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February 11, 2016 - Online Dating & Internet Trolls 02/11/2016 Views: 1,366

Alexis Ohanian, Ricky Velez and Grace Parra discuss the motivations of people who harass strangers online as well as the rise of Internet dating services. (7:39)

Welcome back.I'm here with my panel.

First up, Nightly Show contributor Ricky Velez.

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And Nightly Show contributorGrace Parra.

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And he's the co-founderof the popular

social news Web site reddit.

Entrepreneur, activistand author of the book

Ask Me Anything, Alexis Ohanian.

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So, Alexis,I'm so glad you're here,

'cause this an issue I've wantedto talk about for a while

and, uh, beingthe co-founder of reddit--

-which I'm gonna be on nextweek-- we're gonna... -Yes.

For an AMA.We're excited to have you.

I'm very excited about that.

And, uh, but I wanted to dealwith the issue of trolling.

Which... I know a lot of peoplehere have experienced.

And this week even Twittereven launched

a trust and safety councilto show that they're

taking online harassmentmore seriously.

So my question is what is itabout social media

that brings outthe worst in people?

Well, I'll tell you, Larry,it's the same thing

-that brings outthe best in people. -Uh-huh.

Which is the fact thatyou feel uninhibited,

-you feel freeto express yourself. -Yeah.

And believe me,the vast majority of time,

-it's actually really good.-Yeah.

Um, but then sometimes you getfolks who literally have nothing

better to do than tohurl insults via the Internet

-and the safetyof their keyboard. -I mean, I...

I have to disagree. I thinkit's just having the safety

-of not getting punchedin the throat. -Mm-hmm. Yeah...

After saying somewild (bleep) like...

I was on Tyson's Twitter today--Mike Tyson's,

and people calling him a bitch.

Yeah, say thatin the same area code as him.

-Right. Right. -Like...what's wrong with you?

I think it's single-handedlythe anonymity.

Because you can say whateverwhen you're jizzelephant22.

But when you're Bob Littlefield,attorney at law,

-it's a totally differentsituation. -Right.

Although Jizz Elephant, attorneyat law would be awesome.

-Who's to say... -I wouldhire him to handle anything.

Yeah, who's to say Jizz Elephanthasn't worked really hard

-to get that law degree, right?-Correct.

-That is a very good point.-Give him or her some credit.

What do... what do you thinkthey get out of it?

-Oh, God... -I m...-What is the thrill of that?

Who-who is a troll?Like, you...

Picture it in your head.Everybody has the same picture.

It's just that dude that his momtold him to go to bed...

-Mm-hmm.-...and he's just up late, like,

-"Who can I piss off tonight?"Like, that's what they do. -Yes!

-They're just (bleep) people.-They do it, though,

I think you're right,to get a rise out of people.

Like, we were talking about thisbefore, that sometimes

target celebrities, they targetand personalities online

in order to get a riseout of somebody.

So it's like-it's likea power, they want that.

Have you had any special wayof dealing with that on reddit?

We, uh, one of the big thingsthat Steve, my co-founder, and I

did when we came backfull-time last year

was update our content policy,uh, to, in some cases,

explicitly ban some communities.

But then, also, just to betterarticulate why we're gonna

ban people, uh,because we don't want them

to be a part of the platform.

Yeah, and some peopledidn't like that, right?

Some. But I'll tell you,the vast majority...

I mean, we had 230 millionusers last month.

The vast majority of those users

were actuallyreally happy with it.

One of the things I was reallyproud of, um,

was after-after,frankly, too long,

we took a standand clearly articulated

-that revenge porn was no longerallowed. -Oh, yeah,

that's horrible. That'sone of the worst things ever.

That was very,very clear-cut, and frankly,

-something we should have donesooner. -I didn't even think

that was, like, a thingthat was okay at one point.

Like, what... That w...that was on your Web site?

-It... You couldlink to it, yes. -Oh.

Uh, and-and what was so...I think what was

such a good sign,though, is that

immediately after reddit did it,

Twitter and Googlefollowed suit.

Um, this is the sort of thingthat I really think, like,

-shouldn't need...-I love that you have to...

that you have to see an example

-to get rid of revenge porn.-It-it shouldn't need that.

-I agree. -Well, they'regetting revenge porn,

I guess we got to do it, too.

-I-I... No, I totally agree,and-and... -Thank, reddit.

And the... And... Well,and then the question becomes

how do we... You know,this is a new frontier for us.

-Sure, absolutely.-And-and to you point--

we do want to make surethat we're allowing people...

'cause-'cause oftentimessocial media really is used

to punch upwardwhere it does a lot of good.

And it's your name,that's your company.

You guys started that,so you don't want that

-to be a reflection on you.-Yes. Well, I'm not...

And you can see veryclearly when we-we got back

in control of it, um,the changes that we made.

Um, but it's a process,and I think, like, the thing...

