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July 27, 2016 - Eliana Johnson 07/27/2016 Views: 1,227

Eliana Johnson, Mike Yard and Robin Thede examine Bill Clinton's attempt to humanize Hillary Clinton during his speech at the Democratic National Convention. (7:19)

Okay, welcome back.I'm here with my panel.

First up, Nightly Show contributor Mike Yard.

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And Nightly Show contributorRobin Thede.

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And she's the Washington editor

for the National Review, Eliana Johnson.

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All right, so last nightthe DNC stepped it up

by bringing out Bill Clinton,"Bubba."

(panel laughing)

To hu-manize Hillary.

Speak about her character.

Kind of, uh,

reintroduce her to America--take a look.

In the spring of 1971,

I met a girl.

She had thick, blonde hair,big glasses.

Wore no makeup.

I loved that he picked that up."She wore no makeup."


Uh, was he successfulin reintroducing her?

I think he was trying tocommunicate that at one point,

these two people were attractedto each other.

-WILMORE: Right.-THEDE: Yeah. Yeah. -(laughter)

-Right.-But, um... -Yeah.

...he sort of lost me...

-Right. "when Hillary'swater broke."

-I know. -Dot, dot, dot. I waslike done. -THEDE: You know,

-like, I thought there were somecute moments. -WILMORE: Yeah?

I thought... you know,I liked... I like the really...

when it wasn't about Bill's,you know, experience.

When it was more about somethingHillary did, like "When we took

"Chelsea to college andHillary was lining the drawers

and wouldn't leave."That was a really cute moment.

-Okay. -And it showed OCD,which I found adorable.

-WILMORE: Her OCD?!-(laughter)

YARD: But, you know, it's hardto reintroduce somebody that

never went anywhere.You know what I mean?

-WILMORE: Mm-hmm. -It's like,what are you telling? -Not true.

-Not true. Not true. They...-It's very hard.

That's likewhen Jay Z tried to...

WILMORE: You mean becauseshe hasn't gone away.

That's like whenJay Z trying to come,

like, after retirementfor two days.

-WILMORE: Yeah.-(laughter)

Talking about, "Allow meto reintroduce myself."

-My name is Hov."-Yeah. -(laughter)

-No, it's not. It's Jay Z.-Right. -We know you.

-We know you. -We know you.You're the same dude.

-Yeah.-Stop it! -Not fair.


If you're already havingtrust issues

with the American people,

is Bill Clintonthe character witness?

-You know what I mean now?-(laughter)

-I mean, is he the...?-(cheers and applause)

Is he... I mean...

-Yeah. -WILMORE: I don't know.Maybe you should have

-one of the Trump kids come out.No. -THEDE: Yeah.

No, I-I guess...

Did he seem comfortableto you at all, or...?

Well, the thing withBill Clinton, I think, is that,

even if you hate him so much,you still sort of like him.

WILMORE:Mm-hmm. Yeah.

And Hillary hasthe opposite problem.

-It's like she...-(laughter)

Even the people she brought up

-who were supposedly speakingon her behalf, -WILMORE: Uh-huh. Elizabeth Warrenand Bernie Sanders--

like, they sort of hate her.

-(laughter)-And everybody knows that.

-Right. -And that's reallyher main problem.

-Uh-huh.-Like, the American people

have sort of seen these flashesof the authentic Hillary

-over the years when she said...-WILMORE: Yeah.

"Oh, I could have stayed homeand baked cookies and had teas."

-WILMORE: Sure. -"But I waspracticing my profession

"before my husband wasand I'm not this woman

standing by my man like TammyWynette." -WILMORE: Yeah.

These are little flashesof the real Hillary,

and the American people justdon't really like her that much.

WILMORE:Well, all of her quotes...

-All of her quotes stick withher for like 1,000 years. -Yes.

-And Trump's don't last a day.-THEDE: Yes! Yes! -(laughter)

-YARD: Uh-huh. -You know?I don't understand that.

-(applause and cheering)-No, it's so true. -Right?

-JOHNSON: Well... -It's so true.That's exactly true.

-Right. Mm-hmm. -I think whatshe's facing, now, too,

is that, you got to remember...

The kids who are gettinginto the job world and who are

just now voting for the firsttime now were not alive...

WILMORE:Yeah. Don't remember that stuff.

...or they were barely bornwhen everything went down,

you know, in the '90swith the Clinton administration.

Mm-hmm. Everything went down.What happened?

-(laughter) -Everything...You know what went down.

-Fast forward.-Uh-huh. -But I think...

But I think... I thinkthey have an opportunity now

-to use this weekto reintroduce her. -Mm-hmm.

