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The Trump Presidency Has No Rules


From the president's bizarre reactions to California's wildfires to his pro-asbestos stance, Jim wrestles with his feelings about Trump's free-for-all presidency.

Jim's New Weatherman


There's a new weatherman on The Jim Jefferies Show, and he's got a very different outlook from his predecessor.

Barbara Lee: The Old Familiar New Face of Congressional Democrats


Congresswoman Barbara Lee has a long history in Congress, and her progressive politics and push to become the first black female House leader could represent the future.

How 3D-Printed Guns Could Make It Even Easier to Get a Gun in America


Jim delves into the controversy surrounding 3D-printable firearms and Congress's inability to regulate technology or weapons.

Jim Defends His Penis from the Anti-Circumcision Movement


Israel's lone "intactivist" makes the case for ending the practice of circumcision, and Jim defends the shape of his own penis.

James Gunn, Bad Jokes and Twitter Outrage


After director James Gunn was fired over tweets from several years ago, Jim questions the motives behind constant social media outrage.

The Raw Deal Behind Amazon Prime Day


Jim looks at the greedy, unethical business practices that are fueling the success of companies like Amazon and asks why consumers are unable to quit them.

Super Justice Warriors vs. the Closet-Dwelling Garbage Person


While at Comic-Con, Jim learns that many comic book fans are happy to see their favorite art form become more inclusive, while others make angry videos in their closets.

America's Unhealthy Sense of Self-Worth


Jim breaks down America's desire to maintain its status as the world's greatest country despite its poor international reputation.

Bill Burr Is Sick of Jim S**tting on America


Comedian Bill Burr explains why he didn't bother watching the final half of the World Cup and confronts Jim for telling Americans how to behave.

Scott Pruitt Takes One Last Unregulated Dump on the Environment


Scandal-plagued EPA Chief Scott Pruitt finally resigns, but not before overturning one last Obama-era regulation protecting the oceans from pollution.