Keep It 100 - Larry's "Cast Away" Dilemma

March 7, 2016 - Confederate Flag Day & #DickJokesMatter 03/07/2016 Views: 63

Larry weighs the notion of being stuck on a desert island against having to live in President Donald Trump's America. (0:45)

Thanks to my panelists,Mike Yard, Ricky Velez,

and Dave Attell. And specialthanks to Rachel Feinstein

and Gilbert Gottfriedfor being here. Yes.

We're almost out of time! Beforewe go, I'm gonna keep it 100.

Got to keep it 100. Tonight'squestion is from... @RDdarty?

What is that? They ask, uh,"You're the star of Castaway.

"Okay. During the rescue,you learn Trump is president.

Do you get saved or takeyour chances with Wilson?"


Hmm. How close are Wilson and Iat this point?

-Come on. -Uh,I'm staying with Wilson, man.

I am not... If I'm happy withWilson, I'm staying with Wilson!

-All right, thanks for watching!-Wilson! Wilson! Wilson!

Don't forget to ask meyour Keep It... Yeah. Thank you.

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Thank you very much!I did keep it 100. Come on.