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Brandon Marshall, Ricky Velez and Jordan Carlos weigh in on NFL quarterback Cam Newton's habit of dancing in the end zone and offer their predictions for the 2016 Super Bowl. (11:05)

Yeah. Welcome back.I'm here with my panel.

First up, Nightly Show contributor Ricky Velez.

-Yeah.-(cheers and applause)

And Nightly Show contributorJordan Carlos.

-(cheers and applause)-All right.

And he's the co-founderof Project 375,

a foundation that promotesmental health awareness.

Six-time pro-bowlerand wide receiver

for the New York Jets,Brandon Marshall, everybody.

That was a long introduction,Larry.

(cheers and applause)

WILMORE:I like that.

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Brandon, I'm so glad you're here'cause I wanted to talk about

Cam Newton, quarterbackof the Panthers,

for everybody out there,going to the Super Bowl.

-Had an amazing year.-Yup. Yup.

-Will probably be the MVP,right? -MARSHALL: MVP.

-He is the MVP. -Probably.He's got to be the MVP. Right.

Right. Had a great year,but he's getting a lot of flack

for all the celebratingthat he's doing.

I don't know if you've seen it,

but, like,when he scores a touchdown,

-he really goes... he goes far.Okay, right? -Checking in.

Like the first thing he does--he does this little...

He stomps something out, right?

-And he gets into that.-Why? Why? -Oh.

And then.... then he does,like, this kind of thing.

-He goes down. Then he, like...-I've never seen him do that.

What game are you watching?

-You've never seen him do that?No, you haven't. -No...

Then he arms a couple of times.Like he... he does that.

-Larry? Larry? Please.-He double... he doubled down.

-He doubled down! (laughs)-Yeah, he doubled down, right?

He's, "Aah, aah." Right?So, he doubled down, and...

But, Larry, this isn'tthe Christmas party.

-You shouldn't...-Yeah, Larry, you need to stop.

-No, I'm showing youwhat he does. -I'll just...

Then he just startsstealing everything.

-Then he does this, right?-Oh, wow.

-MARSHALL: You have no rhythm.-CARLOS: Yeah.

-No, but I'm just showing youwhat you he does! -Right.

I'm not supposedto have rhythm. Well, you do it.

-You also have no chill.-You show it.

-CARLOS: Please. -I definitelydon't have any rhythm.

-Oh. Larry. Larry.-Okay, wait. But that's not all.

And then he starts taking offthe Superman shirt, right?

CARLOS:No, Larry, Larry, Larry, Larry.

Then he starts runningwith the football.

Brandon, is that too much?

-But the funny thing is, this isexactly how it goes. -Right?

-I mean, it's 15, 20 seconds.-WILMORE: Yes. Thank you.

Listen, I don't wantmy quarterback dancing.

You know, I'm from the oldschool, and people look at me.

-"Well, you're only 31 yearsold." -Yeah.

Well, I'm from the old school,okay? Get over it.

So I'm from the old school,so I want my quarterbacks

to get back in the huddleand lead us.

But we have to understand,this is the new generation.

-WILMORE: Right. -This is whatthey're doing next.

They're disruptive, right?They're disrespectful.

They don't give a damnabout anyone.

And I kind of like it.I kind of like it.

-(cheers and applause)-Yeah. -I don't... -You got...

I couldn't tell if you werefor it or against it.

Well, you got to look at it.

-Odell Beckham Jr.-WILMORE: Yeah?

And then you have Cam Newton,who I think is leading the way.

Go back to when he was a rookie,and he said,

-"Listen, I want to be an icon."-Yeah.

If you want to be an icon,you can't stay in the box.

You have to get out the box, andyou have to be disruptive.

WILMORE: Right, right, right.But about being quarterback.

I just think it's too much.

Like, as a player, aren't youafraid your quarterback

becomes a targetwhen he's taunting and...?

So too much?That's the question. It's too...

