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January 13, 2016 - Barack Obama's Final State of the Union 01/13/2016 Views: 1,403

Mario Batali, Mike Yard and Holly Walker look back on President Obama's achievements over the past eight years and debate whether he has done enough for the black community. (8:01)

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All right, so earlier inthe show, we talked about Obama,

his State of the Union speech.

Now I want to talk about the jobwe think Obama has done

for the last eight years, okay?

First of all,did Obama solve racism?

I think he did it yesterday,right?

-It's solved, right?Racism, done. -Yeah, it's done.

After yesterday, it's done.I haven't been called a (bleep)

-all day. All day.-Whoa. Oh, my God.

-All day.-I know. Does it feel like...

A lot of people feel likethe country's more divided now.

Do you think that's true thanwhen Obama came into office?

Does that feel true to you,Mario?

I would say that being that ourpolitical and economic system

is based on Darwinism,that someone has to fail

-and someone has to win,then everyone thinks more -Yes.

about only winning andthat there's no chance to share

-any of the winwith anybody else. -Mm-hmm.

So everyone just doesn't wantto agree in any way,

which makes it a very toughthing, but that's our system.

-So we have to figure out a wayto deal. -Yeah.

I'd say we're as divided if nota little bit more right now.

Yeah, it's hard to say.

I think a lot of thingsare just out in the open.

-You know? Yeah.-I-I agree. I think...

I think it has always beenthis divided.

We just are seeing it more now.

I think people have always feltthat same way,

-where it's just out inthe open. Yeah. It's... -Right.

It-It's like with the... Like,Obama... I mean, America got

a black president. It'slike when you get a-a new car

-that you've never had.Like, you know? -YARD: Yeah.

"Oh, I got a Honda.Now I see Hondas everywhere."

-Everybody got a Honda.-Right? Like... Right?

We got a black president.How come I see black people...

-How come there's black issuesall... -That's so true though.

Yeah, exactly.I think that's what it is.

-Yeah. -Of course we're divided.-Out in the open now.

-WALKER: Yeah. -WILMORE:Yeah. How has Obama done

for the black communitycommunity, do you think?

-YARD: Mm-hmm. -Is the blackcommunity disappointed in Obama?

-We disagree about this one,because... -We definitely do.

You think yes, you think no,or vice-versa.

Well, I feel likehe's been absent.

And when it comesto a lot of our issues,

I mean, you know, it's like,things didn't get better.

I don't feel like...

Like, he's been therefor seven years,

and I don't feel likeI had a black president.

I feel like I had a president.You know what I mean? I...

Well, that's what you'resupposed to feel like.

-Well, no. -You're supposed tofeel like you have a president.

-What bill could he have passed?-That's not what I voted for.

-But what bill could he...?-(laughter)

But what billcould he have passed?

-I voted for the black dude.-I... -(laughter)

BATALI:And hold on, hold on. So did I.

WALKER: Exactly.Can't show without it.

YARD: Exactly!So you expected more blackness.

-Am I right? -BATALI: Well,I'm not really sure what...

-manifested itself as...-WALKER: Yes. Exactly!

-Not just a...-I put him in human first,

-then American, then dude,then black guy. -(applause)

-Okay. -All right, so...-Yeah, he happens to be black.

-He happens to be black.-Okay, I am a human black man

that grew up in America...

WILMORE:Okay, wait.

...with 50 white presidentsand one black one.

-I need you to be a little bitblacker. -WILMORE: Okay, Mike.

-What...? -If he would have beena little bit blacker,

he would have beena little bit shot-ter.

-They would have shot him.-WILMORE: Whoa. Whoa.

-I don't know about that.-BATALI: No!

-They would have shot him.-WILMORE: Oh, my God.

-I don't know about that.-And what kind of bill could

-he have passed for just...-WILMORE: Like the black bill?

-Yeah. -I'm not necessarily...I'm not necessarily saying.

WILMORE: All right, America,I'm pass... America,

-I want congress to signthe black bill. Uh... -Listen.

-Right, right. -I'm notnecessarily saying,

sign a black bill.What I'm saying is,

Black Lives Matterwas happening,

and it took him foreverto come out and saying something

and support it and defend it.

He's deported more Mexicansthan any other president.

-WILMORE: Yeah. -(Bleep) gotworse for us under Obama.

Love & Hip Hop has blossomed.I mean, come on!


And that's the worst thingfor black people,

and I watch it every week.Every work... religiously.

You're blaming Obama for that?

Yes, it happenedunder his watch.

He could have did something.

-Oh, my God. This is horrible.-(laughter)

Well, hold on. Think about this.Think about this.

Black gay people can nowget married.

-WALKER: Yes, yes.-YARD: Yes, they are living high

-on the hog right now.-Well...

BATALI: So... but that wasa black issue.

-That was a black issue.-Oh, gay black people won.

-BATALI: That was a non-issue.-But people would f...

WILMORE:But LGBT rights.

Obama is... I mean, he has beenan advocate for those rights.

I mean,many good things have happened

-during his presidency, right?-YARD: Yeah.

Yes, a lot of good thingshave happened. Yeah, definitely.

A lot of great things havehappened during his presidency.

-Right.-And he...

Despite the fact he had to fightthe entire time.

Everyone was against him.

Like, not only the Republicans.

Quite often, the Democratswere against him, too.

