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Cedric the Entertainer, Rory Albanese and Robin Thede weigh in on a racial controversy surrounding Leslie Jones's character in the "Ghostbusters" reboot. (7:06)

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First up, Nightly Show contributor Rory Albanese.

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Okay, so this is a of those just fun topics,

but I had to ask,especially with Rory.

'Cause, Rory,this is a big issue for you,

-and I know.-Mm-hmm.

This sounds serious,you guys, but isn't.

We're gonna talkabout Ghostbusters, okay?

-(laughter)-'Cause the trailer

for the all-female versionof Ghostbusters

popped up online last week,

and peoplewere losing their minds.

Some people said it was racist,

saying that the threewhite leads are scientists,

and the black girl,who's played by Leslie Jones--

very funny--works for the MTA.

And, like, why can't... whycan't she be a scientist, too?

Some people...some people were really upset.

Okay, I'm saying,is there any validity

to people being upset here?

Yeah, sure,if this was real life,

but it's a movieabout busting ghosts!

I mean, who cares!

If you're a fanof the original movie,

you know she's just playingErnie Hudson's role,

like, the everyday man.

But the other thing is,she works for the MTA,

but that doesn't meanshe's not smart.

-Right. -Yeah.-Like, she knows the city.

-She's billed as a municipalhistorian. -Yeah. Yeah.

-(applause)-I just think it's...

-People need to chill out.-Yeah, yeah, I think

there's people take ita little too serious.

I mean, really. And ifyou're gonna bust up ghosts,

do you want to be witha scientist or a bus driver?

-(laughter)-WILMORE: Right.

Have you not seenthe video of the dude

and the Cleveland bus driver?That's what I want.

-(laughter)-WILMORE: Yeah.

I want to rollwith the bus driver.

WILMORE:Yeah. It's true.

Is there, there anything to, like...

just becausethe history of film,

you know, the black person'salways the sidekick,

you know,and people are reacting

to more of that kind of legacy,where it's like,

"How come the black personcan't even be the scientist?"

Well, she's not a sidekick,though,

-she's a full-on Ghostbuster,you know, which is great. -Yeah.

No, I was gonna say I feel I'mprobably the most qualified here

-to talk about this. Um...-Yeah. -(laughter)

Which I think is important.No, I do think that

you're right, though,'cause it's a movie, and it's,

like, once you... But there isa component of it that's odd.

You said the Ernie Hudsoncharacter, it's, like,

you know, like, you couldsuspend your disbelief

that the citygets overrun by ghosts,

but you can't suspendyour disbelief

that a black woman has a PhD,do you know what I mean?

Like, it feels like there'sa component to it, like...

If you watch the trailer,the trailer has a part in it

where it's, like, "You're thesmartest person in the world,

and you'rethe best scientist ever,"

and then Leslie Jones is like,"And I'm street-smart,"

-and it's, like, well, I mean...-(audience groans)

-I didn't make the movie.I don't why... -(laughter)

-I'm telling youwhat people reacted to. -Right.

WILMORE: Like, that's wherethe reaction came from?

Yeah, 'cause... To me, it's morethe way the trailer is built.

It sort of sets it up in this,like, one, two, three.

"And I know... and I knowthings about the streets,"

and you're like,well, that's not...

And I agree that there'sa lot of smart people

who work for the MTA-- I mean,many of them are engineers.

-You know? That's how youbuild trains. -Yeah, absolutely.

But there is a component to itthat you go, "Oh, all right."

Like, I see why people got...

but people get upsetabout everything, so...

Right. If theywould have cast a white girl

to play that same role,we would've been mad

there was no black peoplein the movie at all.

-That's right.-And that's the other point.

Why does there only have to beone black Ghostbuster?

-I don't understand that.-But you got to think about it.

-She is an MTA workerand a Ghostbuster. -Right.

She... she knows bestabout the unions.

-(laughter)-WILMORE: Yeah.

She... she came in thereand was like-- uh-uh,

you know, we're gonna get paidfor every ghost we bust.

-Yeah.-(laughter, applause)

Two-- these uniforms...

