Exclusive - Keep It 100 - Audra McDonald Considers the Worst Baby Name

05/16/2016 Views: 1,743

Larry gives Audra McDonald the chance to end racism, but her child will have to pay a steep price. (2:03)

- Alright, I'm herewith Audra McDonald.

It's time for the game welike to call Keep It 100.

Keep It 100.

Alright, you knowhow this works.

You have to keep your answer.

I give you a question.

Gotta keep it 100 percent real.

If you do, you getthe nice sticker.

If not, gotta throwsome weak tea at ya.

- I'm so nervous.

- Yeah, oh no, thisis a really fun one.

You'll get it.

Okay, you're expecting?

- Yes I am.- [Larry] Congratulations.

- Thank you.

(audience cheers loudly)

- Very exciting.

You're given not onlythe power to create life

You're giving the power toend racism forever, okay?

All you have to do

is name your babyafter Donald Trump.

(loud laughter)

- [Larry] That's all youhave to do, racism gone.

- [Voiceover] Look at her face!

- [Voiceover] Evenif it's a girl!

- [Larry] Doesn't matter.

That's all you haveto do, racism gone.

It's on you, girl.It's in your court.

Hold on a second.

- End racism forever?- [Larry] Mm-hmm.

- I would name, I would.- [Larry] Donald Trump

- But I would, I wouldsay, I would spell it.

- Hey little Donald Trump.

- Hold on, here,hold on, I got it.

I would do it, but Iwould spell it like


- Black folk style

- Black folk style,I would spell it.



M P U H.


- And a put a 'La' in front.

- (Audra) LaTruhhhmpuh.

LaDawnuld Truhhhmpuh.

- Alright.- [Robin] That works.

- That's good enough for me.(audience cheers)

She's expecting, I gottahave her keep it.

She's expecting, she'swith child, you guys.

I would never gottenher to keep it 100.

Audra McDonald, everybody.

Kept it a thousand.