Exclusive - Pusha T's Disaster Dilemma - Keep It 100

December 17, 2015 - Martin Shkreli's Arrest & 2015 Roundup 12/17/2015 Views: 2,821

Larry forces Pusha T to determine the fates of fellow hip-hop artists Pharrell Williams and Kanye West. (2:02)

All right,I'm here with Pusha T,

and it's time for the gamewe like to call Keep It 100.

For all you peoplewho don't know,

you know that meanskeep it 100% real,

or as I like to say,"Keep it a hunnit."

(audience laughing)

Pusha T, you gottakeep it a hunnit.

-PUSHA T: Yes, sir.-If-if you do,

you know how it goes--you get the sticker.

If not, I gotta throwsome weak tea at you.

-Pretty simple.-I want the sticker.

-You want the sticker? Then youknow what you gotta do. -Yeah.

-Okay. -You know whatyou gotta do. Okay.

You worked a lot with,uh, two great producers,

-Pharrell and Kanye, right?-Yes.

Okay. So you're outto sea on a boat...

(audience laughing)

...and you seePharrell and Kanye

have both been thrown overboard.

Oh, goodness me.


You can o... you have topull up one of them first.

You can't pull both of them up.

But if you pull up one,the other may be...

you know what I'm saying.

-Kaputz. -Who are you...who are you pulling up first?

You might be ableto get 'em both,

but there's a huge chancethat other one's gonna be...

that other one's gonna be gone.

-And take your time.-(laughter)

-"I ain't saying she's agold digger." -You know...

(laughs) Um...

And the hat will nothelp you pull him up, either,

-if you save Pharrell.-Right.

Just saying--the hat won't help.

But the hatmay save Pharrell, so...

The hat is... but the Yeezyscan also be a flotation device.


But they're not. The hatis making him sink faster,

as are Kanye's Yeezys.



He has the wrong pairof Yeezys on today.

-All right. Who are youpulling up? -You know...

-being the presidentof GOOD Music... -Mm-hmm.

and Kanye signs my check...


-I'm gonna have topull up Kanye. -Yeah.

That makes sense.

That sounds like you'rekeeping it 100, right?

I'm keeping it 100.

He needs the money.Pusha T, everybody.

Kept it 100.What am I supposed to do?

(cheering and applause)