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Peaches, Holly Walker and Grace Parra discuss the uproar over Kim Kardashian's decision to post a naked photo of herself on Twitter. (6:07)

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First up, Nightly Show Contributor Holly Walker.

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And Nightly Show ContributorGrace Parra.

-(cheering and applause)-Oh, hi.

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Canadian electronic musicianand performance artist, Peaches,

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Okay, so we talked about thisearlier in the show.

Kim Kardashian posted, uh,this nude, uh, photo of herself

-on the Internetearlier this week. -Ooh. Ooh!

And, uh, it was ama...Of course, anything she does

-gets a lot of attention. Peoplebashed her... -Yeah. -Yes.

Some people bashed herfor setting feminism backwards,

while others bashed...while others applauded her

for being comfortable withher body enough to share it.

So my question is, this is 2016,why are we still getting upset

-about a woman's naked body?-I think people are upset

because it's human nature.Like, literally,

one of the first storiesin the Bible

is being upsetabout a woman's naked body.

-It's... Yeah, we haven't...-Right. -Yeah, yeah, yeah.

-It's true.-So... -Yeah.

But wh-where do you thinkall that... Why do you think

people are so upset?Is it, uh...

Do they think she can't bea role model? 'Cause people

were using that word,"role model," or something.

Yeah, to me, there's nothingmore role model-y

than being comfortable withyour titties. I mean, that's...

-Look, Peaches has it goin' on.-Yeah. There you go.

-Yeah. -That... And she-she haskids now. And I think it's...

I think it's great.What-what better lesson to teach

your children than, like,love the skin that you're in?

Well, you teach your... Now...

"Now, remember, honey, becomfortable with your titties.

-Have fun in kindergarten."-Well, uh,

those kids are really closeto those titties.

-The... Like, you know.-Exactly.

Do you think a lotof the slamming is just

'cause she's Kim Kardashian?Do you think

-that's what it was?-Oh, yeah.

'Cause didn't Bette Midlerkind of...

kind of threw some shadefirst, right?

-PARRA: Oh, my God, yeah.-WALKER: Yes. -Right.

PEACHES:Yeah. But, um, Sharon Osbourne

was in solidarityand tweeted a naked picture,

-which I thought was amazing...-PARRA: Yeah.

...especially because everything

that Sharon Osbournehas been through.

-WILMORE: Mm-hmm.-WALKER: Mm-hmm.

And, uh, also,she's not a young,

-you know, Kim Kardashianbody type. -WILMORE: Yes.

So, I thought that wasreally amazing, actually.

-PARRA: Yeah. -She had to livewith Ozzy for all those years.

-(laughter)-Let it rip now!

-WILMORE: That alone.-Yeah, and I think

you can be a naked womanand be a role model

because if Dame Helen Mirren wasshowing them titties, like...

PARRA:Oh, yeah.

...I would very much, like, tryto emulate her. -PEACHES: Yeah.

-PARRA: Yeah.-Yeah.

-(laughter) -Yeah.-You would try to emulate it?

-Yeah! -Yeah?-(applause)

I lovethat the dame is one you...

-The dame is the one you...-She is!

-She is a dame. -She's a dame.-Dame Helen Mirren.

So, Dame Helen Mirren,if you show them titties,

I will show my titties, too.

-(applause and cheering)-WILMORE: Wow!

-That sounds like a Nightly Show challenge! -PARRA: I love that.

-WILMORE: Oh, my God!-PEACHES: Get out of here.

What is her next movie?

PARRA:Somebody Google it quickly.

-We got to find out. -WILMORE:Who's she playing next?


What if she's playingthe Venus de Milo?

-Oh, that's it. -Yeah. -I know,well, but if Kim Kardashian

was Venus de Milo, thenwe wouldn't have a problem

with her taking selfies 'causeshe wouldn't have arms.

-WILMORE: Yeah. -Exactly, 'causeshe wouldn't have arms.

-That's fine. -WILMORE: Now,Peaches, you've been using...

-(laughter)-You've been using a sexuality

in your work, I mean,all the time.

-But how do you dealwith the haters? -Yeah.

-WILMORE: There's haters outthere for... -You...

WALKER: Yeah, let me know,'cause I'm about to go naked.

-So... -PEACHES: You steamrollthem. You just keep going.

