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Romany Malco, Holly Walker and Robin Thede weigh in on a proposed boycott of the Academy Awards for its failure to nominate a single non-white actor in 2016. (6:23)

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First up, Nightly Show contributor Holly Walker.

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And Nightly Show contributorRobin Thede.

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Okay, so tonight I'm gonnato talk about them Oscars.

THEDE: Mm-hmm.

-Uh, what? That's, like, what?-That's a good hashtag--

-"them Oscars."-Yeah, them Oscars.

Especially, okay,since you guys have heard

the, uh, #OscarsSoWhitehashtag's gone viral.

There are no people of colorfor the major nominations.

Okay, I'm gonna show youtwo competing views on this.

First, Jada Pinkett Smith.This is what she said.

Is it time that people of color

recognize how much power,

influence that we have amassed?

Maybe it is time that we pullback our resources.

I will notbe at the Academy Awards

and I won't be watching.

Okay, and now here'sWhoopi Goldberg.

Chris Rock is the host

-of the Academy Awards.-WOMAN: Right, right.

And so to boycott him

seems just as bad

as what everybody's saying.

You want to boycott something,don't go see the movies that

-don't have your representationin it. -I-I agree.

Hmm. Two differentpoints of view.

All right, first of all, is toomuch being made of all this?

Yes or no?

Yeah, I mean, look,

I don't think a boycott'sgonna change anything.

You know what I mean?It's like, they didn't

see us to nominate us.If we're not there,

they're actuallynot gonna see us.

Like, you know,I mean, I don't...

I-I just think it's a little...

It's not likethe bus boycott, right?

No, exactly, exactly.

You know... You know, I don'tknow-I don't know who...

I don't know who it matter...You know, look,

I d-I d... I've neverwatched the Oscars.

-Never? -Never.-THEDE: Really?

-I've never, ever watchedthe Oscars, 'cause... -Wow.

You're an actor and you'venever watched the Oscars.

It's not my club.It's just not my club.

I've-I've... I don't... And I-Ididn't start thinking about it

till recently. Maybe I've neverwatched it because there was

never nothingthat really ap... ref...

Now, not to diminishwhat, you know,

Mo'Nique and-andWhoopi Goldberg, you know,

have accomplished,you know, through the Oscars,

but for myself, it just...I've never...

You know, it's just neverbeen my thing.

And maybe because it doesn'treally reflect anything like me.

I don't look at, like,some-some all-white golf club

and be like,"Man, I'm gonna get in there."

Why would I... I might not makeit out of that (bleep).

Sorry, excuse my language.

-No, no, but...-No, no, please, it's all good.

But if you played golfyou might think of that.

No, I do play golf. But I don'twant to play golf that...

My dad always said this--he'd be like,

"You know, people thinkthat moving into a neighborhood

where your children might getlynched is an accomplishment."

I don't reallyget that sensibility.

But be honest, some peopleare only into this

because it's become a topic.

They didn't give a (bleep) aboutthe Oscars, either.

-Yeah. -You know what I'msaying? -Right, I... Yeah...

-It's a bandwagon thing. Justbe real. -I think... I think...

I think a lot of peoplewant to be the best.

It's why Tiger Woodsis there, it's why

Serena Williams is there.It's why we win these Oscars.

-It's like...-In that lynching golf club?

-In the l... in thelynching golf club. -Exactly.

I think you can't say in onebreath how proud we are

when Halle and Mo'Nique andDenzel and all those people win

but then when we're not in theresay that we don't care.

You know, I feel likewe're always gonna care,

it's just the system is-is...

Why do you thinkit happens, Robin?

-Do you think it's the... -Well,I think... Look, the voter base

is 94% white and 103% old.


-That's howthat math works. -Yes.

And so when they're watching...They get the screeners,

they get the... you know,they get to see these movies.

When they see a moviecome through that says

Straight Outta Compton, they're, like, "Next".

Like, they just... they feellike they can't relate to that.

-This is going straight backto Compton. -Yeah. No, they...

-Yeah, it's... Yeah. -WALKER:It's all about the voters.

-It's all... Yeah.-Yeah.

WALKER:Absolutely, it's...

Yeah, the first black friendthey found,

-they gave that to like-likethat. -But wait a minute.

-Yo, I might... I needan education. -It might...

it might-it mightgo in cycles, though, too.

I think, like... I mean,people could be exhausted

with black people right now.Black lives matter.

Bl... We're tired,black people, we're just tired.

-THEDE: That's true. That'strue. And... -We can't vote for

black people right now. We'redoing too much black stuff.

And Three 6 Mafia got an Oscarfor Hustle & Flow,

-so they still matter.-We're still paying for that.

-We're still paying for that.-Yeah. Yeah.

'Cause it seems to methat a lot of...

let's just say white actorsget some more complex roles

-more of the time.-THEDE: Yeah.

The same thing with mentend to get more complex roles

than it seems women get,

-you know, in the acting field,you know. -Right.

Like, I don't knowif people would be concerned

if Kevin Hart was left on Mars.I'm just saying. You know.

-Oh.-What are you saying?

I would watch it.That would be hilarious.

Dude, I'm gonnaget my ass kicked if I don't

say something backabout that. Like, if I...

-Yeah. -If I don't come upwith a wisecrack, you know...

He would be great. I'd...Listen, I want an Oscar,

why not? I can't get an Oscarfor doing what I do,

but everybody wants one.Like, it's cool.

I would absolutely goand I would absolutely get it.

-Yes, everybody wants one.-And I would absolutely go.

I don't see whywe're boycotting it now.

It's been the same wayfor years.

It's always that way.It's always kind of white...

That's what cracks me up--when people-when people...

when people act surprisedby-by racism. (gasps)

-WALKER: Yeah.-WILMORE: What?! -What?!

They don't let (bleep) in here?Why the...

I'm like, you know, th-thatleaves me baffled, and so...

WILMORE: What if nominationsstarted announcing that way?

Uh, we're gonnaannounce the Oscars.

Uh, spoiler alert:no (bleep).

Here's my big...2009 was the funniest Oscars

because Robert Downey Jr.gets nominated

for playing a white guy

-who's pretendingto be a black guy. -THEDE: Yup.

And it's like, that is...Look, being a black man,

that's got to be the biggestacting job ever.

-Yeah. -You know?I mean, that's amazing to me.

He gets nominated for an Oscarfor that in a comedy.


-It's the biggest stretch.-But it's not the first time,

-though. I mean, you know...-No.

Uh... That's-that'swhat white people do.

-They play amazing black people.-WILMORE: Westwood...

That's-that's whatwhite people do-- they play

amazing black people andwin awards for that (bleep).

-You know?-THEDE: It's true. Maybe...

Well, the same's not true--a black person can't play

a white person and win an Oscarfor that, I don't think.

-WILMORE: No? -I don't know,we should try it, guys.

We... I-I would love to do it.

-You want to do that? You wantto start... -Absolutely.

I would be the bestShirley Temple

-that you've ever seen.-Oh, my God!

-I... -You would be very goodat that. -Damn, I was hoping

y'all would go in the range

of, like, Thelma and Louise, but that was good.

-But that was good,that was good. -Nope,

Shirley Temple. A little whitegirl, I would absolutely do it.

Right, right. And then you can'ttake your makeup off

until you win the Oscar,and then, like, "Ha-ha!"

Exactly. And I will-I willtap dance with Kevin Hart.

-It'll be great.-Oh, God,

-how did he get in there?-Sounds good.

We'll be right backright after this.

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