Keep It 100 - Mixed Martial Arts or Mud Wrestling?

May 12, 2016 - Audra McDonald 05/12/2016 Views: 649

Larry faces a choice between a brief showdown with UFC legend Ronda Rousey or a mud wrestling match with his friend Jon Stewart. (1:06)

All right,thanks to my panelists--

Jordan Carlos, Robin Thedeand Audra McDonald.

Go see Shuffle Along ifyou're here in New York. -Yes!

-(applause and cheering)-Okay, we're almost out of time,

but before we go, I'm gonnakeep it 100 for you guys.

-(musical sting)-Oh, thank you very much.

All right, tonight's question's

from an audience membernamed Andrew.

All right, Andrew,let's take a look.

Hey, Larry. Would you ratherspend five minutes

in The Octagon with Ronda Rouseyor mud wrestle with Jon Stewart?

Keep It 100.

Are you kidding me?!Easiest question ever!

Come on, Jon Stewart!Let's mud wrestle, man!

-Me and you!-(applause and cheering)

That's nota Keep It 100 question.

-So hot.-That's too easy!

Thanks for watching!Good Nightly, everyone!

-I'm trying...-(cheers and applause)