Exclusive - Keep It 100 - Angie Martinez Resorts to Cannibalism

05/16/2016 Views: 247

To survive on a desert island, Angie Martinez must choose a rapper to eat: Snoop Dogg, Jay Z or Busta Rhymes. (1:39)

(audience applause)

- All right I'm herewith Angie Martinez.

It's time for the game Ilike to call "Keep It 100."

Keep it one-huh-huhnnet.

All right you gotta keep youranswer 100% real of course

you get the sticker.

If not, I gotta throwsome weak tea at you,

you know how this works Angie.

- What?

- [Larry] You know how it works.

- [Angie] Okay.- Okay ready?

- [Angie] I'm so nervous.- Okay.

You're DJ'ing a musiccelebrity cruise, okay?

- Okay.

- The ship hits black icein the middle of the night

and it sinks, all right?

You find yourself stranded,(laughs) I love this.

You find yourself strandedon a desert island with

Jay-Z, Snoop Dog,and Busta Rhymes.

(gasp)All right,

that's who's left, all right.

After four weeks you realize

you're all going tostarve to death unless

you eat somebody, okay.

You're making the decision here

so you're gonna survivehere all right,

but it's your decisionwho's going to be eaten,

so who's going to dinner--

- And I have to eat them?- [Larry] Yeah,

well all of you guys,

you're either gonna eatJay-Z, Snoop, or Busta.

Who you gonna eat?

One of em's gotta go.

And why.

- I'm gonna go with Snoop Dog.

- [Larry] You'regonna eat Snoop Dog?

- Let me tell you why.

- [Larry] He's theskinniest treat.


- He's the skinniest treat

but I'm like guaranteed a high--

(audience applause)After.

- [Larry] But wait,wait, no-no-no-no wait.

- Human edible.

- [Larry] Wait.- Yes

- It's like a human edible.

- But then you're gonnabe hungry again.

He's gonna promote more hunger.

- [Man] That's a good point.

- Busta goes next.- [Larry] There ya go.


- All right, all right.

We'll keep it 100

because you answered so good.- Oww!

- I like the creativity.(audience applause)

I like the creativity.

That was good.

Angie Martinez everybody!

- Thank you.

- [Larry] Very good.