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Michael K. Williams, Robin Thede and Franchesca Ramsey discuss the racially charged controversy surrounding Zoe Saldana's role as Nina Simone in the biopic "Nina." (6:02)

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-Okay. This is a very...(chuckles) -Oh, we are ready.

-Let's do it! -I know. These...I know you guys can't wait

to talk about this. So,recently in the news, I'm sure

you guys know, um, uh, actressZoe Saldana, who's an American

of, I think, Dominicanand Puerto Rican descent--

some people know wherewe're going... Okay. I know.

This is kind of unfortunate.She's come under fire

for wearing, like, a prostheticnose and darkened skin tone

in her portrayal of Nina Simone.There's Nina Simone

in the middle. Okay, there's Zoeon one side and then Zoe

-in the makeup onthe other side, uh, to be -Oh.

Nina Simone. So most of thebacklash seems to be centered

on the fact that there area lot of darker skinned

black actress-- actresseswho people could've played Nina.

Is that the real issue hereor is it something that...

You know, um, to-to...

Just to-to speak as a thespian,you know,

-as a person of colorin Hollywood, you know, -Yes.

I-I respect, um,Zoe's craft a lot.

-You know, she's-she's a...she's a beast. -Absolutely.

And, um, you know, for-for womenof color in Hollywood,

there's not a lot of rolesthat-that women of her caliber

can-- as-as we say in thebusiness-- sink our teeth into.

You know, um... And...But do I think that maybe, um,

someone in her camp mighthave... should have advised her

to maybe pass on this role?I-I agree.

I think that... I don't thinkHollywood searched really...

I-I don't think they spent...I don't think they looked

-outside of maybe the roomor-or... -Yes. -Yes. Yes.

Exactly. "Can't find any blackpeople in here to play her!"

-"Zoe! Let's get her!" -"Youwere just in a movie." -Yeah.

-How they think in Hollywood.-Well, that's the problem.

And I think at the time...This was cast, I think,

three or four years ago. Atthe time, she had just finished

-doing Star Trek and Avatar. -Yeah. She was hot.

-Yeah, she was real hot at thetime... -They could've kept her

-in her Avatar... -Well, that'sthe thing. She looked better

-in blueface than in blackface.-Oh. She...

-she also was in Guardians of the Galaxy. -I mean...

And I'm actually gonna givethe vote to greenface,

-when she was in Guardians... -Oh, but that was after this.

-But, yes, it was good. -But, Imean, it looked good, you know?

She's phenomenal. I thinkshe is a phenomenal actress.

Is it only the makeup or isit the manner of opportunities?

Does it feel like it's...

-WILLIAMS: I thinkit's both for me. -THEDE: Yeah.

You know, uh, you know, NinaSimone reminds me of my mom.


You know, a full-figured,dark-skinned black woman.

-RAMSEY: Right.-WILMORE: Right.

And, you know, Zoe does notremind me of my mom in no...

-(laughter) -WILMORE: I know, at all.

And, you know, but,you know, so, I...

Which is not necessarilya bad thing.

-No, not a bad thing, or...-Yeah.

-You know, it is what it is.-Right.

You know, but I have a problemwith the prosthetic nose

-and the makeup.-Yeah. -WILMORE: Yeah.

-She was such a striking artist.-WILLIAMS: Yeah.

I mean, this woman...

I remember as a kid

hearing "To Be Young,Gifted and black..."

-THEDE: Yeah. -RAMSEY: Right.-...and what that means.

It wasn't "To Be Young, Giftedand Blackface," right?

-RAMSEY: Yeah, exactly. -THEDE:And listen, I'm sitting here

-in all my yellow skin.Like, I get it. -Yeah.

-Like, we come in all shades.-WILMORE: Yeah.

But, you know,I think I would...

WILMORE: If she wasn'tin the dark makeup,

would it make a difference?

-Like, if it was same actress...-RAMSEY: Yeah.

...but they didn't try to doall the bad makeup, you know?

-I think... -Yeah. -I would haverespected that more,

-actually, me personally.-Right.

