Panel - What Caused the Brexit Breakdown?

June 27, 2016 - Joanna Coles 06/27/2016 Views: 1,044

Joanna Coles, Rory Albanese and Mike Yard discuss the political and economic consequences of Brexit and the implications of Donald Trump's support for the extreme measure. (7:25)

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So, as we talkedabout earlier in the show,

the Brexit ison everyone's mind.

Late last week, Englandvoted to separate themselves

from the European Union.

As a result, stock pricesaround the world fell,

the pound crashed,uh, David Cameron announced

he was resigning,like, almost immediately.

And a lot of people saythat a lot of this vote

was about the borders,closing the borders.

And, like, for me,I think it's ironic

that London getsits first Muslim mayor

and then all of a sudden,"Close it!

Shut it down."

Do you think xenophobiaplayed a part in this?

Yeah. I mean, of courseit played a huge part

in the same waythat Donald Trump is using it

to stir up, uh, people here.

And also people who feelthat they've been left behind

-in globalization.-Yeah.

But the other part of it, whichI think is less obvious here,

is that it's also abouta really intense rivalry

between two men: David Cameron,the now outgoing prime minister

-Yes.-and Boris Johnson.

-And Boris Johnson. -Theywere at high school together

-at Eaton, they were at Oxfordtogether as students, -Mm-hmm.

and they have alwaysboth been determined

to be prime minister, and ithas always been Boris's dream.

So you're telling mea pissing match between two men

-Yes. Yes. -is causinga $2 trillion global loss.

And you should notbe surprised by that.

I mean, it oftencomes back to crazy men

at the center of everything.

-Am I right? -Yes, that's true.-(cheering, applause)

-That's fair. That's fair.-That's true. Okay.

-That's a fair point.-COLES: We do...

we do need more womenin politics.

But the worst... the worstpossible thing about this,

Larry, is that one really feelsthat Boris Johnson,

who was heading upthe leave campaign, and who is

-a very, very charismaticspeaker, -Yes. Mm-hmm.

-he was the mayor of London.-Right.

No mayor of Londonwould seriously believe

in splitting from Europe.

Because they understandhow important

-the city is -What do you thinkis his motivation behind it?

-to the economy of London.-Mm-hmm.

I think his motivation wasto position himself

against David Cameronto be the next prime minister

and he never for a momentthought the campaign would win.

-Which is why they have no plan,right? -But it's bizarre...

There is no plan.

I know, but it' was Cameron's idea

to bring the referendum.That-that makes no sense.

That's like if Obama said,"All right, let's have Amer...

let's have the people vote--you guys want slavery again?"

No, Obama, don'tlet the people vote on that!

It's like, there are somethings you don't...

But the older people are saying"we didn't know our vote

was gonna count." And you'relike, well, why would you

make it, then? Why bothergoing to the polling station?

And they're like, "We hadno idea it was gonna count."

But was-was that the same?Because I know

-most of Scotland seems likethey voted to remain. -Yeah.

Where the same... was it thesame breakdown on ages there?

-Um, or was it just mainlyin England? -Well...

that-that's a good question.There are different issues

going on in Scotland and now,

-when it looks like... -Well,Scotland's wanted to break away

-from the UK for... -Right,for some time. -But Scotland...

Didn't Scotland side with JonSnow? That's what I thought

-happened, right?-Exactly.

No, 'cause I thought the wholething was with Cer...

-No, that's Game of Thrones. -Oh, I'm sorry.

-I don't understand.-Yeah. -It's not real life.

I don't understandglobal politics.

But-but there is... there isthis wistfulness about yesterday

and wanting to make thingsthe way that they were.

There's no time machines.I don't know what's wrong with

people. They think they canturn back the clock.

The clock moves forward,it doesn't go back.

Well, and clearly people weren'treally paying attention,

and the awful thingis what's becoming clear now

is that because the Brexitcampaign was known as

the Leave campaign, peopleare coming out and saying,

-"Oh, I thought 'leave' meant'immigrants leave'. -Oh, wow.

I didn't think... I didn'tthink it meant Europe...

Britain was leaving Europe."They thought it meant

-immigrants leaving.-YARD: You know, that...

