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How Racial Profiling Turns Imagined Threats Into Real Dangers


Jim examines a spate of recent racial profiling incidents and explains the real peril black people face when white people call the cops for imaginary reasons.

How Garbage Pets Undermine Real Service Animals


Jim explains how the backlash to pet owners abusing the unregulated emotional support animal system could hurt people who legitimately rely on service animals.

The Fine Line Between Helicopter Parenting and Neglect


Jim looks at the negative effects of overprotective parenting and how parents and lawmakers are trying to create the right amount of independence for kids.

No Longer Inbred: The Truth About the Royal Family - Uncensored


A group of monarchy experts answer Jim's questions about the royal family, including how much they really cost British taxpayers and how often the queen tosses back a drink.

Carol Burnett on the Importance of Being Silly


Jim sits down with legendary comedian and actress Carol Burnett to discuss the changing state of comedy and how her show managed to avoid politics in a political time.

How the NFL Exploits Its Cheerleaders - Uncensored


Jim looks at the numerous ways the NFL mistreats its professional cheerleaders, from sexual exploitation to underpayment to discrimination.

Correcting the Toxic Misconceptions of "Incels"


Jim looks at the misogynistic and violent ideology of self-described "involuntary celibates" and reminds them that women don't owe them sex.

Brad Pitt Returns as Jim's Weatherman


After some depressing previous reports, Brad Pitt returns as Jim's weatherman and tries to keep it light this time.

Tackling Ireland's Abortion Ban Pt. 2 - Uncensored


Jim sits down with a supporter of Ireland's constitutional ban on abortion and forces him to endure the kind of bulls**t Irish women face because of the law.

Tackling Ireland's Abortion Ban Pt. 1 - Uncensored


Jim travels to Ireland to talk with comedian Tara Flynn about her experience trying to obtain an abortion in a country with a constitutional ban on the procedure.

Melania Praised for Tolerating Spilled Water


Jim thinks Fox News is getting carried away in its praise of Melania Trump's ability to deal with a glass of water being spilled in her general vicinity.