but that still doesn't mean just anybody should be able to buy one.

Roy Moore - Just a Gun-Totin', Jesus-Lovin' Accused Child Molester


Jim lays out the sexual assault allegations against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore and questions the GOP's hesitancy to dump its nominee.

Rob Reiner - "LBJ" & Sexual Harassment in Hollywood


Director Rob Reiner discusses how he grew to admire Lyndon B. Johnson, his feelings on President Trump and why it's important to address sexual harassment everywhere.

MAGA Brews Coffee


With conservatives boycotting Keurig coffee, a competitor is offering a great-tasting alternative for real Americans with really young girlfriends.

Rob Reiner - Women Have No Recourse Against Sexual Harassment


"LBJ" director Rob Reiner is hopeful that the focus on sexual harassment in Hollywood will shine a light on its pervasiveness across society.

Pizza Report


Papa John's is declared the official pizza of the alt-right, and Jim thinks the chain should embrace its new customer base.

It's Hard to Know What to Say After Another Mass Shooting


Another mass shooting, this time in Texas, has Jim once again refuting Republicans' disingenuous mental health rhetoric.