Keep It 100 - A Tough Game of F**k, Marry, Kill

March 22, 2016 - Donald Trump's AIPAC Speech & Social Media 03/22/2016 Views: 92

Larry plays a round of F**k, Marry, Kill involving Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Kanye West. (0:48)

Thanks to my panelists,Ricky Velez, Franchesca Ramsey

and Jenn McAllister.Special thanks to Bob DiBuono

as Donald Trump for being here.We're almost out of time.

Before we go,I got to Keep It 100.

Got to Keep It 100for you guys. All right,

so, tonight's question is froman audience member named Laura.

All right,let's take a look, Laura.

Hey, Larry, Keep It 100.

(bleep), marry or kill:

Donald Trump, Vladimir Putinor Kanye West?


That is impossible.

Um, I'm gonna have to getsome tea for this,

'cause I'm killingall of them MFs, all right?

Thanks for watching.Don't forget to ask me

your Keep It 100 questions onTwitter. Good night, everyone.

Who wants a tampon T-shirt?Tampon T-shirt.

Give me some tea, I don't care.

Yeah? Yeah? Come on.

Up there. All right.

Oh, oh!