He's 15 and one. He's the MVP.

-CARLOS: Thank you. Thank you.Thank you. Yeah. -Right?

VELEZ: I'll be dancingall day.

He's gonna be the sixthAfrican-American quarterback

leading his teamto the Super Bowl. -Yeah.

-WILMORE: That's all good stuff!-He's...

-That's not bad stuff!-He's selling out the stadium.


It's working. It's working.

-That's good stuff.-It's just he's dancing, man.

-No one... Just stop, man.-What's wrong with dancing?

-I love these boys.-All right.

It's, like.... No, but, like...

All right, it's likewe all go to the club.

-We're all at the club,we're hanging out. -Yeah.

-CARLOS: Okay. Yes. Yes.-We got girls all around us.

Then some dude walks inand starts dancing,

and all the girls are like,"Let's go watch him dance."

-We'd be, (bleep) that guy.-(laughter and applause)

-Yeah, but, I mean...-He's dancing.

-No one likes the dudethat's dope at dancing. -Yeah.

I mean, is this football,or is this polo?

Like, let the man dance ifhe wants to dance and celebrate.

-Wait. -Like, why does therehave to be so much decorum?

-Wait. Wait. -Have you ever...?Let me just say this.

-Have you ever seen...?-No, no, no.

What the hell does footballhave to do with dancing?

-You're like... -Is thisfootball, or is it polo?

(overlapping chatter)

If I ever score a touchdown,

I already have my danceplanned out, so, like,

I ready. Like, I'm ready forwhen they call me to the draft.

-It's gonna be dope, and...-MARSHALL: So you're in the...

-CARLOS: What dancing? -VELEZ:Come on. Why wouldn't you dance?

You just scored a touchdownagainst dudes this size.

-No, I get it. I get it.I know, but... -Like, you dance.

-Yes. -Yeah, but isn't therea little bit of...?

Act like you've been therebefore. Come on.

Come on, Brandon. Seriously.

I mean, that's what I do.

You know, when I score,you know, I had the ball to ref.

Sometimes I may give thanks

or whateverand hang out with my team.

WILMORE: But you're a widereceiver. You should be showing.

Yeah, but you guysgot to understand.

I go back to my first point.

-This is a generational thing.-WILMORE: Yeah. Yeah?

You know, this new generation--Odell Beckham, Jr.--

I don't know whatthat dance is that he does.

I can't do it. I'm not gonna tryto do it. -WILMORE: Yeah.

-They make fun of me. -VELEZ:You sound like you hate it.

-But this is what they're doing.-Sounds like you hate it.

-Sounds like you hate it.-I love it. No, I'm for it.

This is the entertainmentbusiness. The NFL

did $10 billionin revenue last year. Why?

-Because it's entertaining.-It's very entertaining. -Yeah.

But he also... he also punchedin some of these... some

of these touchdowns himself,you know what I'm saying?

So when you do that, you'regoing to celebrate, you know?

He does it so well, sometimes I,like, want to throw him a cane

or something like that.It's... He's a terri...

-He's got great rhythm.He's a terrific dancer. -Okay.

-All right. Let me ask you this.So, uh, -I just think...

-So, uh, he's beengetting so much... -(man shouts)

Okay. He's gettingso much criticism.

Here's what Cam said. He said...

"I'm an African-Americanquarterback that scares people

"because theyhaven't seen nothing

that they can compare me to."

-Right. -Yep.-WILMORE: Okay, so does any

of the criticism of Camfeel racial?

You know what, first of all,I want to say this,

-I commend him because,back in the day, -Mmm.

our athletes and entertainersused to be civil rights leaders.

They used to speak up. But nowthe business has taken over.

You have these brandslike Under Armour, Nike,

and-and Beats by Dre and,uh, the-the yogurt thing

that he endorsed. They come in,they tell you, "You know what,

"just be a good boy,shut your mouth,

and collect your check."So I am one of those guys that,

you know, if I have an opinion,I'm gonna say it.

