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Jemele Hill, Jordan Carlos and Robin Thede discuss the pros and cons of black awards shows and the NFL's decision to hire its first full-time female assistant coach. (6:52)

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Okay, so earlier this week wetalked about the Academy Awards

and, uh, #OscarsSoWhite,

This has, uh, been really...

everybody's been talking aboutthis, and, uh...

everybody keeps weighing in.

So the latestis actress Stacey Dash,

who had this to sayon Fox News.

Either we want to havesegregation or integration.

And if we don't wantsegregation, then we need

to get rid of channels like BET

and the BET Awardsand the Image Awards,

where you're only awardedif you're black.

If it were the other way around,we would be up in arms.

It's a double standard.

-Okay, I... Hold on, guys.-(loud groan)

I don't want to focus on howcray-cray Stacey is, all right?

Um, but do black people stillneed their own awards shows?

Well, that's the-the travestyof it is that we do,

is that what she doesn't get...And I-I think a lot of us

have been hit with that questionbefore. "Well, if it was

"on the other side,you know, if you had

"White Entertainment Television,

what would you thinkabout that?"

-You mean CBS?-Yeah. Exactly.

-It's just television.-Right? But the...

They're-they're a response to,okay?

They're a response to the fact

that we've been segregatedagainst.

We did it because we wereexcluded from those things.

-Exactly.-Right? It's much just like, uh,

historically black colleges.They were created

-'cause we couldn't goto the big schools. -Right.

-And so it was a necessity.-Or it's like Ebony.

"How come there'sall black people in Ebony?"

'Cause there was a magazinecalled Life.

-You're right.-But it didn't show black life.

Well, and also, justto clear this up, she's wrong.

Black people are notthe only people that can get

BET Awards and Image Awards.

Sandra Bullock's nominatedfor an Image Award. Uh...

-Yeah, but she has black kids.-Yes, that's true.

Sam Smith wonthe Best New Artist or whatever

-at the BET Awards.-Yeah, but he sounds black.

-No!-I think...

I think George Lucas,George Lucas won one.

-Yeah, but he has a black wife.-Ye... No! -Okay, okay!

Okay, Larry! But-butawards shows, you know...

awards shows, all awards shows,you know, what do they do?

They give... they give, uh,artists confidence, recognition,

-affirmation.And more than that, -Yeah.

like, it says we don't need theaffirmation of the mainstream,

you know? And-and I-I thinkby just saying that

I may have get... gottena little closer to getting

a BET Award. What do you think?

No. You're gonna haveto be Sam Smith.

Um, do you... do you thinkthose awards shows

keep us out of the mainstream?

Like, do people say, "Well,they already got the BET Award.

-Why do they need an Oscar?"-No. No, no. -No. The Oscars

and the BET Awardshave coexisted peacefully

-for many, many years. Right?-I don't think you can compare

-the Oscar and the BET Awards.-Of course.

The BETS are the black Oscars,guys.

Uh, no. But... Listen,it's Stacey Dash. Come on.

I mean, BET was the only networkemploying her for many years

-post-Clueless. -Yeah. Yeah.

And BET tweeted, "Can we getour money back from The Game?"

I mean, she... Like, way to bitethe hand that feeds you.

-That's not cool. -Well,that's the best clap-back tweet

-I think they've ever had.-The best. -Yeah.

But not only that, Jet magazine, King magazine,

like, she was the blackpinup girl for a long time

-only because black peoplewere putting her on. -Yes.

Maybe she doesn't understandthis, but the white people

really weren't (bleep) with youuntil you started talking

-about black people. All right?-Yeah. That's right.

They didn't know who you werebefore Clueless.

Mo' Money was just onlast night. I watched it.

But is there there any black awards show

we can get rid of? I mean,the Source Awards is gone.

-What?! -But all peop... allpeople did was shoot each other

-at the Source Awards. -Why doblack people have to get rid

of their awards shows?Why is there

an iHeartRadio show?

Can't that go? Who watches that?

-I have no idea.-Hey, as long as they do nothing

-with the ESPYS, you know?-No, no. Keep the ESPYS.

