Exclusive - Keep It 100 - Anthony Anderson's Opportunity for Success

05/19/2016 Views: 418

Fame, success, millions of dollars and critical acclaim -- Anthony Anderson is guaranteed it all, but there's a catch. (1:29)

(audience applaudes)

- I'm here with Anthony Anderson.

It's time for the game we like to call Keep it Henny.

Keep it one heeny.

- [Anthony] Okay.

- Alright, you know how it works man,

you gotta keep your answer 100 words,

you get one of these little stickers,

if not, you get to make tea.

- Okay.

- [Host] Alright, this is a fun one Anthony.

- Alright, talk to me.

- Alright, a fairy appears and tells you that they

have good news, okay.

They can use their magic and see to it that Blackish

will be guaranteed tobe on for 10 more years,

and you're guaranteed to earn two million dollars an episode

as well as win three Emmys,

Golden Globe for Outstanding Actor,

all this stuff.

But to get this sweet deal, here's what you have to do:

You have to get in a cage

and act like a monkey

for eight hours at an internationally televised

Donald Trump rally

that will be seen by billions of people.

Are you doin' it?

Now who's a monkey?

Are you doin' it?

(audience moans and applauds)

- [Voiceover] Shit, son!

(Anthony makes monkey noises)

(audience applaudes)

(host and guests laugh)

- Anthony Anderson, Ican't believe he did it!

I can't believe it!

I can't believe it!

Oh my god!