That's... I guess that's whyI'm on four... my fourth team.

-But...-(cheering and applause)

-but...-Hey, man,

keep it 100 though.

But... but when you look at it,it's a generational thing.

-It's... You know? And I...and I just stick to that. -Yeah.

-I don't think it's racial.I just think that, -Yeah.

you know, there's a boxthat we put our quarterbacks in,

and we say, "This ishow you're supposed to be.

-"This is how Peyton Manningdid it. -Right.

"This is how Joe Montana did it,Tom Brady.

-So you do it the same way."-I think it's more generational

-than racial. What do you think?-I get... It could be

gene-racial, you know?Like, I think...

-I think there's... Yeah.-Gene-racial? -Gene-racial?

I think... I hear...I hear... Yeah.

Like Tennessee mom makingthat letter about Cam Newton

with the game. And I thinkthere's-there's a lot of...

But that's what white people dowhen they get upset.

-They write letters.Like, that's... -Right. Right.

-That's what I'm saying.-That's what they do.

They get upset.What did she get upset about?

-She got upset that... Yeah.-You can't Yelp a football game.

-She wanted to Yelp it. -She gotupset that he was dancing.

He was dancing too much,you know what I mean?

And it's like... She was like,"You're supposed to be

a role model." I think CharlesBarkley clearly explained

that you don't have to bea role model and be an athlete.

-A role model?-And speaking about, you know,

-Johnny Manziel, he's a QB.-He's not getting arrested.

-He's never been arrested.Maybe in college. -Uh, (bleep).

-I was gonna say... Yeah.-Yeah. (laughs)

Let's stay with...let's stay with the pros.

-Let's stay Pros Cam, you know?Yeah. -He's been great.

He's been great. He's been...he's been a great voice for us,

-and he's doingsome amazing things. -Yeah.

I love it. Keep doing it.Keep dancing.

-He's a great player. It's justa little taunt-y. -Keep dancing.

-It's a little taunt-y.-You don't like it?

-Well, probably 'cause you're...But you're a Seattle fan. -Yeah.

No, that has nothing to dowith it. That's got nothing

-to do with, like...-Nothing to do with it?

No, it's-it's about old school.To me, he's the leader of...

-He's the... -You guys lost.You guys got your butts kicked.

-He's the leader... The Jets?-Wow.

When was the last time theJets were in the Super Bowl?!

(cheering and applause)

-We got our butts kicked?-(booing)

-When was the last time? You-youhad the... -Hold on! Hold on!

-Wait, hold on! Hold on!-This is my first year here!

You were on the Broncosand you're not there

-and now they'rein the Super Bowl! -Oh, (bleep)!

-(laughter, gasping)-He's our guest! He's our guest!

-Oh, (bleep)! -Come on!Come on, man. Come on.

-You know that's true.-I love it.

No, but it's old school is whatit is. You said it-you said it

-very well, it's old school.-I'm with you on that.

I believe the quarterback's theleader of the team, you become

a target. If he gets RG...if his knees get RG3'd

while he's going for an endzone, it's because

-of that taunting.-Yeah, but-but...

Just... A lot of it is taunting,it's more than celebrating.

-Some of it is taunting. -AaronRodgers did the same thing.

-Aaron Rodgers...-Aaron Rodgers does that.

-He did that all the way to theSuper Bowl. -He doesn't do 30...

-he doesn't do 30 seconds ofdancing. -Just showing...

-Just showing off his dad bod.Bam! -Exactly.

-He's like, "I got a gut."-Tom Brady--

he's throwing-he's throwingf-bombs and firing his team up

and, I mean, it's a differentway of doing it, but he's

-still a role model. -Did Ijust stand up for Tom Brady?

-You don't like Tom? -Man, youare making friends on this show.

Come on.

Like-like, come on. I-I mean,I feel like those arguments

against Cam,like he's, whatever, brash,

-uh, he dances too much,-I'm not mad at him.

