Panel - Did Donald Trump Encourage Violence Against Hillary Clinton?

August 10, 2016 - Deshauna Barber 08/10/2016 Views: 761

Deshauna Barber, Jordan Carlos and Grace Parra examine Donald Trump's suggestion that "Second Amendment people" could circumvent Hillary Clinton's presidential ambitions. (7:27)

Welcome back.I'm here with my panel.

First up, Nightly Show contributor Jordan Carlos.

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And Nightly Show contributorGrace Parra.

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And not only is shethe current Miss USA,

she's the first womanactively serving

in the United StatesArmy Reserve to win the title,

Deshauna Barber.

-CARLOS: Yeah.-(cheering, applause)

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Okay. So yesterdayTrump basically suggested

the assassinationof Hillary Clinton.

Please take a look.

Hillary wants to abolish,essentially abolish...

-the Second Amendment.-(booing)

If she getsto pick her judges...

nothing you can do, folks.

-(indistinct shouts) -Althoughthe Second Amendment people,

maybe there is, I don't know.

They cut off the guy in the roomwho was like, "Oh, (bleep)."


Okay, I'm trying real hardon this, I'm trying real hard.

Is there any possibilitythat he meant something else?

-Any possibility.-If he's saying these things

and then we're justalways giving him, like,

the benefit of the doubt,it's unbelievable.

I mean, it feels likeat this point he's almost, like,

crowd-sourcing violencea little bit, you know?

-Yeah. -He's like, "I don't...hey, if you want to do it,

"whatever, you know,you want to kill her, whatever,

I... (bleep), but..."

You know, reality ishe has a lot of supporters,

and I'm sure there's a couple...out there

that a couples screws are loose,so you never know

if they'regonna take it literally.

-I hope they don't.-Uh-huh.

Because you're basically talkingabout assassinating someone.


He's, I mean, he'sabsolutely opened that door,

-Yeah. -so we can muse about,like, killing leaders,

which is insane, because I wouldnever want Trump to be killed,

but, like, maimed by a Zamboniwould be cool.

-PARRA: Fine.-(laughter)

-Something like that, you know?Like... -Right.

-Yeah.-I mean, just... for the story.

-Yeah. -I know, 'cause we can'teven really make that joke.

I remember I said something likethat at the end of the show,

and I said, "Oh, (bleep), did Ijust say we should kill Trump?

No, no, no!"Like, I felt bad about it,

'cause I didn't wantto get that out, but, uh...

I heard someone on the news say,well, the problem is,

an unstable personcould hear this

and they might do something,but isn't Trump

the unstable onein this equation?

-(cheering, applause)-Well, you know, he...

Here's the thing, he is one of the unstable people,

but the reality isso many people voted for him

in the primary, more thanany other presidential nominee

-in GOP history.-Right.

13.3 million people votedfor him in the primary.

Well, you knowwhat's crazy is that

I understand when people saythe anger,

and a lot of people are angryabout the system,

and a lot of Republicansare just mad at Republicans.

-Mm-hmm. -Mm-hmm.-I think a lot of Trump vote

was protest vote.But at this point...

-You know?-Yeah, stop joking.

When he says all that stuff.Like, when you see Republicans

-jumping off ship...-Yeah, yeah.

you know, and jumpingonto the Titanic,

-Right. -Yes, yes.'Cause at first you think

everyone's playing and thatthis isn't gonna play out.

At the beginning, whenhe first entered as a nominee,

or whatever, I was very, like,he's not gonna make it far.

And now it's getting so serious,and it's like, okay,

everyone needs to just...It's a reality right now.

-It's a reality. -Do youthink he's setting us up?

-Do you think he's gonna quit?-CARLOS: Gonna quit? -No.

-No, he loves to win.He said, he's like, -Mm-hmm.

"I'm winning, I'm winning,I'm winning, I love winning."


-He says that.-But once he thinks he's losing,

is he gonna be like, "I'm takingmy ball and I'm going home"?

I feel like he would give up...he would give up

-the presidency once he got it.Like... -You think so?

Absolutely. He'd be like,"Mike Pence, take care of it.

I'm going to the Caribbean."

-You know? He puts...-I'm going to Mar-a-Lago.

Yeah, I'm going to Mar-a-Lago.And that's-that's...

that's what I think.I think he's a careless person.

