Panel - Do Americans Want a Well-Qualified Presidential Candidate?

July 28, 2016 - Cass Sunstein 07/28/2016 Views: 620

Cass Sunstein, Ricky Velez and Grace Parra discuss the effectiveness of President Obama's praise for Hillary Clinton as America's most qualified presidential candidate ever. (7:07)

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So right now, as we're airing,probably, or...

No, maybe, uh,maybe it just happened.

Hillary has already acceptedthe Democratic nomination.

And last night, Obama threw hisfull support behind Hillary.

And one of the things thatstruck me was when he was saying

she was the most qualifiedperson that had ever run.

So my question is:

Do the American people even careabout qualifications right now?


They certainly do.

-Especially at the...-WILMORE: Evidence, please.


The election of Barack Obama.

WILMORE: Yes, they caredabout it in 2008 and 2012.

But they-they tried to use itagainst Obama in that election.

And they did not succeed.


So you think they careabout qualifications right now.


So, you know,this is a very difficult time

in terms of a lot of peoplefacing economic distress.

-There are internationalthreats. -WILMORE: Mm-hmm.

Uh, these are in the news.

To have someone who has beensecretary of state,

who's dealt with issuesof economic policy,

both from the Senateand in the White House.

People care a great dealabout that.

WILMORE: You've heardof Donald Trump, right?


-He has a, a tower, a towerin New York? -It is true.

I think thatthe main qualification

that some people have, is, uh,

just that you're notHillary Clinton.

Like, I feel like a bunchof Republicans

that all they care about

is as long as you're notHillary, we're good.

Which is, which is unfortunate,

because she's so well...she's so experienced.

She's somebody that we should belooking at and thinking,

"I want to vote for Hillarybecause she's Hillary,"

and not vote for somebodyjust because they're not Trump.

But I do feellike we're in a very

-binary election right now.-(applause)

And it's, it's, it's honestlylike either pro-Trump,

or anti-Trump, and lesspro-Trump or pro-Hillary.

Mm-hmm. What were you goingto say, Rick?

Americans don't careabout qualifications, man.

You hired me on this show,a political show.


-You don't care aboutqualifications. -Guilty.


But you area very funny young man.

I tell dick jokes, Larry,that's my job.

It's all about balance, man,it's all about balance.

I'm just looking outfor my homies.

So do you think it's goingto be more of an anti...

like, uh,the message of the DNC,

was it more anti-Trumpor pro-Hillary?

-SUNSTEIN: Completelycomparative. -WILMORE: Uh-huh.

So, it's you have one personwho has a record of distinction,

with achievementsin the domestic

and international arena.

Someone who,the more people get to know,

the more they admireand like her.

The people who love her mostare the people

who have workedwith her more closely.

Then you have someone...

Those are the peoplethat love her the most.

Yeah, the people who have workedwith her the most closely.

They admire herand they like her.

-Then you have someone...-With Trump it's the opposite.

-Then you have someone...-The people that love him

the most are the peoplethat know him the least.

Well, his family,his family loves him.

-Yes, well.-But I think,

if you get thembehind closed doors,

I think they're not thinking

this guy really should bepresident of the United States.

-WILMORE: You think so?-I don't think

-that they think that.-Really?

SUNSTEIN: I don't thinkthey're thinking that.

(cheers and applause)

You know what?

I think, uh, Eric Trump kind ofhas that look in his eyes.

It would have to be a closed...

WILMORE:He kind of has that, ah...

...have to be a closedand soundproof door,

but who would have thought,

he has a TV show, The Apprentice, remember that?

There was a Star Wars themeon one of the episodes

where he was talkingto Darth Vader.

I don't thinkthat's the qualification

that even his family thinks...


Uh, you may be giving his familytoo much credit.

-(laughter)-Not to disparage Donald Trump.

I don't thinkthis is the last Trump

who's gonna run for president,

by the way.I'm sure there's gonna be...

I feel like Ivanka's got itin her eyes.

-She's-she's ready for it. 20...-You think they're ready?

Oh, yeah, I think.Don't you think?

