Panel - Milwaukee Riots & "POC Only" Roommate Controversy

August 16, 2016 - Quinta Brunson 08/16/2016 Views: 1,075

Quinta Brunson, Franchesca Ramsey and Holly Walker discuss anti-police riots in Milwaukee, WI, and react to requests for non-white roommates by college students in California. (6:42)

Okay, welcome back.I'm here with my panel.

First up, Nightly Show contributor Franchesca Ramsey.

(cheers and applause)

And Nightly Show contributorHolly Walker.

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And actress, comedian,and producer for BuzzFeed,

Quinta Brunson.

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Okay, tonight I want to tryto talk about two stories

dealing with race on the panel.

First one, riots, uh, broke outthis past week in Milwaukee

following the police shootingof a 23-year-old, excuse me,

black man, uh, Sylville Smith.

Um, he was shot bya black police officer.

And the cops have saidthat the guy was armed

and wouldn't put downhis loaded gun.

So why do you thinkthis particular incident

incited a riot?

RAMSEY:I think that people...

-The circumstances arekind of sketchy, -Yeah.

and we're really unsureof what to believe.

But, unfortunately, we've hadso many of these incidences,

that I think peopleare just apprehensive.

It's like if your boyfriendcheats on you a bunch of times,

and then one time when he didn'tcheat on you,

-you're like,"Hmm, I don't know." -Mm-hmm.

And if I really, like,"Did you really work late?

-"Or...-WALKER: Yeah. Yep.

-I don't know."-WILMORE: Yeah.

And so, like, maybe, maybe itwas a justified shooting,

but, like, I don't know.Y'all lie a lot.

-Yeah, pretty much.-All right.


So it's all about trustis what you're saying.

-Yeah.-Yeah, absolutely.

And it's-it's Milwaukee.

Like, have you ever beento Milwaukee?

-WILMORE: Oh.-(laughter)

It's-it's just, Milwaukee'shorrible is what you're saying?

-I mean.-Yeah. It's rough.

It's rough.It's rough.

-It's rough,it's a little rough. -I think...

I think the problem now is thatjustice is like the last resort.

And that should not be the case.

That should be expected.

Justice should be expected,

but no one expects it now.

Not just black peopleand not just, like...

It's just not expected.

So now we needto see the camera.

We need to talk to the cousin.

We need to talk to a witness.

Was there a cat on the scene?

Can someone tell uswhat actually happened,

so we can get somereal information?

-I don't trust cats.-No.

-I don't. I'm sorry.-Dog people. -And I...

And I do believethat it will make a difference

to sane people,

but people who just want to riotbecause they want to riot,

it's not going to makea difference to them,

'cause they... they were goingto take that couch anyway.

WILMORE (laughing):Right.

And they're not going to makea statement afterwards

-and go like, "My bad, my bad."-RAMSEY: Right.

I know. There-there arehonorable protesters

and then there are lootingopportunists, right?

That's exactly right.

-"I hope there's a riottonight!" -Yeah.


"I stretched and everything,-RAMSEY: Right.

-and I'm ready for this one."-WILMORE: I know. It's sad.

I'm always sad when you seethings burn down.

Like the guy at the gas station.

He didn't... what did he do?

-That's his gas station.-Exactly.

And why are looters burning downthings that we need?

-WILMORE: Fuel!-Wh... no, seriously.

Fuel and like the CVSs.

Why aren't they going for the,for the yoga studios?

-You know what I mean?-(laughter)


-Exactly.-(cheering and applause)

"I got your, I gotyour downward dog right here!"


WILMORE:Whoa, why are you doing that?

All right. Let me get one more,one more story real quick.

I know we're almost out of time,so...

This other story, two studentsat a Claremont College

in California, requested to livewith P-O-C only,

in efforts to createa safe space.

Now, for all of you notin the know,

that's people of color, okay?

Some people think it's racist,

and some people thinkyou shouldn't have to live

with white peopleif you don't want to. Um...