-She got it...-WILMORE: Yeah.

You needed her! The scientistsdon't think like that.

-I agree. -Right! Exactly!-They aren't thinking

how much we'regonna get paid per hour.

I just feel like, why doesLeslie Jones take (bleep)

-like people are giving herall the time? -Yeah, I know.

And it's like,"Are you kidding me?

You get castas a (bleep) Ghostbuster?"

-Like, you're taking that...-She didn't take it.

She's, you know,she responded, you know...

-No, she did, but it's like...-@Lesdoggg.

So, right there.

Well, let me read this, Rory,'cause this is a quote

from Leslie, uh...I think on Twitter.

She said...


That's fantastic.So, but my question is,

-are we all Ghostbusters?-Well...

-Are we really? -No, I mean,that's the thing that's...

Feels like it...requires a bit of training.

You know what I mean? I feellike we don't all have it.

It's... But there is that partof, like, how do you not say yes

to being in a iconic moviein any-in any capacity?

Like, if they madean Indiana Jones movie

and I had to play his,like, his Jewey accountant,

I'd be like, "I'm in!"You know what I mean?

Like, "Uh, uh, Dr. Jones,

you're spendingtoo much money on whips."

-You know, I would take that...-Right. Yeah. a second, just to be apart of an Indiana Jones movie.

-Just to be a part of that movielegacy. -Yes.

-Go ahead, Robin. -It's so true.And I think some people

just want to be mad, you knowwhat I mean? Like, some people

just see something...They haven't even seen the movie

and they're mad. If Eddie Murphydid The Nutty Professor today,

they'd be like,"Yeah, he's a professor,

-but he got to be nutty?"-You're right.

-"Why he got to be nutty?"-Last year, the big argument--

-are we all Django?You know? -Right, right.

-Are we?-WILMORE: Are we Django? Are we?

Are we underestimating,uh, the problem

-with ghosts in the big city?-ALBANESE: Yes.

I feel like thatshould be the issue here--

I'm more concerned that we havefour rookie Ghostbusters

handling all of the ghostproblems in New York City.

-I agree.-I mean, I was here in '84

-when the last thingwent down, you know? -Exactly.

We get a Zuul situation on ourhands, I don't know if these...

-if they can handle this.-I think Donald Trump's a ghost.

We sure can't killthat (bleep) right now.

I don't know what the hell is...

No matter how hard you try.

That's actually why he paints...paints his face orange.

-Paints orange, that's right,oh! -Oh, I'm alive, I swear!

So if Hillary getsa proton pack, she's good.

-Oh, yeah.-Yeah. Right. What is that...

-What is that tan he's got?-WILMORE: I have no idea.

It's like a Cheetos tan.It's like...

-It is. -Does it stain more,it gets on your fingers?

-He just kind of...-WILMORE: He-he could be...

he could be one of thoseGhostbuster ghosts, you know?

-Right. -Like, spewing outCheetos stuff

or something, right?Do you believe in ghosts?


-No, man, no.-You don't believe in ghosts?

-No, I don't believe in ghosts.-Do you know...

-Do you know this placeis haunted? -But I like...

Like, when I watch... thosemedium shows, then I get scared.

-But... -Really?

-No, man, no. -You don'tthink there's any chance

-there's ghosts? -I thinkthat there may be ghosts,

but I don't believe in 'em,so if they exist,

-I'd go, "I don't believein you." -If you were in...

-ALBANESE: And then they just goaway. -Yeah, they go away.

-You'd be like, "All right,I won't be scared." -You don't

even need a Ghostbuster,you're like, "Just..."

I would be scared,but I don't believe in you, bro,

-so I'm sorry.-You just...

-you just throw awayhis existence. -Yeah.

-Like, I totally rip theirself-esteem. -By your ability...

That's what I do.Like, he's like, "Ooh!"

And I'm like, "You're nothing,you're not scaring me, you know,

I don't believe in you, bro."You know.

That is the same techniqueI use for Trump.

I-I don't believe in you,and then he just goes away.

If only he would go awaybecause of that!

All right, there you go.We'll be right back.

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