I've been looking in those eyes.Yeah, I get it.

-(laughter)-You know.


I will vote for that Trump 100%.

-What? Ivanka?-Yeah!


WILMORE:You know, Ricky...

-I don't know the namesof the other ones. -Yeah.


-Who knows the other Trumps?Nobody. -Yeah.

It's Ivanka and Donald.

PARRA: I feel bad for...I know Tiffany 'cause

I feel badthat she's the non-Ivanka one.



You just called her uglyin a nice way.

-That's what you just said.-(laughter)

-That's what she just said.Yes, she did. -(applause)

-WILMORE: What, uh...?-She has character.

-She has character. -She hascharacter?! No. -I mean...

It's so odd to me because

the numbers are so closetogether, you know, right now.

Which convention...?

Now that we're at the endof this convention,

which do you think resonatedwith the American people more?

-VELEZ: Yeah. -Some of them areamused by the Republican one,

but it's notkind of charging...

It's like some NASCAR (bleep).


-Yeah.-Oh, it's interesting...

-A lot like that. -Yeah.-Well, the Democratic...

-(laughter, applause)-Yes.

If there was somebody otherthan Trump for the Republicans,

would that make a differenceright now, do you think?

-VELEZ: What?!-SUNSTEIN: I think so, sure.

You think so, really?

If they had one of the ones

-who had experience.-WILMORE: Mm-hmm.

-You know, Jeb Bush, or, uh...Senator Kasich. -Mm-hmm.

Jeb exclamation point--do you think he'd have a shot?

-(laughter)-Uh, right, I think

-maybe he didn't needthe exclamation point. -Right.

Maybe if he had two exclamationpoints, he'd be the nominee.

-Yeah. -Couldn't he?-(laughter)

Yeah, right.

But some of the Republicans--they'd be formidable.

-Mm-hmm. -And they wouldn't beturning off their own party

-in the way that Trump is.-Right.

Now Trump does have a kind ofTV show Apprentice,

-talk-to-Darth-Vader-on-airquality... -Right.

-...which the other onesdidn't have. -Yes.

But it would be a more serious,

-I think, in the end,than competition. -Yeah.

And you think it would bethe same or different?

-No, it would be different.-Uh-huh.

-This guy's wild!-(laughter)

I would rather vote

-for Stone Cold Steve Austinat this point. -(laughter)

-(applause & cheering) -Mm-hmm.Mm-hmm. Yeah. -WILMORE: Right.

He's just breaking beerstogether. Aah!

-It would be amazing!-WILMORE: Yeah.

Now that Hillaryis actually the nominee,

-does it feel different?-VELEZ: Yes.

As a woman, it does.

-Uh-huh.-It feels real good.

-(cheers and applause) -Yeah?Uh-huh. -It feels real good.

But I also am a Bernie fan,

and I have to say,it felt a little bittersweet.

-You know, I like Bernie a lot.It was... -Yeah.

It's been sad, I think, the lastcouple of days to see him.

I mean, it's kind of torturous

to make him sit through hourafter hour after hour.

Well, he's supportingthe party, you know.

-I know, I know. He is.He is. He is. -But just...

He's never been to a partythat late, that's the thing.

-You know.-(laughter, applause)

You know, that's the issue.

I felt so bad,'cause he's not gonna be able

to run again and, like...

-WILMORE: Well, maybehe doesn't want to. -He's old.

I feel like... I feel likethey should have done, like,

what they did at the endof Radio, the movie...

-(laughter)-WILMORE: I'm scared right now.

Where they let him runin a touchdown just to have it.


(applause and cheering)

-Oh, that's...-Oh, my God.

Just... just let him play.

-Just let...-WILMORE: How's he gonna...?


Have him show upat the inauguration.

Just-just swear ina little bit, man.

-(laughter)-Just swear in a little bit.

-(applause and cheering)-That's... that's messed up.

All right. Radio-- that's theanalogy we've been waiting for.

-(laughter)-Okay, we'll be right back.

-(applause and cheering)-(laughing): Oh, my God!

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