Panel - The Black Vote & Barack Obama's Legacy

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Reverend Al Sharpton, Mike Yard and Robin Thede weigh in on whether Bernie Sanders has a chance of wresting the black vote from Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries. (6:46)

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First up, Nightly Show contributor Mike Yard.

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And Nightly Show contributor Robin Thede.

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And he's a civil rightsand social justice activist,

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Reverend, I'm glad you're here,because I really wanted

to talk about the black vote.

There's so many issues withthe black vote, uh, and, for me,

it seems like Hillary hassomewhat of an advantage now.

I mean, she's got Obamaas her black friend.

Pretty powerful. Right?

She's marriedto the first black president.


-Obama was the firstblack president. -Right. Yeah.

I agree with that.It's in dispute, I guess, right?

-She visited, uh...-(laughter)

And now, now she visits the setof Scandal, right?

-YARD: Yeah.-THEDE: Yes!

That was a full-blownblack attack.

Let's be honest about that.

Um, does Bernie, um,have a realistic chance

of getting the black vote?What's your take on that?

I mean, I think thatif he addresses the issues...


...and can convince people

that they can trust that he willenact them, he does.

-Do you guys... do you thinkBernie has a shot? -THEDE: Yeah.

I think Bernie has a shot ofgetting the black vote, and once

he gets that one,Hillary will get the rest.

-(laughter)-YARD: I mean, no...

But it seems likehe's creating a lot of passion

among a lot of voters,not, you know...

And some of the passionyou can see is, like,

in the black intellectual class.

People like Michelle Alexandercame out...

-Right. -...with thatkind of a scathing...

-Yeah. -Right.-...takedown of Hillary.

Ta-Nehisi Coates,uh, supporting him.

Uh, so a lot of people,and a lot of young people,

who are relatingto issues on education,

-and issues on social justice.-YARD: Right.

Well, and they're raising issues

-that we had problemsin the '90s. -WILMORE: Mm-hmm.

Uh, Hillary has saida lot of them were mistakes,

-even president Obama...-WILMORE: Mm-hmm.

...uh, in termsof mass incarceration...

-WILMORE: Right.-...and other issues.

WILMORE:If we had to boil it down

to one issue, what would be themost important issue out there?

Would it be Obama's legacy?

Is it jobs? Or is itsomething like criminal justice?

For me, you wantto help black people? Jobs.

Good-paying jobs, okay?

A lot of our problems disappearif we have good-paying jobs.

-You don't got to sell crackif you got a good job. -Mm-hmm.

You don't got to rob nobo...Well, depends on who you rob.

-But what I'm saying...-(laughter)

Jobs, man-- that's the mostimportant thing in my mind.

My-my sister's been out of workfor, you know, over two years.

My son's mother's been outof work for, like, four years.

-We need jobs! -THEDE: Why'd youput them on blast, though?

I'm just saying, get them a job.

-WILMORE: Yeah.-(laughter)

Well, and I think it's more...I think jobs is part of it,

but I think we havea variety of issues--

it's not just one thing.

I think we needto see a candidate

who's gonna come out and say,

"I'm not just targetingblack people

"with these three issues,I'm thinking about black people

-in every decision I make."-And I think that's...

see, I think that's the problem,

-is that we get pinpointedin one area. -Right. -Exactly.

-So they come talk to usabout one aspect, -Yes.

rather than-- we want whateverybody gets across the board.

And I think thatby just talking to us like, oh,

-you have these set problems,like we're different, -Right.

is really in many wayscondescending.

-Reverend, do you think...-THEDE: That's right.

-(applause, whooping)-do you think, um... Go.

Do you thinkthe black community--

and I'm talking about the blackcommunity in a general sense,

the voting black community--do you think they give away

a lot of their leverageby voting so heavily Democratic?

I think thatthe leverage is compromised

because you have to voteyour interests,

and it's not like anyonehas come and tried

to, uh, competeby talking our interests.

I hear a lot of peopletalk that,

"Why don't you all playboth parties?"

Well, why don't both partiescome play to us?

You remind me, Larry,when I was in school

and my friend said, "Who arewe going to the prom with?"

There wasn't but one girlthat would go with us.


-The choices are limited. Right.-THEDE: Yeah.

You're only as goodas your options, right?

Yeah. Some of this feelslike a referendum on Obama,

some of the energy out there.

It always is gonna be thatfrom the other side.

You know, how do... how doesthe black community feel

about how Obama's done?

-Happy? -Well, Mike and Idisagree about that.

-YARD: I... Listen, I...-And I've asked this before,

and I want to get your take on--go ahead, Mike.

I am very happy thatwe had a black president,

I voted for him twice, but wegot blazed in his presidency.

We really did. If you look atthe numbers, it's ugly for us.

You know?You got higher unemployment,

double that of whites,you got 38% of black kids

living under poverty,you know? You got...

We can't even get business loansfrom the Obama Administration.

One percentof the money allotted was given

-to black businesses. -Whatfigures have you looked at,

-Mike...-The labor statistics.

-When Bush was president,-Mm-hmm.

blacks were 16% unemployed;we're now eight percent.

-The average was ten percentunder Bush. -Wait a minute,

-It's 14% under Obama.-whoa, whoa, whoa. No.

But we are now at eight percent.

-Uh-huh. -Still double white,half of what it was.

-More black people...-But why are we okay with that,

-though, Reverend Al?-But why are you...

Wait a minute.Why are you distorting facts?

You said you lookedat the figures.

-I'm not distorting anything.These are the numbers. -50%...

-Uh-huh. -50% cut inblack unemployment under Obama.

We've gotten... 19 millionpeople got health care,

a disproportionate amount black.

We've got a presidentthat appointed

not one, but twoblack attorney generals

that started dealing withmass incarceration and all.

I think that Obamadid a great job.

-(applause, cheering)-I'm talking about economically.

Economo... Yeah, he...More kids graduated high school

under Barack Obama, yeah,we got better health care.

But, I mean, economicallywe're still getting played.

What I'm tired of iseverybody down on the brother.

If he came outof the White House tomorrow

and walked on the Potomac River,some people would say,

"Told you the brothercouldn't swim."

-(laughter)-Yeah, that's cute.

Nobody's saying he has answeredall the problems.

And I'm not blaming him solely.

-But that's what I'm saying.-But he's the leader, and

-he promised hope and change.-And what he's had to fight.

I mean,think of what he's had to fight.

I mean, here's a man whothey'll yell, "You're lying"

in the middle of hisState of the Union Address,

-THEDE: Right.-ask his birth certificate.

For him to be able to getthe Affordable Care Act

and deal with jobsand all of that,

against the headwind he went,I give him a lot of credit.

Listen, I give hima standing ovation

-(applause, cheering)-for affordable health care.

I give him a standing ovationfor that.

But economically,I'm sorry, I'm disappointed.

I just find it ironic,the guy who demanded

to see his birth certificatemay be our next president.

-(groans) -I keep telling youthat's not happening.

I think that, uh, one,I hope everybody votes

and we get a president thatwill continue what's going on.

But I'm gonnatell you something,

if you wonderhow Bernie or Hillary

will get the black voteand every other vote,

let Trump be the nominee.

-We'll all vote for them.-All right! -Damn right!

We'll see what's gonna happen.We'll be right back.


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