Keep It 100 - Supporting Donald Trump for a Musical Cause

May 9, 2016 - Aida Rodriguez 05/09/2016 Views: 414

An audience member asks if Larry would be willing to vote for Donald Trump in exchange for bringing Prince and Michael Jackson back to life. (0:49)

-(cheering and applause)-All right!

Thanks to my panelists,Mike Yard, Franchesca Ramsey,

and Aida Rodriguez. Andspecial thanks to Bob DiBuono

-as Donald Trump for being here.Uh... -(cheering and applause)

Yeah. Now, we're almost outof time. But before we go,

I'm gonna keep it 100.

Keep It 100. All right,tonight's question

is from an audience membernamed Jeremy.

All right, let's take a look.

Hey, Larry. If you could bringPrince and MJ back from the dead

but it meant that you hadto vote for Donald Trump

in the general election,would you do it? Keep it 100.

Um, those guys hada really good run.

(laughing):Hell no.

Sorry. I can still listento their music!

I am not letting Trump inby any means necessary.

Thanks for watching!Good Nightly, everyone!

Yeah! See? Challenge me!