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Seeking Bipartisanship at Politicon


Jim sends a team of correspondents to Politicon, a gathering of political enthusiasts, to look for signs of political unity.

The Jim Jefferies Show Third-Party Debate


As voters go to the polls to choose candidates who will actually win, Jim hosts a debate between candidates from lesser known parties.

Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child (with Happiness and Mental Stability)


Jim delves into the debate over spanking children by talking to a parenting expert with loads of statistical evidence and a pro-spanking advocate who goes by his gut.

How Trump and Fox News Fill the Minds of Domestic Terrorists


After a mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue and a string of attempted mail bombings, Jim looks at how paranoid Republican talking points are motivating acts of violence.

The Impossible Task of Being Healthy


From sleep to exercise to diet, there’s tons of recommendations for living a healthy lifestyle, but following them all is impossible.

The Perks of Being Pretty


Jim looks at the unfair advantages society affords to attractive people and offers some solutions for offsetting the imbalance.

Recycling: The Feel-Good Environmental Solution That Doesn’t Work


Jim explains how America’s overly complicated and poorly regulated recycling system lags behind other parts of the world.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the Things He’s Better at Than Michael Jordan


Jim sits down with NBA legend and writer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to talk about athlete activism, getting a snarky letter from President Trump and Michael Jordan’s facial hair.

Brett Kavanaugh Rides Victimhood All the Way to the Supreme Court


Brett Kavanaugh claims to be the real victim of the sexual assault allegations made against him, but he’s hardly the first alleged wrongdoer to play the victim card.

U.S… Eh? - Brits School Americans on Civic Knowledge


Jim quizzes Americans and Brits about basic U.S. politics to see who knows more, and the results are predictably demoralizing.

America's Brutally Unfair Bail System


Jim looks at the arbitrary and racist bail system in the U.S. and California's efforts to end cash bail.