Panel - Will the GOP Dump Donald Trump?

August 15, 2016 - Julie Klausner 08/15/2016 Views: 1,148

Julie Klausner, Mike Yard and Robin Thede address rumors that the GOP might abandon Donald Trump in favor of his running mate Mike Pence in the 2016 presidential race. (6:33)

Welcome back.I'm here with my panel.

First up, Nightly Show contributor Mike Yard.

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And Nightly Show contributor Robin Thede.

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And she's the creatorand star of the Hulu series

Difficult People, Julie Klausner.

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All right, so,I said this earlier,

I'm just gonna come outand say it again:

Hillary Clintonneeds to be our next president.

-(cheering, applause)-Um...

As I said earlier in the show,uh, any comparison to Hillary

is a false equivalencyat this point.

Hillary Clinton is a candidate,and Donald Trump

is a non-qualified,narcissistic infant

that is very dangerous to thecontinuation of this thing

we call the United States.

-THEDE: -Yup.-My opinion. Um...

Uh, there's rumorsthat the Republicans

are gonna dump Trump.

There's actually some rumorsthat sound pretty...

pretty serious about this,and put Pence in his place?

-Do you think that can happen?-(Klausner laughing)

The guy has, like,the charisma of a-a taco.

No, that's not true--tacos are very appealing.

-WILMORE: Tacos are awesome. -Ithink about them all the time.

-Yup. -Mike Pence is...

I mean,finish the sentence or don't.

-It doesn't matter.-Yeah.

-Right. Yeah.-THEDE: Yup. Yup.

WILMORE: Does it make you,uh... Yeah, it's like

eating something,you burp and go,

"That doesn't remind meof anything."

I... That doesn'ttaste like anything.

Or sitting next to a person,like, in a dinner party

and they're, like,"How did you like Carol?"

And you're like, "Who?"

"You talked to her all night.""I did?"

You know what,(bleep) Mike Pence.

I'll do it. Okay?

(bleep), after today,I'm out of work,

so, (bleep), I'll do it.I'll do it. I'm down.

-I got the suit, I'm ready.-Yeah.

What y'all want-- a wall?I'll build it.

I'll build a wall.I'll build one on Canada.

Two walls.(bleep), let's do it.

-I need work. -I would votefor you over Trump any day.

I think it's crazy, too, becausethere's-there's also a rumor

that the GOP is going to takeaway Trump's funding in October

-and focus it oncongressional races. -Yes.

Which, actually,would be very smart of them,

because they're onlya few seats away, um,

in Congress,from-from losing control, but...

-Yeah, 'cause down ballotis downwind right now... -Yeah.

-of a really stinky scene,uh, up there, right? -Right.

But it's like, Jesus, if yourown party isn't behind you...

It's like when youstop supporting

your-your, like, uselessadult son that keeps failing,

and you're like, "I'm not gonnapay your rent anymore."

-Exactly. -This is not on me.-Yeah, tough love.

-This is not on me.-But you know what,

good for the Republican party--they-they created Trump anyway,

with this Tea Party nonsensethey started.

All that ugliness,that's what it led to.

And good for you,I hope you never

win anotherpresidential election ever.

-(cheering, applause)-WILMORE: No, it's true. -Ever.

Do you think there's any chancethat he'll quit?

'Cause that was a conspiracytheory-- that he'll-he'll...

-that he'll even drop out.-No. Psychopaths never give up.

-No, he's... -They don't give upuntil they've killed everyone,

-and that is his plan. -No.-Have you ever...

Have you ever watched Dexter? He don't quit.

Yeah, he never quit.He never quit.

Wow, thanks for ruining Dexter.

WILMORE:Spoiler alert.

So, his job is to kill Americaat this point?

Are you kidding? Yes, I thinkthat's very clear.

He just will never admitthat he's failed at anything.

-That's his personality. -Hewill... That's exactly right,

and his surrogates arefollowing suit with that, too.

Today, Giuliani came out...Hold on. Mike, you love this,

but I had to write this quotedown. It's in my bra. Um...

-(cheering, applause)-YARD: Yes!

-More press material.-Giuliani...

You're welcome, America.Giuliani said there were

"no successfulradical Islamic attacks

before Obama."

Conveniently forgetting 9/11!

-I know.-When he was mayor.

And this is what his surrogates

are out here saying--just (bleep).

Just blatant (bleep)!

-And people listen to it,and I hate it, -I know,

because his supporters are like,um, "Oh, he didn't mean that!

"He was just being sillywhen he said Obama started ISIS.

He's being sarcastic."But at the same time,

it's the same people that aresaying, "He says what he means.

"This is the manwho says what's on his mind!

-Not politically correct."Well, which one is it? -Hmm?

-I don't know. Those are...-(cheering and applause)

Here's the thing,here's what scares me,

is there any chance, is thereany chance he can get back in

in the debates? You know?

Is there any chancehe can do a...

-Like... I don't know, g-guys!-Listen...

I know. The audienceis acting like, "No."

-But look at the (bleep)that's happened so far. -I know.

Every time I had that reaction,some... You know,

he'd insult somebody andhis poll numbers would go up.

I'll tell you how you you negate that

is Hillaryjust shouldn't show up.

-There's no reason for her to.-Yeah, yeah.

-She gonna win anyway. -Yeah.-You think she should just...

she should just go homeand rest at this point?

-Just go home and chill. -No.-I think if Hillary continues

to do nothing at all,she'll be in great shape.

-Just, honestly, wake up,eat some eggs, -No e-mails.

you know, do-do what you saidyou were gonna do,

appear at the places you weregonna appear, go to bed, repeat.

Well, thankfully, thankfully,it's almost over.

Like I said,I'm sad we won't cover it.

What's-what's beenthe most unbelievable thing

that you've seenfrom this creature?

For me,'s not about Donald Trump.

You know what's been fascinatingto me?

The fact that Americahas been so shocked

-that this type of racismstill exists. -Mm-hmm.

-'Cause we've been yellingabout it for a long time, -Yeah.

and it took Trump for peopleto be, like, "Wait a minute,

-We're still kind of (bleep)up." -Yeah.

-That's shocking to me. -AndI guess what's so shocking to me

are the peoplethat are still supporting him.

What has beenthe most offensive Trump...

-Or surprising thing that youstill can't believe... -This...

-this week or...?-This whole phenomenon.

No, the whole...the whole phenomenon.

-The whole Trump, uh...-I believe it all,

but I will sayI have a soft spot

for the "bleedingfrom her whatever" comment.

-Oh, that was... Yeah, that wasa good one. -That-that continues

-to be a "Oh, remember whenhe said that? -Yeah. -Geez.

-Wow!" kind of moment.-It was so inventive, in a way,

-you know? It was... -Yeah. -Heannounced-- let's not forget--

-he announced by sayingMexicans are rapists. -Yeah.

-That's how he started.-Yeah, he did start from there.

There's not a lot of placesto go.

Yeah. Yeah.

And, uh... and, and

"I don't like heroes... I don'tlike people that get caught.

-That's not a hero in my book."-Oh, the McCain thing?

-Yeah, the McCain thing. -"I canshoot somebody on Fifth Avenue."

"Obama invented ISIS." I mean,there's so many things...

I have to say though,the funniest thing is

calling Jeb low energy,and it worked!

-Listen, all of it's working!All of it's working. -Yeah.

-No, no, no. -We haveto wake up. We have to stop

-being entertained by the trainwreck, -Not working anymore.

because this countrywill be a train wreck.

I am ready to announcethat America is woke.

-We'll be right back.-(cheering and applause)

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