-Keep the ESPYS. -Whatabout the Kids' Choice Awards?

I mean, we can go without slime.Like, I think we'll be fine.

-Why... -Well, and also... -Idon't think, like, Latin Grammys

-makes me think that-thatLatin artists -Oh, boy.

shouldn't win regular Grammysthough, so... Yeah.

Well, that's whatI was gonna say. What about

the Country Music Awards,the ALMAs, the GLAAD Awards?

Like, everybody wantsto award their community.

-Yeah. -Yeah. -It's fine.It doesn't preclude

the other awards from happening.

I think it's like this...Yeah. Right on.

Or from being involvedin the awards.

-That's right. That's right.-Right. That's the big thing.

And there are lotsof black people who have Oscars

and BET Awards. I just wantto keep comparing the two.

-You really want to hostthe BET Awards. -BET has been

-very nice to me.-She really does. -Yes.

I just feel like...I mean, when it comes to dissent

and things like that and-andthe thought of boycotting,

that-that African-Americans,we're like, when it comes

to protests,we're like the Marines.

-We always go in first, and, uh,-Yeah. Yeah.

-and it's never pretty, you knowwhat I mean? And... -Front line.

But we open the door,and then it... and then it-it,

like, opens doors for-for gays,for lesbians.

You know, like,on and on and on. And...

For Asians. Because people willbe like, "What about Latinos?"

-And things like that.Well, we... -Well, yeah.

The whole point for these thingsis... I mean,

Ralph Ellison said it best,you know, in the Invisible Man.

We were invisible.That we had to create ways

to create some visibilityfor ourselves.

-Yeah. No, no, that'sa big thing. -That's right.

It really is the bottom line,you know?

Yeah. Well, that's why this ideathat we're segregating ourselves

is a real false narrative,is that...

I think the existence we liveand probably one

of the biggest problemsof racism is we have to deal

with the mainstream,but the mainstream doesn't have

-to deal with us.And that's why we have -Yes.

-some of these issuesthat we have. -Yeah.

-They can go on and pretendthat we don't exist, -Yeah.

and that's part of the reasonwhy we've had to create

-these alternate avenues.-Okay, since I have you here,

um, I have to ask.This was, uh, big news today.

The Buffalo Bills hiredtheir first full-time

-female assistant coach. -Ooh,a sports question. Look at this.

-WILMORE: Yeah. Okay. -CARLOS: It's the beginning of the end!

WILMORE: I want to know, do you think we'll ever see

a female head coach in a man's sport?

-Uh, I do. If I had to...if I had to guess, -Really?

I think it'd be the NBA.You already have Becky Hammon,

you have, uh, Nancy Liebermandoing some work with the Kings.

-Becky Hammon's at the Spurs,right? -So I think...

She's with the Spurs.Um, very well respected player

with one of the most respectedorganizations in sports.

And Gregg Popovich,that's a great blessing.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, but how doI get in the locker room?

Okay, Robin,what sport... what sport...

-Robin, I knowyou're a huge sports fan. -I am.

What sport do you think is...would be the most resistant

-to a female head coach? -Iwould've... I would say the NFL.

Definitely, definitely.But I-I would say, uh,

it's probably male gymnastics,probably gonna be

-the biggest holdouts of alltime. Uh... -Male gymnastics?

Don't you think?I mean, like, Béla's always...

Don't use this as your excuseto vent your anger

about being cutfrom the male gymnastics team.

Goddamn it! This is...If not here, then where?

Yeah. Guys,this is what this is about.

I couldn't stick the landing!I couldn't... I wasn't perfect!

-You know what I mean? SoI didn't make the team. -Yeah.

-One day. Just let all that hurtout. -Tell them... tell them

-what your favorite move was.-What my fa...

Well, it was the Iron Cross,you know what I mean?

-I was... Yeah, thank youvery much. -You really did this?

-Larry, no!-Oh, okay. Wow. -(laughter)

-I really thought.. I thought itwas real. -I had you. I had you!

-Yeah, that's the Iron Cross,right? Oh, my God. -(grunting)

Jordan Carlos, Renaissance man!

-We'll be right back!-(cheering and applause)

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