Bernie Sanders Pt. 1

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Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders discusses his rivalry with Hillary Clinton and shares his thoughts on creating a more equitable economy in America. (6:13)

Welcome back!

We've got a special one-on-oneinterview tonight.

Now, you may know him as thatguy who's always surrounded

by 25,000 unwashed millennials.

But please welcome the juniorU.S. senator from Vermont

and Democratic presidentialcandidate, Bernie Sanders,

-everybody!-(cheering and applause)


Welcome to the show, Bernie.Welcome back to the show.

-Thank you very much. -Uh, thatwas a very impressive mic drop

you did earlier, I have to say.Very impressive.

Uh, so, Bernie,you're killing it right now.

You've won eightof the last nine.

-Caucuses and primaries, yeah.-Unbelievable.

The New York primary is comingup. You have momentum right now.

-Yeah. -That's what we've beentalking about. But, uh,

it seems like Hillary has...I guess I would describe it

-as math-mentum. Right?-Mm-hmm.

So, uh, do you have a pathwith the math?

Or is your pathwithout the math?

No, our path is with the math.

-With the math. Good.-Um, you know,

we started off this campaignhaving to run

-in the Deep South, uh, which...-Trust me,

I know about runningin the Deep South. Trust me.

It's not an easy thing to do.

You don't, uh...

A-And we didn't do thatall that well. It's a pretty...

pretty cons... Yeah,i-it's a conservative part

-of our country. Uh, but sincewe've been out -Yes.

of the South, we're doingpretty well, and I think, uh,

as the weeks and monthscome ahead,

-the states that we're lookingforward to, -Mm-hmm.

uh, here in the Northeastand out West,

are more progressive states.And I think we got a real shot

to win 'em, and I think we havethe... a-a real chance

-uh, to winthe pledged delegates. -Mm-hmm.

-And then what I think is...-Right.

When a lot of these so-calledsuperdelegates begin to see

which candidate is the strongercandidate against Donald Trump,

they're goingto look at all of these polls

-which have meway ahead of Trump. -Yeah.

A higher margin ahead of himthan Hillary Clinton.

And I think some of these guysare gonna be coming over.

Now that's...A lot of people have talked

about the superdelegates.

It seems mysteriousto some people.

-You know, and they're reallybasically party insiders. -Yes.

And you're really positioningyourself as an outsider.

-Do you have a way...?-You might say that, Larry.

-Yes, you're right.-That's right.

-Now, do you have...?-(laughter, applause & cheering)

Yeah. So, see, it's true.

Do you have a way of convincingthe superdelegates?

Or as I used to call themin the '90s, superpredators.

-(Sanders laughs)-(laughter)


-Just a little joke there.-Okay. -(applause and cheering)

-What is your plan to get...?-Here is the plan.

'Cause they're really...they're insiders.

-They're your insiders.-Yes.

-But we all shareone thing in common. -Mm-hmm.

And it is that we understandit would be a disaster

for this countryif Trump or Cruz

-or somebody like thatbecame president. -Yeah.

And I think whatsome of these guys...

I thinkTrump even believes that.


Uh, and I thinkwhat some of these people

-are going to takea hard look at... -Mm-hmm. which of us--Secretary Clinton or myself--

is the stronger candidateagainst Trump or Cruz.

All of the evidence,based on the polling, is

that I amthe stronger candidate,

and the reason isthat I will end up

with, you know, virtuallyall the Democratic support,

but I am doing much betterthan Secretary Clinton

-in getting Independentsinvolved. -Right.

And that's why I thinkI'm the stronger candidate,

and why I'm quite confidentthat I can beat Trump.

WILMORE: And you mentionedthe Southern states.

A lot of those states are takenby Republicans anyway.

-Right. That's right.-A lot of the states that

you're competing in arethe blue states at this time.

-Exactly. Yeah.-For the election,

-that's got to mean a lotto them. -Exactly.

-So the question is-- and I hopethis will change. -Mm-hmm.

The truth is the day will come

when progressives will winin Mississippi

-and Alabama and Louisiana.-(laughing): Oh, Bernie.

-I know you're laughing.-Oh, Bernie.

-(applause and cheering)-(Wilmore fake laughs)

-That day will come...-It's possible.

...because these are some ofthe poorest states in America.

-Yes. -They should not be votingfor right-wing Republicans.

Uh, but that daymay not be here right now.

(applause and cheering)

-So I think your point is...-Mm-hmm.

...the statesthat are really up for grabs--

whether it's New Hampshire,Iowa, so forth--

do I think have the better shotof winning those states?

-The answer is I do.-Yeah.

Now, it's funny 'causeJoe Scarborough, Morning Joe...

And some people have beensaying this.

I said this a while agowhen were you here, too.

He feels that the primary systemis rigged.

He was talkingabout the Democratic primary.

What is your feeling on that?

-Well, you know, one can argue.-Mm-hmm.

There are people who say,"Why does Iowa go first?

-Why does new Hampshirego first?" -Yeah.

-Uh, but I think that having somany Southern states... -Mm-hmm.

-Yeah. -...go first kind ofdistorts reality, as well.

Yeah. Here's the wayI like to explain it.

Let me explain it in cards,you know.

I like to explain everything.

Okay, let's imagine these cardsare the voters, right?

-Right.-Bernie, it's fine.

Now, Bernie, you're doing well.

You win the primary vote,

and you've got, like, it lookslike ten delegates, right?

-(Sanders laughs) -That's whatit looks like, right?

-SANDERS: Yeah. -But thenthat Democratic primary machine

comes in and, bam, that's whatit feels like, right?

-Like two, right? Exactly.-(laughter, cheers and applause)

-And for... Yes. -But, Larry,one of the points...

-One of the pointsthat I do want to make. -Yes.

Not widely made.

We have taken onthe whole establishment.

In state after state,

we're running againstthe senators and the governors

-and almost all membersof the congress. -Mm-hmm.

But what's happening is,ordinary people are standing up,

and they're saying,"You know what?

"You know,maybe it's a little bit too late

-for establishment politics."-Mm-hmm.

"We have to take onbig money interests,

and we're gonna do it our way."

Let me ask you this.

So, um, if you become president,

um, you'll facemaybe a Republican senate,

Republican house.

How are you going to get themto feel the Bern?

I mean,Obama's there for eight years.

They couldn't feel the blackin that amount of time.

-(laughter, applause) -I mean,how are you gonna get them

to feel the Bern, you know?

Answer is,if I win, it will mean

that there will bea huge voter turnout.

-All right.-(laughter)

-(cheers and applause)-Right.

If there isa large voter turn out,

I suspect the Democrats

-will recapture the senate anddo better in the house. -Mm-hmm.

But more importantly,what our campaign is about,

is not justelecting a president.

-It is creatinga political revolution. -Right.

And that's what we have to do,and that means

millions of people,many of whom have given up

on the political process,young people

who have not yet votedor participated

-in the political process...-Mm-hmm.

...standing up and fighting back

and taking on the establishmentand demanding a government

which works for all of usand not just the one percent.

And when that happens andwhen millions of people stand up

and fight back, you know what?

You can see real changein this country,

and the congress will,in fact, be forced

to do whatthe American people want.

Okay. All right. We'll be rightback with more Bernie Sanders.

(cheers and applause)

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