Xenophobia is powerfulin England.

I-I had a... I actuallywas in England for a week

and ran into that. Had a... oneof the most racist incidents

-in my life, man.-WILMORE: Really?

Yeah, man. Go into this,uh, pool hall,

this guy was arguing withthe bouncer at the pool hall.

And this bouncer was a blackguy, he was a white guy

and he was cursing him out,'cause he was drunk,

the black dude wouldn'tlet him in. So he was like,

"You know, you (bleep)black (bleep),

"you don't tell mewhere I can and cannot go

in my (bleep) country."And then he said this

to the black dude, he said,"I'll be back, yeah?"

And he did this. And thenhe left. And I was like,

"Eh, he's not coming back,let's go play some pool.

He came back.

And he shot the (bleep) bouncer.

-No. -Yes, he did.Yes, he did.

He shot the bouncer.He shot...

And then, here's the craziestthing about it...

-You won the pool tournament?-When he came back

and shot the bouncer...No, I had a bet.

I had a b... When-when, uh, Ispoke... the cops interviewed us

afterwards and they were li...and we were telling them

what we saw and they were,like, "That's strange, because

"quite a few peoplesaid that the shooter

"was a young black male

with baggy jeansand a hooded sweater."

-Was that you?-No. But what I d...

No, 'cause I leftmy baggy jeans at home.

But what I did...what I did realize is that's

the same dude thatshoots everybody in America.

Apparently, he got a passport,and he is franchising.

Should have made his Brexit.

-Uh...-True story.

He didn't die, though,he survived.

How much of an effect willthis have on the States?

Do you think there will bea Donald Trump effect here?

That... that that points to thator it signifies that?

Well, I do think we want to makesure that millennials vote,

because that really is shockingthat only 36% of them

-actually botheredto go to the poll. -Right.

Um, but I think in terms of,you know, we saw $2 trillion

off the worldwidemarkets, right?

It's highly possible there'llbe a recession in Britain.

The nightmare is if Europeitself starts to unravel,

the security implicationsfor that are really serious

and that will affect Americaas will a recession in Britain

-or in Europe. -YARD:It's already affecting America.

-I lost a lot of money.-But here's the thing...

-The spirit of the... Yes.-Britain owes me money.

The whole spirit of the EU...the whole spirit of the EU

really... You can go back asWorld War I, League of Nations,

but certainly World War IIand the dominance of Germany

and now all the pressure goesback onto Merkel and Germany.

So it's like, England,that's what you want--

you want to make Germanyin charge of everything again?

-Well...-(audience): Whoa.

I'm not saying Germany'sdoing anything wrong,

but I'm saying...

But they do have a reputation.I think that's...

-I think that's fair.-I'm just saying...

I'm just pointing outthe irony of it all.

I'll say Germany and power--(buzzes) Not a good mix.

-Just pointing out the irony.-Not to...

Well, and it's also unclearwhether or not Angela Merkel

will stay, right? Becausethere's an election upcoming

in Germany and it's not obviousthat she will remain

and this gives the license forright-wing groups in Europe

to really have some confidenceand start demanding

they pull out. Or that they-theydemand more seats at the table.

But I feel like this willhurt Trump more in the end.

Because Trump is playing...First of all,

he said Scotland left, whichthey didn't, which was awesome.

YARD: And he was in Scotlandwhen he said it.

This one guy in Scotlandbrought, uh,

golf balls with, uh, swastikas.And I'm like, God bless you.

That's not a protest of passion,that's a protest

with malice and forethoughtright there. I mean, 'cause

he had to call Titleist,you know, to get those made.

Excuse me, do you haveNazi balls, by any chance?

I mean... -I love... -They hadto find them in the basement.

I love when they'reon the course-- it's like,

"Who's playing Swastika 2?'Cause I was playing..."

-WILMORE: Exactly.-Well, and I think it's true

that he did hear people shouting"leave" when he got there,

but they were shouting at him,

they weren'tshouting out their vote.

-Oh, okay. I see.-Yeah. Very nice, very nice.

All right, we'll seewhat's gonna happen.

We'll be right back.

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