-WILMORE: Uh-huh. -WALKER: Yeah.-And, you know,

If you don't have haters,then you don't...

-you're not doing anything,you know? -PARRA: Oh!

-True! -WILMORE: Oh, yeah.-(applause) -PEACHES: So...

So it's really complicatedfor women

because not onlydo we have to deal

with being objectified, but thendeal with being empowered,

and then dealwith being... calling a bitch

for being empoweredor whatever it is, and, um...

-WILMORE: Right. Mm-hmm.-PARRA: Yeah, Yeah.

-(applause and cheering)-PEACHES: But also...

But, also,recognize that actually, uh,

-men have never had to dealwith that. -WALKER: Mm-hmm.

-That objectification.-WILMORE: Right.

It just doesn't work that way.

-And men always, uh--speaking as a man... -(laughter)

-No, because men have the power.-PEACHES: Yeah.

They always dowhat they wanted to do,

and it's your jobto get over it.

But now women are doing whateverthe (bleep) they want,

and they say,"It's your job to get over it."

-PEACHES: Yeah. -PARRA: Right,right, right. Right, right.

-(applause and cheering) -It'snot my job to get over it.

-PARRA: Right. The work is stillon us. -Now it's your job.

-PEACHES: Yeah, yeah.-That's like when Beyoncé says,

it's your job to deal with"Formation," not my job.

-Right, right, right.-Yeah, yeah, yeah.

-Yeah, I mean, this... theMadonna-whore complex... -Yeah.

-...has been in play forever.-Mm-hmm.

The ideathat you are either a whore,

who's somebody who's, like,slutty, slutty, two by four,

-or you're Madonna.-Mm-hmm.

-(laughter) -I had to thinkabout that twice here.

Uh, or you're...

I really want to know whatyour childhood was like, Grace.

-I've never heard... I've neverheard that one. -I really do.

PEACHES:I've never heard that one.

Or you're... or you'rea Madonna, and you...

-you are, you know, like thisvirginal creature. -Yeah. -Mm.

So I thinkthat we got to get rid

of both of thoseand become whore-donnas...

-Uh-huh. -Whore-donna.-...and embrace both sides

-of this dichotomy. -PEACHES:Well, that's what it is.

-WALKER: Yeah.-We have to be whole. We...

You know, we have to acceptwomen as whole people, right?

WALKER:I think we need to get...

-PARRA: Yeah, exactly. Yeah.-(cheers and applause)


But I think that the concept

of whore itself is horrible

-because we don'tcall men whores... -PEACHES: No. much as we will calla woman a whore. -PARRA: Yeah.

-WILMORE: Mm-hmm. -If a womanhas a strong sexual desire

-and likes to have sex,that's okay. -PARRA: Right.

-Why does she haveto be a whore? -WILMORE: Mm-hmm.

-(applause and cheering)-Because Freud said so.

-Yeah, yeah, I agree. -Why dowe need to call her a whore?

-You know... -Holly, if a womanwants to show her titties

on The Nightly Show, why does she have to be a whore?

-WALKER: Exactly.-PARRA: Why is why

-three is for one.-Exactly. That's exactly right.

PEACHES:Wait. You know,

Justin Bieber also tweeteda naked photo of himself.

-WILMORE: Really? -PARRA: Yeah.-And this didn't happened.

You know? But also...

WALKER: Because nobody wantsto see Justin Bieber naked.

-(laughter) -They do.-WALKER: Nobody.

But, uh, also,what's with nipples?

-Why are male nipples allowedto be seen? -PARRA: Yeah.

And why are women's nipples,such a, you know, coveted...?

-Yeah.-I love...

-Yeah, I know.It's a good point. -Me, too.

And I love that you have nippleson your T-shirt, and I love...

-Why are you saying this?-And I love

that one of them is biggerthan the other one,

-because that's how it is!-That's always literally...

-WALKER: That's how it is.-That's how it is.

PARRA: I mean, and we don't talkabout it. -WILMORE: How it is.

WALKER: That's how it is, andyou will find out, Helen Mirren.

As soon as you go naked,you'll find out

that one of these is biggerthan the other one.

WILMORE:All right, nuff said.

-We'll be right back.-(cheers and applause)

Like, one is actually biggerthan the other one?

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