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America's Unhealthy Sense of Self-Worth


Jim breaks down America's desire to maintain its status as the world's greatest country despite its poor international reputation.

Bill Burr Is Sick of Jim S**tting on America


Comedian Bill Burr explains why he didn't bother watching the final half of the World Cup and confronts Jim for telling Americans how to behave.

Scott Pruitt Takes One Last Unregulated Dump on the Environment


Scandal-plagued EPA Chief Scott Pruitt finally resigns, but not before overturning one last Obama-era regulation protecting the oceans from pollution.

Why the Supreme Court Should Be More Like Jury Duty - Uncensored


As President Trump names his second Supreme Court nominee, Jim questions the wisdom of letting geriatric, lifetime appointees determine the law for everyone else.

Antar Davidson - A Firsthand Account of Migrant Detention Centers


Antar Davidson, a former youth care worker, describes the deplorable conditions at U.S. detention centers for migrant children, which led him to resign in protest.

Oh God, This Is Sad: The Family Separation Crisis at the U.S.-Mexico Border


Jim looks at the dire situation at the U.S.-Mexico border and explains why President Trump's policies are both cruel and disingenuous.

Sarah Silverman on Rejecting "Blood Laughs"


Jim and comedian Sarah Silverman discuss political correctness, maturing as comics and rejecting hateful fans.

Jordan Peterson, Free Speech and Psychosocial Stand-Up


Jim questions controversial lecturer Jordan Peterson about his flirtatious relationship to the alt-right and talks to one of Peterson's critics about free speech.

Why We Crave Insincere Apologies


Jim questions the utility point of public apologies when the perpetrators often don't really mean them and the people don't really buy them.

Rise of the Sex Machines - Uncensored


Jim meets the eccentric creator of an artificially intelligent sex robot and asks a pair of Dutch sex workers if they fear being replaced by this bourgeoning technology.

How Racial Profiling Turns Imagined Threats Into Real Dangers


Jim examines a spate of recent racial profiling incidents and explains the real peril black people face when white people call the cops for imaginary reasons.