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April 28, 2016 - Bakari Sellers 04/28/2016 Views: 1,709

Bakari Sellers, Rory Albanese and Holly Walker discuss the extremely low bar set for Donald Trump and gear up for his likely electoral battle against Hillary Clinton. (7:48)

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And he's a former memberof the South Carolina

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Okay, so yesterday, uh,Trump made a speech

-where he laid outhis foreign policy. -Mm.

I'd like to talk todayabout how to develop

a new foreign policy directionfor our country,

one that replaces randomnesswith purpose,

ideology with strategy,

and chaos with peace.


So-so, uh,there were some, uh...

Some people, someof your people, I would say,

felt his tone, uh, and demeanorseemed more presidential.

I mean, to me, it seemedlike he was in a fifth grade

remedial reading classof prompters or something.

-Yeah.-Um... So,

I want to ask, why is the barset so low for Donald Trump?

I think that's unfortunate,because I-I believe

when people are presidential,then they have

a lot less sexism,a lot less bigotry,

-a lot less racism.-Mm-hmm.

Uh, but Trump embodiesall of those things.

So I-I don't thinkthat his speech was presidential

yesterday. In fact,I think it was the antithesis

-of everything he talked about.It was chaotic, -Yeah,

uh, it didn't make any sense,

-and it lacked any details.-Yeah.

-So it was very Trumpian.-It was Trump.

-It was... It's like we give himcredit, and, uh... -Yeah.

We-we give him creditfor being able to read,

-and that-that's unfortunate.-That's what I'm saying!

That's what I'm saying. Why ishe getting credit for that?

He-he barely read that.

Well, okay,the bar is set so low,

because when you're a snake,you don't need a high bar.

-Yeah.-That's right.

-I said it.-(cheering and applause)

-I said it. -I-I... And I knowthis... I-I know this won't

be popular to say,but the bar... I mean, the bar

was set low for Obama.Like, he... Obama-Obama got

a Nobel Peace Prize, like,a month in. He didn't...

he didn't even...Of course you're gonna groan.

He was a black guy that wonPresident of the United States.

-That's not deserving ofa Nobel Peace Prize. -That's...

-Rory, but the difference wasObama... -He should've given

that back and said, "In eightyears, if I'm worthy of this,

-I'll take the prize." -Obamawas criticized for speaking

beautifully, passionately,and for inspiring millions.

Even people in Germanywho didn't even know what

-the (bleep) he was saying,he inspired... -Yeah.

Yeah, but inspiring Germansisn't always a good thing.

-But he was criticized for that.-Yeah.

-Obama was criticized for that.-Right. The-the bar

was not low for him.He had to overcome

being an African-American manin the United States

-to become president.-But even further that...

-That is not a low bar.-But there were aspects of it.

-That's a high bar. -Buteven further than that, I mean,

Mitch McConnell'sfirst statement was

that Barack Obamawas not gonna be successful.

He was gonna work to make sure

that Barack Obamawas not successful.

The definition of the RepublicanParty in the Obama presidency

is obstructionism--nothing more and nothing less.

So he deserves that.That bar was extremely high.

Yeah, but I don't know that...I don't know that that gives him

a Nobel Peace Prize, you know,before he did anything.

But I'm just saying, like, we'veset... I think that the country

has a low bar. Like, for me,what's frustrating...

-The country has a politicallow bar. -Yeah, they do.

-I would go with you on that.-And, to me, it's like the fact

that this is presidential iskind of lame, 'cause it's like

what we think of as presidentialis just reading platitudes

-off a telepromp... Like, that'snot... -But that wasn't...

But he's not being presidential.

He's-he's behaving like a kid

who's figured out that Christmasis right around the corner,

and he's been a little assholefor most of the year.

That's how he's behaving.

-He's not behaving presidential.-That's true.

-That's so true. Yeah.-That's funny.

Um, this-this whole notionthat somehow reading your speech

renders you less of an...of an intellect

or a worthy leader,I don't understand

where that notion came from.Uh, Martin Luther King

had his speech on the podiumthere, but nobody thought,

"Oh, he's got a speech therehe's reading.

-How come he's not winging it?"-Yeah.

I mean, I-I think...I think what we're seeing

from Donald Trumpis Donald Trump is speaking

like a lot of people speak

-around their dinner tables.-Yes. Right.

And so last night or-oryesterday, when he was able

to go out thereand read off the teleprompter...

And what he was talking about,this American isolationism,

this America first, it hearkensback to pre-World War II,

when we didn't want Americato go and fight the Nazis.

-Donald Trump is a legitimatelyscary, scary politician. -Yeah.

All you saw wasGeorge Wallace 2.0,

-and that should be troublesome.-Damn, you just jumped decades.