WILMORE:Well, he wasn't... he wasn't

for it at first. Remember?Obama said he evolved.

-YARD: Exactly.-(applause)

Yeah, he evolvedon gay rights issues.

-Right. -And the republicanswere...

the Republicans were screwedat that point

'cause they don't believe inevolution, so they couldn't...

-(applause, laughter)-That was great.

That threw everything he wasgonna say after that out.

-Like to say... -Yeah, well,that can't be right.

We can't evolve on it.(groaning)

What about, uh, foreign policy?

YARD: Well, it dependson who you talk, to right?

-Yeah. -Well, we now... we atleast now we talk to Iran.

-WILMORE: Mm. -Like, we got ourguys back from them yesterday.

-WILMORE: Mm-hmm. -That was anamazing thing that might not

-have happened five or six yearsago. -WILMORE & WALKER: Yeah.

I mean, if you talk to,

uh, Mexico, I don't know ifwe've been a great neighbor yet.

WILMORE: Uh, we helped them getEl Chapo.

-You know?-Well, Sean Penn did.

That's true. Yeah.

BATALI: If international policyis based on the way

that we look at, uh...are looking at global warming...

-WILMORE: Mm-hmm. -...he kind ofled the road there.

We feel good about that.

WILMORE:He's been an advocate there.

-(applause and cheering)-Yeah. -Yeah, that's true.

I think that's been one of hisstrongest, uh, actually, things.

WILMORE: Global warming,he's been very strong

on the environmentand that sort of thing.

Yes, he's been very strongon that.

And his foreign policy has beenpretty good.

You know, I mean,if you talk to people in Cuba,

they'd be like, "I like thatguy. That's a good guy."

WILMORE: Yeah.Well, Obama doesn't believe that

America should bethe world's police, right?

YARD:I don't believe that, either.

WALKER:Yeah, I don't, either.

YARD: I don't thinkmost Americans think that.

But when it comes to ISIS,

if we would just actlike America's police,

I think it would be overby now, right?

(laughter and groaning,applause and cheering)

-Come on, Larry.-Oh. That's why there's

a Larry Wilmore show, my friend.

-Come on. Bam, bam, bam.-That was good.

-That was good.-Shots fired. Shots fired.

Shots fired.

Bam! Bam! Freeze!

YARD:Stop or I'll shoot.

-(audience groaning)-The audience did not know that.

-That's funny.-Oh, what, now it's bad?

What? Come on, you guys.Oh, my God.

We're a sensitive crowd.

-WILMORE: All right, uh...-(laughter)

YARD:They are at "freeze."

-Not, "Bang! Bang!" -WILMORE:Now how about the economy?

What do we give Obamain the economy?

-The economy was in a free-fallwhen he started. -Yes.

Oh, it had fallen.It was not in free-fall.

-Yes.-Completely in a free-fall.

-There was no possibleworse situation. -Yeah.

It was pressingthat life alert button like,

"I've fallenand I can't get up."

-(laughter)-It was... That was our economy.

-Yeah.-That was our economy.

Why do people thinkthe economy is not doing well?

Is it that the economy is notdoing well,

or that it's not being sharedin the right way

with everyone who isparticipating in the economy?

WALKER:I don't know who...

-Who thinks that? -You thinkthat's what the feeling is?

I think a lot of it comesfrom the media.

WILMORE: I think some peoplefeel left out, right?

I think, like, but, also,Fox News is saying like,

"It's horrible.The economy is bad.

Barack is doinga horrible thing."

And the more (bleep) you hear,

the more you startto believe it.

-WILMORE: Right.-You know what I mean?

Like, if you hear...listen to Fox News,

like, I shouldn'teven be sitting

with this many black peopleright now. You know what I mean?

Like... So you startto believe (bleep).

-WILMORE: Yeah, I know. -YARD:You know, these politicians

that say the economy is bad,I-I...

Do they think we're stupid?

-I mean, they must thinkwe're stupid. -Yeah.

Like we don't have Google,like we can't check.

-You know what I'm saying?-(laughter)

Like, when they say that,we live here.

-Yeah. Yeah. -We knowwhat's going on. -Right.

Like, when they say that,we're gonna be like,

"Really, it's doing bad?Oh, I didn't notice.

I was busy working."

Whenever the American economydoes good, the rich get richer.

-WILMORE: Right. -YARD: Yeah.-I mean, we added jobs,

so that's fundamentally whatwe were looking for-- getting

people to work so they're allplaying on the right field.

WILMORE:It is tough,

'cause a lot of the problems

have been going onfor a very long time.

I mean, the richhave been getting richer,

-but a lot of the poor have notbeen doing well. -YARD: Right.

And a lot of the one percent

is making a majorityof the profits here.

That's why people like Bernieare really making a difference

-out there, Bernie Sanders.-(cheers and applause)

Right. Interesting guy.I like him a lot.

-He pulled out...-I like him a lot.

So there's a lotof angst in there.

Even thoughObama did a good job,

-there's a lot of work to bedone. -YARD: Yeah, definitely.

You know, it feel like that...a big hole, a big gap.

YARD: But I mean, it's waybetter than eight years ago.

-WALKER: Oh, it's much better.-Oh, absolutely.

Eight years ago, I didn't havethis fantastic job...

-Mm.-so it's working great for me.

-WILMORE: Okay, I know we gotto go. -You know what I mean?

-We'll be right back.-(cheers and applause)

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