And some people... And I'm...But some people feel like...

I feel some people don't feelthey're really communicating.

It's like when you're in Vegas,you know, chips--

those chipsdon't feel like money.

I'm just grateful for placeslike reddit

-because I love food porn.Which is a huge... -(whoop)

I'm a big... a big fan.That was one cheer.

Thank you so much,mom from the Midwest.

-Who also loves pictures ofbiscuits. -A lot of people...

-People take pictures oftheir food all the time. -Yeah.

-People like food porn.-I love it.

-Yeah.-I get off on that.

-Yeah. -But have you everseen revenge food porn?

-That's... that's the good(bleep). -That's the next level.

That sounds very interesting.

When your girl makessomebody else dinner.

That's what that (bleep) is.

-Oh, man. "Ah, revengefood porn!" -That's cold.

-That is cold. -All right.I want to talk about this, too.

-So, we got Valentine's Daycoming up. -Ugh!

So, we have all these datingapps. Do you think these things

fundamentally change the wayrelationships work now,

when you don't meet someonein person

and you're meeting 'emlike that? What do you think?

I think it-it... There arecertainly people for whom

-I think it playsto their strengths, -Uh-huh.

because trying to meet peoplein a bar just doesn't work.

They'd rather meet someone basedon, "Oh, hey, we're both into...

-food porn." -Right.-But I met my girl...

I met my girl at a bar, man.Like, that's...

-That still exists. -It'snot easy for the rest of us,

-Ricky. -Like, why is everybody,like... -Not everybody can go

-to a bar, Ricky.-Yeah. -But this... Okay!

-Not everybody's an alky. -Yougot... you got your dating app,

you got Seamless, you got Uber.

-You don't have to speakto anybody. -Seamless? -Yeah.

-You meet peoplethrough Seamless? -You can.

-You could, actually.The delivery guy. -They deliver

-your food and you go, "Hey.-No, but, like, at this point...

-You want to come in and eat itwith me?" -I do not recommend

-using Seamless for dating.-But that's what... This tech...

-this technology is making itthat you don't even have -Yeah.

-to speak to anybody anymore.-Who do you think these help

more? Do you think they helpwomen more or men more,

-these-these, uh... thesedating things? -They make sex

-more easily accessible. SoI guess whichever gender -Yes.

is as interested in sex. 'Causewomen, by the way, want sex

-just as much as men do.I think... -That's a lie.

-I hope so.-Ricky...

Grace, I'm born and raisedin this city. Every two

to three weeks, a dude jumpson the train and just rips out

his penis. That's what he does,okay? He gets on the train...

he gets on the train, he's like,"You know what, I paid my $2.75.

-It's penis time." Like, that'swhat he does. That's... -Yeah.

What does that have to dowith women wanting sex?

-We want sex. -I'm sorry,Alexis. I have no idea

what happened at the endof this conversation.

Uh, here's the thing, though.

Here's the thing. I'm a Brooklynboy. I know exactly what

you're talking about.You can set your watch to it.

That's a man that wants to takeout his penis on the train!

It's-it's shameful.One of the... Actually, one

of the fundamental problemsdating sites--

let's... within the realm of,like, hetero dating sites-- have

-is guys are so shamelessabout messaging women -Yeah.

that one of the big problemsas a product creator,

-not to geek out too much,is actually mitigating -Yeah.

all the dudes who are justsending messages to everyone

-that they can. Yes. -You justcut and paste 'em, man. -Why?

-Cut and paste. My boys do itall the time. -Yeah.

Just cut and pasteuntil you get something to bite.

-Wh-What's good about these...-Yeah.

-"Until you get somethingto bite"? -Men. -Cut and paste.

At least... at least throwa little emoji in there

-to change it up. You know.-Come on. Stop it!

An eggplant here or there.What... One thing that I think

-is good for women, as faras apps go, some of us -Okay.

are very busy. We don't havea lot of time to go on dates.

We don't have a lot of timeto go get drunk at bars.

So it actually is convenientto go on an app and swipe right

-and swipe left.-"Oh, hey, it's Valentine's Day.

-Well, let's see who we got."-Sure.

Uh, who's it worst...who's it worse for to be alone

-on Valentine's Day,men or women? -Women. -Women.

-Really? Men don't care. -Women.-Oh, yeah. Men don't care.

And I-I hate that women care.I care a little bit,

-and I hate that about myself.-I love that women get so sad,

because that just makes iteasier to go to a bar

-and pick one up.-It's true.

And now you understandthe root of the problem.

-I know! -Yeah.-But it's a little bit true.

-It's the truth! -I think weshould take the whole audience

-to a bar tonightand watch Ricky in action. -Yes!

-(cheering and applause)-Yes? Very good.

All right. We-we won't see youfor a while.

For everybody out there,happy Valentine's Day.

-We'll be right back.-(cheering and applause)

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