-I think Chelsea's gonna bea powerful... -Mm-hmm. know, advocatefor her this week. -Right.

And I thinkshe's gonna be a little more,

you know, genuine and warmthan-than...

What do you think is

the most important partof this reintroduction?

Do you thinkit's these personal stories

for us to get to know heras a human, or do you think

it's thingsthat she's accomplished

that we don't know about?

'Cause he brought up some thingsthat she had done.

-YARD: Yeah. -Or is itwhat happened in Benghazi?

YARD:I don't care about

you reintroducing meto Hillary Clinton

as a mother and this or that.

I would hopethat's what she's doing that

because that's what she is.

-WILMORE: Sure.-I care about policy.

I don't give a (bleep)if you like long walks

or you watch Police Academy movies.

-That (bleep)-- it doesn't meananything to me. -WILMORE: Yeah.

How are you goingto affect change in my life

in a positive direction?

That's what I care about.We get too caught up...

-(applause and cheering)-Yeah.

I feel like... we gettoo caught up in personality.

-WILMORE: Right. -The thingsthat I was most impressed about

last night was the stuffI didn't know about.

The Eagle Academy workthat she did.

That kind of stuff.The meeting with the mothers.

That kind of stuff.That's what I care about.

How are you gonna talk aboutpolicy that helps change...

-you know, people's situationand not... -Yeah.

I don't care what you do onyour off time. That's on you.

Well, it's funny,'cause I actually was impressed

by the thingsshe did in her off time,

where she had written lettersto, uh, this kid.

He grew up with dwarfism,and she met him as a kid,

and now he's an adult.But she used to send him letters

before his major surgeries--she didn't have to do that.

I mean, that kind of connectionwith somebody

is something morethan what a politician does.

-It does show some character...-But did she affect policy

that helped payfor that surgery?

-That is what I care about.-Yes, she did, actually.

Exactly. Tell me that.Don't tell me about letters.

She's been involvedin that sort of legislation

-her whole career, actually,you know. -Yeah.

-I mean, she has. -I thinkthat's what they need to push...

No, but that actuallyhas been her passion.

Well, unlike with Donald Trump,she found members

outside of her immediate familywilling to say nice things

about her, which I do think,you know, speaks volumes.

It's an important point. Okay,let me ask you this last thing.

-So...-(applause, whooping)

will the historical part--very good, that's so true--

but willthe historical implications

of Hillary'spossible presidency,

will that pull more people whoaren't necessarily Hillary fans

when push comes to shove?

Like, on voting day, you know,

people that aren'tnecessarily Democrats

or they don't knowwhere they stand,

will the historical partpull them in? Do you think?

Do you think that'll makea difference at the end?

I think there aretwo complications with that.

The first is, we've had thefirst black president already,

and the historical oppressionof African Americans

in the United Statesreally overshadows that.

-It's like, brothersjust got theirs. Right. -Yeah.

And the second is that HillaryClinton has positioned herself

as a feminist icon,but she's had to do

some remarkablyun-feminist things

to make herself a feminist icon.

She had to abideher husband's infidelities,

and also to tramplea lot of women,

um, particularly the onesher husband cheated on her with,

-Mm-hmm.-to get to where she is,

and that makes hera very fraught figure

on the first woman president.

I think that will be looked atfor a long time.

Although, that one,I don't know.

-I mean, if somebody's... -Yeah,you know how I feel about that.

-Oh, go ahead, Robin. -Listen,if somebody sleeps with my man,

I'm trampling over them, too.

-Right. -I mean, I knowthat's a ho right there.

-Yeah.-I don't care.

They want her to be superhuman,you know?

-They do!-It's kind of crazy.

Like, when you really think...'Cause I don't think

people think "woman"when they think Hillary Clinton,

I think theythink "Clinton" first,

-and then they think "woman."-I think you're right.

She has that Bill Clinton shadowthat's still over her, man.

-It's just, and it's hard.-Also...

I hope that...'cause I'm excited.

I mean, if she wins,I'll be excited.

-A woman president! In America!-Right.

-That's crazy! -Yeah.-(cheering, applause)

Too long. It's taken too long.

-It has taken too long.-I just... I just, you know,

I just hate the factthat we even still bring up

the infidelity--I wish we could ban it forever.

Or... or let'sfight fair with fair.

Trump cheated on his first wife.

Hillary didn't cheat,she just stayed with her man,

-and she gets (bleep) about it.-I agree.

-It's crazy to me.-I agree.

-It's crazy.-Okay. We'll be right back.

I agree. Robin, I agree!I agree!

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