-Because that makes...that makes it, like... -I know.

It's like, what are you tryingto...? 'Cause the black makeup

and the prosthetic nosemakes me think that you think

you could notfind someone that...

with the skills to pull thatoff. -RAMSEY: Right. Exactly.

THEDE: That's...and there are plenty.

-I would have rather her justKept it 100. -WILMORE: Right.

-You know what I mean? -RAMSEY:Yes! -THEDE: That's right.

-(applause and cheering)-And just, you know...

I don't thinkthat you have to look

like the personyou're portraying, you know?

-WILMORE: Right. -You don't haveto look exactly like them.

-It is still acting.-WILMORE: I agree with you.

WILLIAMS: It's nota look-alike contest. Exactly.

-THEDE: Right.-Exactly.

But at the same time,Nina Simone's music

and her career wasabout her difficulties

as a dark-skinned black woman

and the erasureof dark black women.

So now you're gonna erase herin her biopic?

-WILLIAMS: Yeah. -Like, I mean,that doesn't make any sense.

-I mean... -I would say, ifyou had to look like the part,

I mean, good luck casting The Elephant Man.

I mean, that would havebeen impossible.

-(laughter and groaning) -Youknow, it's like, "I'm sorry.

We're gonna haveto see someone else."

THEDE:Well, I think... I think

Zoe thought this was gonna be...

Or someone convinced her

that this was gonna be herOscar moment, you know? Like,

in Hollywood,Nina Simone was seen

-as a non-traditional beauty,right? -WILMORE: Uh-huh.

Like, and so, she thought

if she could put on the makeupand look different--

translate Hollywood pretty girllooking ugly--

which I thinkis the offensive part here.

I think they triedto make her look less than,

and Nina Simonewas a beautiful woman!

-Ooh, yes! -WILLIAMS:Amen to that. Amen to that.

-You know? And like... yeah.-(applause and cheering)

-Amen to that.-THEDE: And, like, you can't...

This isn't gonna beyour Monster

-like Charlize Theron.-WILMORE: Oh, my God.

Like, this is not gonna be your Monster. You know what I mean?

I think that that'swhat she thought, too.

-Like, don't make fun of itlike that. -WILMORE: Uh-huh.

Yeah, there's so much moreto that story.

What do you thinkare the boundaries

for pretending in acting?

Because some people say,"Man, but you're actors.

Shouldn't you pretendto be something else?" You know?

WILLIAMS:Well, you know,

-I believe in stretchingthe envelope... -Mm-hmm. faras the mind will go, but,

at some point, the rubber bandwill snap and break.

-WILMORE: Yeah. -THEDE: Right.-RAMSEY: Mm-hmm.

You know, I... you know,like, for instance, um, I...

A few years back, I was cast

to play Ol' Dirty Bastard fromWu-Tang, right? -RAMSEY: Mm-hmm.

And, um, it's been a few years

we trying to movethis rock up the hill.

But, you know, I am nowa man of a certain age,

and we all know that, you know,

-Rusty died in his young 30s.-RAMSEY: Right.

You know,there's gonna come a point

where I'm notgonna feel comfortable

-playing that role anymore.-WILMORE: Right. Yeah.

-I'm an old-ass man!-(laughter)

But it's Ol' Dirty Bastard.

-You know what I mean? You know.-Right.

WILMORE: What do you think'smore important--

the racial factoror the music factor?

Ooh, that's really hard.

I would sayif this was gonna be a...

But do you think we'reforgetting about her music?

Listen, I think thatwhen you look at Nina Simone,

if I was gonna make a Venndiagram, it would be music here,

race here, and right in themiddle would be Nina Simone.

-WILLIAMS: Mm. -Becauseher music was influenced

-by her race and her identity.She... -WILMORE: Yes.

The civil rights movementwas a big part of her career.

-WILLIAMS: It was.-So you can't separate the two.

-WILLIAMS: No. -WILMORE: Mm-hmm.She was a genius.

We'll be right backright after this.

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