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Mychal Denzel Smith, Mike Yard and Robin Thede debate whether a mass shooting at an LGBT club in Orlando, FL, should be blamed on terrorism, access to guns or homophobia. (7:08)

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First up, Nightly Show contributor Mike Yard.

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And Nightly Show contributorRobin Thede.

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And he's a contributing writerat The Nation,

and he's the authorof Invisible Man,

Got the Whole World Watching, Mychal Denzel Smith.

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So, sadly, we talkedabout earlier in the show,

there was a mass shooting, aseveryone knows, this past week

at a gay club in Orlando,

uh, wherethis self-appointed terrorist

armed with an assault riflekilled...

I think it may have been 50.

-49 or 50.-YARD: 49 people.

Something like that.And wounded, like, over 50 more.

So what should this shootinghave us talk more about,

the problem of radical Islam,as they say,

or the problemof assault rifles?

Well, I-I don't careabout radical Islam.

That don't scare me.What scares me

is the abilityof radical Islamists

to get guns--that's what scares me.

-That's what we needto talk about. -Mm-hmm.

(cheering, applause)

I just, I don't like the turnthat the conversation takes

when we try to place the blameon so-called "radical Islam."

-Mm-hmm.-It's-it's Americans trying

to outsource the problemto someone else.

Like, trying to saythat it's not homegrown,

-PARRA: Right.-it's not a responsibility

of the people right here.I mean, radical Islam?

Who are the radical Islamiststrying to lock trans people

out of bathrooms?

Who are the radical Islamistskicking young queer folks

out of their homesand making it unsafe for any...

making them feel unsafeanywhere but this gay bar,

and now they'renot even safe there.

Who are the radical Islamistspassing those laws?

Who are the radical Islamiststreating people that way.

Well, we did have one radicalIslamist shooting...

-killing 50 peopleover the weekend. -And so...

and so we can try to, like...But is that...

was thatthe motivating factor for him?

Was Islam the thing thattold him that... to hate people?

When I say "radical Islam,"I think it's someone

who has taken whatever theIslamic religion and culture is

and they've metastasized itinto this hatred of people

and killing of peopleas a way to get into Heaven.

I think maybe weshould have a ban on Heaven.

-I mean, I'm not even sure.What's going on? -(laughter)

I mean, but it's's this complete disregard

for the current lifefor the promise

-of an afterlife. -Becausethat runs across religion.

-It's not just Islam. Right?-But the intense hatred of gays

and the killing of gayshappens in that...

And also happenswith Christianity.

-It happens right herewith Christianity. -Yeah.

So I just think that,like, trying to...

trying to pinpoint itand say that one thing...

I mean, this is also a guy,we have pictures of him

wearing NYPD T-shirts--are we gonna blame

the policefor his behavior now?

No, no, no, but he called...he called the police

he called the police anddeclared his allegiance to ISIS.

And ISIS hasmade no bones about...

about how they willkill everyone,

and homosexualshave been persecuted

in that part of the worldhorribly.

That's absolutely true, but thereason that we're trying to...

-This is his raison d'être.-Right. The reason that we're

-trying to... -He's the onethat told us this is why

-he's doing this, right? -Butthe reason that we're focusing

on that is so that we don't haveto take responsibility for it,

because we see thatas an outside threat.

I disagree. I think, no,the reason why we're focusing

on it here is 'cause he said it.He's the one that said it.

-I-I don't think so.-Look, it's like the guy

who killed the black people inchurch. He's the one that said,

"I hate black people, now I'mgonna shoot 'em". I believe him.

-And then the reas... -Whyshould I not believe this guy?

And then we try to...we try to, uh, focus that in on

some type of, uh,white supremacist hate

that he himself,uh, fostered, right?

And it's, like, no, this isthe whole entire country,

like, coming to... like, that'sthe history of the United States

coming to bearin this one moment.

Like, I don't-I don't think thatwe-we do ourselves any favor,

especially in a countrywhere mass shootings

-happen nearly every single day,right? -No, they do.

-They happen... they happentoo much. -Well... -C-Can...