-I mean, he can do whateverhe wants. -I think...

What I think they areare proxy arguments.

What they're trying to say is,like, "You know what,

I really don't like his...He's an Obama voter." You know?

-Like, that's... Yeah. -No.It comes down to being a fan.

-No! No? -People are fan...people are fans.

And when you're a fanof somebody else, you just find

(bleep), like...Bro, you're cool. We were joking

in the green room. We've had funout here. But once you're

against... on the Giants,(bleep) you. I got no love

-for you. I don't like you.-I don't... -We won this year!

-I just don't like you! -That'sright. They did win this year.

-On the field. -That's right.-But that's what Cam said

though-- he did say,"It's because I'm black."

A lot of it is fandom.Let me tell you guys,

fans are the most virulentof all of this (bleep).

I mean, look at thePhiladelphia fans. The stuff

that they've done. I know.You-you (bleep)

do some wrong (bleep) though.You know it.

You guys curse a loton this show.

Well, man, it's cable. Come on.

It's cable. It's cable.It's basic cable.

Well, I mean, yeah,a Philadelphia fan once, uh...

his... What was it?Like, famously barfed

-on a little girl, right? Uh...-Oh, yeah. What's that about?

There was one...there was a video this week...

there was a video this week.A Broncos fan, this...

The-the New England fan wentto use the Porta Potti,

and they kicked it over.Just 'cause he likes New England

he got poop all over him.Like, that's...

-that's crazy! -Terrible.Terrible. -Okay, last question.

All right, Brandon,who do you want to win and why?

-Keep it 100.-You know what, um,

-I think Carolina's gonna win.-Mm-hmm.

Because they have Cam Newton.He's dancing all over the place.

The energy that he's carriedthroughout the whole year

-has been amazing.-Yeah.

But I am pickingthe Denver Broncos. Why?


on our show Inside the NFL, a couple weeks ago,

I picked them to win the SuperBowl 27 to 24 over Arizona...

-the Arizona Cardinals.-Mm-hmm.

So I have to stick with them.I cannot renege.

-Mmm. -Don't be a ren... Yeah.-So did I answer the question?

-You did great. Just don't bea... Yeah, don't be -Okay.

-a reneger. That's...-(laughter, groaning)

That's what peoplewere thinking!

They were thinking that.

Jordan Carlos for you,always making it about race.

It's time for the gamewe like to call Keep It 100.

-Keep It 100. All right.-Yeah. -Mmm.

Brandon, you know how this goes.

You got to answer theq-question. You got to keep it

-100% real. If you do not,-Okay.

I got to throw some weak teaat you.

Get it right, you get a sticker.All right.

-There's real tea over there.-Your team, the Jets...

your Jets team barely missedthe play-offs this season.

You guys had a really good year.I thought you guys

were gonna go a long way. Butyou didn't. That's all right.

-Is it all right? -It'sall right. It is what it is.

-It's not all right.-All right, I'm sure you'd love

-to be preparing forthe Super Bowl right now. -Yes.

Everybody knows that.Okay, keep it 100.

-Are your Jets better-- keepthis 100% real-- -All right.

-100. -are they better than bothteams playing in the Super Bowl?

-Yes. Yes.-(man shouts)

-You're keeping that 100% real?-Absolutely.

-You missed the play-offs.-We missed the play-offs.

-I mean, you got to look at it.It comes down -You're better

-to... -than the Panthers?-MAN: Yes!


You're better than the Panthers?

-(shouting) -You're betterthan the Panthers?

-Listen, it's about who's hot.And I think... -You're better

than the Panthers?That's what you're telling me?

You just went onabout Cam Newton.

-Okay, okay, okay! -You'renot better than the Panthers.


That's what you get, some weaktea. I don't even want to hear

-the rest. Brandon Marshall,everybody. -Oh, my God.

(cheering and applause)

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