Panel - What's Behind the Violence at Donald Trump's Rallies?

March 14, 2016 - Violence at Donald Trump's Rallies 03/14/2016 Views: 204

Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Ricky Velez and Mike Yard discuss the violent outbursts at Donald Trump's campaign events and debate whether it's OK for protesters to shut down a rally. (6:35)

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Okay, so violence has beenbreaking out over the last week

at Trump rallies. Uh, takea look at the latest example.

(indistinct shouting)

Right, so we were talking aboutthis earlier in the show.

Now, some say Trump incites it

and some peopleblame the protesters.

Uh, so who's really to blamefor these violent outbursts--

Trump, the protesters, the typeof people who come into that,

or Obama?

No, I mean, I think youabsolutely have to blame Trump.

You can't look at his ralliesand see him say words like,

"Knock him out" and "If you do,I'll pay his legal fees"

and then not take responsibilityfor your words.

I mean, you're encouraging yoursupporters

-to be violent, and...-But...

I-I believe, like,you can only blame Trump

because you can'tblame dumb people.

-Hmm. Okay. -You can't-youcan't, these people are dumb.

They're-they're sheep.They're... they are sheep

of people. They are...they're just not smart.

-(cheering, applause)-They're not.

-YARD: I-I agree with you.-They're-they're wearing...

they're wearing camouflageinside-- how smart are they?

Like, they're just...They're dumb people.

I feel you. This is America,man. We all have choices, right?

These peop...That dude was 72 years old.

If you can't control yourselfat 72, kill yourself.

-What the (bleep)?I mean... -Right.

You don't have... you don't haveimpulse control at that age?

-You're a grown-ass man.-As-as long as you're killing,

-why don't you start withyourself? -Yeah, exactly.

He hit that black kidlike it was on his bucket list.

Like, he was just ready.He was like...

-Believe me.-Scratch that one off.

-He caught a wild westflashback. -That absolutely

-was on his bucket list.-But you... Yeah, you can't...

You know, but listen,this is not just Trump, though.

I mean, the Republican partyI blame fully

for this whole thing. Becausethey've been pushing this

racial rhetiquette for...uh, etiquette, I mean, what,

rhetoric for years.They've been pushing it, right?

-Rhetiquette, that's a good wordfor it. -Blaming welfare...

-Yeah, yeah. -Rhetiquette,whatever. -Well, I mean...

-They've been blaming welfarequeens. -No, it's a great...

-All of that. -...mashup wordfor it, it is rhetiquette.

They've been blaming welfareqle... queens, uh,

illegal immigrants.I mean, Trump... Trump is just

the one saying it out loudand bluntly.

But they've been blaming,you know, minorities forever.

No it is definitely an example,to paraphrase Malcolm X,

-of chickens coming hometo roost. -Exactly.

-And this is a big chickenroosting party. -Mm-hmm. -Yeah.

-Well, I mean, it-it's... -It'sa big chicken roosting party.

-You made your bed.-It's-it's so sad that we,

as Americans, have allowedTrump to get this far.

Like, I can't believewe're living in 2016.

(cheering, applause)

Now, when you say...

when you say "allowed it,"what does that mean?

I mean, I think long agohe should have been called

to drop out of the race.He's been peddling hate.

-He's built an entirecampaign... -But-but how do you

get him to not run?I mean, he has the right to run.

I mean, how... how do do the other GOP candidates

allow him to get this far?

I mean, how do they nothold him accountable?

But that's assuming that he'sresponsible for these people.

-These people are not racists. -No.

Like, they didn'tjust decide they hated...

-They've been here. -Right.-They've been around.

-Yeah. -He's justthe leader now. -I think...

VELEZ: He justhighlighted this (bleep).

-Like, that's what he did.-YARD: That's all he did.

It's like Trump-Trump showed upat a Klan rally

and said,"Uh, all right, I got a cross,

some gasoline and matches,but I got to go, y'all."

-Yeah. -YARD: Exactly.He's that dude in high school

that pulls you to the sideand be like, "Yo, Malik,

"that thing that they've beensaying about your mother--

"I don't know you gonna let that slide.

-I mean, if it was me..."That's who he is. -Okay,

-Let me ask you this, though.-No, you're right.

You're right, he's a bully.-Yeah, he's a bully.

But do you-do you think Trumpwants people to fight

-at his rallies?-Absolutely. -Yes.

-Do you think he wants thatto happen? -Yeah. -He's a bully.

-This is a reality TV star.-Listen... -Uh-huh.

-That's what they do.-That is right.

-That is what they do. He is areality TV star. -That is true.

-That is absolutely true.Every... -Every moment...

He loves that the newshas him up there

-every day saying crazy-ass(bleep). -Yeah, he does.

-He loves it, he lives for this.-No, you're right. -Except...

Except when they come after him.Did you see him

wearing that secret serviceagent like a BabyBjörn?

-Did you see that?-He was holding on to him.

He was holding on to himlike, "(bleep),

you just gonna punch a manwith a baby on his chest?"

Now, some people have saidthe protesters

are trying to shut downthe rally,

Like, they're trying to stopthe rallies from happening.

-Do you think that's fair to do?-I mean, they-they did.

-I mean, honestly...-They say it infringes

upon First know.

I mean, it's their rightto protest,

it's their right to organize.

YARD:I agree, I agree. Yeah.

I think that, yeah,you have the right to protest.

I don't thinkthat you have the right

to shut down anybody'sability to speak.

Freedom of speech is one of ourbasic rights in this country.

WILMORE: But if it happensat a Trump rally, you ain't mad.

It don't matter. I don't care...No, I want him to talk.

I want him to talk,because, like I said...

I mean, I tweeted about this--I am taking pictures

of my television screenat his rallies,

'cause I'm makinga racist collage, so...

Are you gonna showyour grandchildren this?

-I mean, yeah, exactly.-Yeah, what are you gonna do

-with this collage?-I'm-a show people

what Americashouldn't look like.

-But I agree. I-I... -Yeah, Iagree. -(cheering and applause)

Here's the thing,journalist Ashley Parker

in a New York Times articlewrote about the type of people

she met following Trump around.Now, here's a quote.

She said, "The 71-year-old womanI talked to before

"the New Orleans rally,who told me 'that nothing short

"'of Trump shooting my daughterin the street

"and my grandchildren'would dissuade her

-from voting for him."-(groaning, booing)

Well, I think that statementsays a lot more

-about how she feelsabout her daughter. -Yeah.

You don't know their problems,Larry.

-You don't know their problems.-Yeah, that's true.

I don't know.What do you think about it?

I mean, I don't know.I think it's definitely

a sad time in America. 'Causeyou think about even his, um...

his-his logline, where he says"Make America Great Again."

And I kind of want to knowwhat he means by that.

-Because... -He meansmake America 1955 again.

I... That's what...I kind of think so. I mean, I...

-Look, I love where I was born,-Mm-hmm.

but I would never want to goback to where my grandmother

-or my great-grandmother lived.-No.

That time was not actually goodfor any of us

-sitting at this table.-Mmm...

Well, think about the guythat-that punched that kid.

He's 78, right? 78.

-So he was in his 20s when,uh, like... -1955 was awesome

-for him. Yeah.-Yeah. -Yeah.

-I mean, like... -That wasthe (bleep) town fair, man.

That was a lot of fun.

All right.

We'll be right backright after this.

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