Can I just... See, my issuewith this is yeah, he said

he was a... he saidhe pledged his self to ISIS

and all of that.And, yeah, that's a big issue.

We should deal with terrorism.I think that, you know, that,

uh, our president is definitelytrying to deal with terrorism.

But my issue is not whetherhe was a radical Islamist

or a Christian or whatever.

The fact he couldget an assault rifle so easy.

It's easier to get a gunthan (bleep) Hamilton tickets.

I mean, come on.

-(cheering, applause)-Come on.

That's the issue. (bleep)is camouflage to me, man.

-All that other stuffis camouflage. -And...

People don't get shot by aBible, they get shot by guns.

-Yeah. -They don't get shot bya Koran, they get shot by guns.

-Yeah.-That's how I feel about it.

And I think... I think theproblem, too, with this issue

is that it's so multi-layered.

You've got peoplewho are dealing with it

at the level of radical Islam,you've got people

who are dealing with it...about this mass homophobia

that we're talking aboutthat has not been focused on

in this issue as much as itneeds to be. How about the fact

it was almost 100% Latino peoplein this club? How about that?

-No mention of that. -Like,no mention of that at all.

Like, why aren't we talkingabout the fact that no matter

who you hate in this country,

it's so easy to get military-grade weapons and kill them.

WILMORE: Yeah, it's crazy.Do you-do you think...

I mean, we couldn't evenhave an adult conversation

with the children who werekilled, uh, in Sandy Hook.

-Was that... -No, months later,the senate turned down a bill

-that would've controlled guns.-Is there-is there any thought

that we can have an adultconversation about

doing something about peoplegetting assault rifles?

When we-we decided, as acountry, we were okay with it

when a bunch of white kids couldget mowed down in their school.

-Jesus. -Like, we... we weredone with the conversation

-at that point. -Listen, Ithought... I thought gun control

was gonna hit a new stridewhen that happened in Newtown

and nothing happened.And that's the problem.

We are fascinated by gunsand violence in this country.

And then... so, you know,'s too easy to get a gun.

You know what I mean?Everybody...

You know, it's like,in the Second Amendment.

Yeah, they put it in therebecause back then

the governmentwasn't as big as it is.

The fact that you have a gunis not gonna stop the government

from taking your landif they want to.

-You can't stop 'em.-WILMORE: Also...


Back then you had toload a musket.

-It took a while. -It took30 minutes to load a musket.

-Exactly.-Like, to shoot people.

You know what I'm saying?It's like...

You had the right to bear arms,you barely had the right

-to shoot them, it wastoo difficult. -Yes, exactly.

And the government was, like,12 people at the time, okay?

You could fight them.You can't fight our government.

They got (bleep) destroyers.You got a little pistol?

-WILMORE: Yeah, yeah, yeah,yeah. -Well, and that's...

-It's a dumb argument.-WILMORE: A well-armed militia.

And the whole thingabout this-- the response

to it has been so ridiculous.I mean, it's like,

I'm so sick of thoughtsand prayers.

-I want legislation and change.-YARD: That's what I want.

-Okay?-(cheering, applause)

-That's what I want.-Like...

And I'm extreme.I'm gonna keep it real.

-I'm extreme with gun control.-How-how are you extreme?

I don't think anybodyshould have a gun.

I think either you're gonna haveeverybody have a gun,

make guns mandatory,or nobody have a gun.

WILMORE:Everybody have a gun?

I believe that's the only wayto stop mass shootings.

Because if you go in a clubwith 300 people

and you pull out your gunand 300 guns

are pointing at you,you're going home.

-I-I...-(cheering, applause)

I think, uh...

THEDE: Mike's attractedto the Purge mentality.

I think you justdescribed Texas, right?

-Right there...-Exactly.

I still believe that the fuel

that, uh, is the gunpowder that

makes that bullet fry... uh, flyis the fuel of hatred,

and in this caseit was the hatred

-of gay people and homophobia.-THEDE: 100%, 100%. -YARD: Yeah.

Which definitely needs...we need to address.

All right, we'll be right back.

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