-That was awesome. All right,though, but give me -Yeah.

your best odds. Are we reallygoing to see President Trump

there? I mean,let me ask you this, 'cause...

Are we just...? Are we...?

Guys, are we going throughthe stages of grief here?

I mean, we wentthrough anger first, right?

Then we went through denial.

I felt likethere was a little bargaining.

"Well,maybe Cruz isn't that bad."

No, Cruz is (bleep) horrible.

-Right? Right? Okay.-WALKER: Yeah. Yeah.

Are we... Is there, like,an acceptance here?

Yeah, because right now, I', I'm still in depression.

-You forgot depression.-WILMORE: You're in depression.

-Yes, yes. -I'm depressedthat he has gotten this far.

That's... Yeah.

ALBANESE: But there isa component to this.

-I call it, like,the Godzilla effect. -Mm-hmm.

Like, you don't want Godzillato crush a city,

but you're kind of like, "It'dbe kind of cool if he did."

You know what I'm saying?Like, it's like,

I'm a little curious, like,if Trump becomes president,

like, will D.C. explode?

-SELLERS: I don't want...-I don't know. Like...

I kind of want to know. A littlebit, I kind of want to know.

Uh-uh. No, uh-uh.

I think if you livedin that city, you would never..

-Right, right. -Well, but ifyou're watching it on C-SPAN,

you're like, "Oh, my God!He just stepped on a stadium.

-This is crazy!" -WILMORE:I want to ask you this.

'Cause you've been watching allof this stuff.

Yeah, unfortunately sometimes.

Now Trump's style has been thething that's put him in front.

You know, almost as muchas the things

that he's said,which has been horrible,

-and I don't knowwhy people keep falling. -Yeah.

But it's kind of his style.

Like, people thinkhe's a ball...

Like, he has baller style.

You, now, like, they thinkhe's fearless. Do you...?

Is that gonna workwhen he debates Hillary Clinton?

-That kind of style?-Oh, definitely not.

I mean, you're talkingabout a woman

who was a United States senator,who was secretary of state,

served as first lady of Arkansas

and the United Statesof America,

versus someonewho's used to sitting on stage

-with Gary Busey and Lil Jon.I mean... -(laughter)

This is not reallygoing to be much

of an intellectual discussionor debate.

-(applause and cheering)-No, no. It's not. -No. I know.

-But I don't think...-It's not gonna be intellectual.

-But the people...-It's gonna... Uh-uh.

It's gonna be entertainingas hell.

-WILMORE: Right.-And I'm thrilled about that.

-SELLERS:You should moderate one. -Yup.

-WILMORE: Well, I don't know.-WALKER: That'd be great.

-That'd be great. -(applause &cheering) -I don't want to.

They would never let me do it.Are you kidding me?

That'd be great. It's gonna beentertaining as hell,

which I am happy about, because WrestleMania 33 is far away,

-and I need some entertainment.-ALBANESE: Mm. -WILMORE: Mm-hmm.

And that's a cage match.It's gonna be a cage match.

'Cause he's gonna try that crapwith Hillary

that he's triedwith other people,

and she is goingto swing back at him.

He has not seena woman fight back at him

-the way that she will.-WILMORE: Right, with substance.

-WALKER: She is... -Stand upto him and say, "Look,

"I am the biggest personin the room with substance,

and I'm not here simply becauseI'm a woman." -WILMORE: Right.

"I'm here because I'm morequalified than are you..."

-Yup. -..."to be presidentof the united states."

ALBANESE:Well, I would say this.

(applause & cheering) -Whenyou've been to... -And when...

-Yeah, but... -It'll be fun,'cause when Hillary gets into

her Joe Scarborough shouting,you know, phase,

you know,with the slinging and...

But whenyou're on your third wife,

you've seen a woman fight back.You know what I mean?

Like, let's notget carried away.

Like, Trump's obviously, like,a tough dude

to get along with,you know, so I feel like

he's probably experiencedsome fighting in his day.

-Mm. -Mm-hmm. -You know,and I think that like, uh...

I think Hillary actually has...

-You know, she's got theskills... -WALKER: Yeah, but...

...and the experienceto be president.

-I just that...-SELLERS: And bigger hands.

-Well, yeah.-(laughter)

-(applause and cheering)-It's true.

-Yeah. -I don't knowif that matters, though.

I don't know if that matters.

As long as they're big enoughto touch the button.

That's allwe got to worry about.

Oh, he's been fightingwith women,

but he's gotten divorcedthree times,

-so, clearly, he hasn't won,so... -Yeah, well...


I think it's gonna be oneof the most unbelievable

and entertaining fights,political fights ever.

-SELLERS: I agree. Yeah.-And, uh, it's good for us.

Don't knowif it's good for the country.

-ALBANESE: No. -We'll be rightback. -(cheers and applause)

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