(cheers and applause)

-Oh, my God!-(cheering)

I can't believe that reaction!

That's hilarious.

-Hold on, hold on, audience.-There's a lot of white people

-in the audience clappingright now. -I know.

White people are like,"Yes, make that choice."

-Yeah. There you go.-Make that choice.

This is straight... hold up.

-This is straight-up bigotry.-Yeah.

-Yes.-This is straight-up.

-That's not a safe space.-Yeah, this is.

You know, the best time...the best way to get comfortable

with someoneis to have them as...

-The people that... toget to know them, right?

the people that I want to livewith are also P.O.C.--

people of credit.You need to have...

-People of credit, right.-...good credit.

(cheering, applause)

Then you can live with me.Other than that...

-I mean, come on.-And that's legal. That's legal.

I understand thatsome people feel the need,

if they've had negativeexperiences in the past,

especially for marginalizedpeople who have lived in a world

that has always kept themout of certain spaces...

No, but Franchesca, we'retalking about college students.

-We're talking about...-I... I'm not saying...

No, no, no, we're talking...No, no, no, but this is

so (bleep) up. It's P.O.C.--it is-- because...

-I love it when you've beendrinking wine. -Thi...

-I love it. -No, this...Yeah, I'll drink some more.

-Hold on a second.-He's like... (grunts)

-(cheering, applause)-No... -'Cause you're like...

No. Number one, number one,it's the last week.

You know I don't give a (bleep),and I never do anyway.

-Yes. Yes, yes, yes.-Yes.

I promised the audienceI'd keep it 100.

White people are the only peopleexcluded in this.

That's straight-up (bleep) up.

Yes, it is. It is bigotry.That's exactly what it is.

I don't think that's the answer.And I think it's prejudice

borne out of fear. And thenshe posted it on Facebook,

-I believe.-RAMSEY: Yeah. -WILMORE: Yeah.

-Hmm. -RAMSEY: And that was kindof... that's where she...

that's where she screwed up.Like, putting it out there.

That's one of those things thatyou say to yourself, like,

"We ain't consideringthis white girl."

-But putting it on your Face...-No!

I'm just sayingif... I... Listen,

-it's your home... -But no,Franchesca, that's still wrong.

-I'm saying that if you want todecide... -No, that's-that's

what's happened to usthe whole time was this:

-BRUNSON: Right. -"We ain'thaving those niggers in here."

-That's exactly what happenedto us. -I-I think that

-there's a difference in the...-No! Not in this case.

Well, then-then don't livewith... I'm just saying, like,

if I want to make a spacefor myself, I'm... I don't think

it was smart for herto put it on her Facebook page.

-No! No. -But I think thatin the same way... -No.

in the same way a woman says sheonly wants a female roommate,

-I still think... -Gender'sdifferent. Gender's different.

I think think that that fairfor a woman to say she wants

-(applause) -a female roommate.Yes, clap louder!

No, no. Don't do that.Don't do that.

-Yeah, yeah, do it. -No, don'tdo that. Gender's different.

-Gender's different.-Can I point something out?

How am I supposed to...I don't know,

what-what's a fun ra...Lebanese, right?

-A Lebanese person comes...-What's a fun ethnicity?

-Yeah, like, Lebanese is...-That's very fun.

-It's one of those ones...-They are very fun.

Fun in the way that sometimesI see a Lebanese person

and I'm like, "What are you,who are you? What's..."

I don't-I don'treally know off the bat.

So how am I supposedto make the blanket statement

that, like, uh,that I only want P.O.C.?

What if a person comesto my door who looks white...

-And they're more white-passing.-They look white.

And I'm like, you know, yeah,come on in or don't come on in.

I just think... That's whyI think race is a little bit

more fluid. Like, I thinkit's just kind of weird

to just... It's not weird.It makes sense,

-but why is it posted onFacebook? -No, all I can say...

Anybody who says this,clearly, inside their head

is not a safe space.That's all I can say, okay?

We'll be right back.

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

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