I think, you know, and, like,he leaves others

to clean up the mess,you know what I'm saying?

Like, like, all his subordinatesthat are like,

"The dog didn't really (bleep)on the rug.

What had happened was..."You know what I mean?

BARBER: The Katrina Piersonsof the world.

The Katrina Piersonsof the world.

And they have to, like,clean up this mess overnight.

-So he's a job creator.-I know.

He likes the power.He wants the power.

I think he's gonna stayin presidency, personally.

I think he likes the power.He likes everyone listening.

He's already kind of intimatedhe would outsource it, right?

Like when they were tryingto get Kasich to run.

I'll let you doall the presidentin'.

PARRA: Yeah. Yeah. Just wantsto, yeah, just take photos

and eat barbecuewith a knife and a fork.

But some... here's the thing,now y-you're, uh...

have you spent timein North Carolina?

Are you from North Carolina?

-I have.-Okay.

I spent a lot ofmy childhood in North Carolina.

-Okay, okay, so I wanted to askyou this -Ooh.

-because here's whatI don't understand. -(laughs)

I mean, look, a lot of theperceptions of Hillary Clinton

are just hard to decipher, butthis one is the funniest one.

41% of North Carolina Trumpsupporters, of Trump supporters,

think Hillary Clinton is literally the Devil.

-PARRA: Oh, my God. -(laughter)

-Okay, now the key word thereis "literally." -Yeah.

-Yeah, yeah.-What's up with that?

Man, what a bad representationof North Carolina.

-WILMORE: Literally.-Oh, my God.

-Don't feel bad.-Okay, you know...

Not "She acts like the Devil."No, she's Satan.

She's literally Satan.

Yeah, and I spent a lot of time

in North Carolinathroughout my childhood.

My mother still lives there.

I have no idea who they weretalking to in North Carolina.

I really don't know.

And what is their definition ofbeing a devil is my question.

Like, what-what isthat definition?

'Cause I thinkit's pretty extreme.

I-I love the fact thata woman can be the Devil,

but a female president,we're not ready!

-Yeah.-We're not ready for it!

Maybe one in the future,but not this one!



Is there... is there, God,is there a chance that Hillary

can blow this at this pointwith Trump doing all this?

I mean, look at this,there's so much negative stuff

that's been coming out thatpeople are kind of ignoring

(laughing): because he sayshe wants to shoot her.

CARLOS:Yeah, I-I don't think...

That's what's amazing.

Like all of this stuffabout The Clinton Foundation

-and all these things.-BARBER AND CARLOS: Yeah.

Like, it seems likethey're both trying

-to just give it to each other,right? -CARLOS: Yeah.

That-that, I mean,something could come out.

You know what I mean?He won't... I mean,

his-his poll numbersare dipping,

and, I'm-I'm like, every night

I'm like, "Please, God,let them go lower."

-You know, but...-(laughter)

He-he comes backlike the T-1000.

-Do you know what I'm saying?-WILMORE: Right.

Like, from Terminator. It's like...

(imitates"The Terminator Theme")

You're like, "Fudge!"

But, um, I-I really...

-So, we need to find a smeltingplant again. -WILMORE: Yes.

Uh, to... to maim him

-hilaric... hilariously.-WILMORE: Yeah.

Um, I-I just think he-- like, Idon't think he's gonna give up.

I think that something elsein Clinton...

in Clinton world might come out.

Do you think his numbers are

gonna keep going downafter this?

-CARLOS: They might bounce.-PARRA: Yeah.

Or are people gonna forgetagain 'cause...

I don't know, his supportersreally support him,

-clearly, so, but, yeah.-They love him.

They-they don't careabout anything else, right?

I don't think there's anythinghe can say or do wrong.

Yeah, no one's gonna go toa Trump rally and just be like,

uh, you know, go in therea Trump supporter

and then be like,"Well, he said that?

-I'm leaving." Like...-BARBER: Yeah.

At this point,you're-you're balls deep,

-at this point with Trump.-Yes.

-BARBER: 'Cause even the guyyou mentioned... -Balls deep.

-(laughter)-If you're for Trump,

-you are balls deep in him.-I was, I was waiting

for that to be heard.

We are now balls deepwith our candidates, yes, um...

-But-but yeah...-But even the guy

that you mentionedat the beginning where you said

that he looked shockedafter he said his comment.

He went on the news this morningand said, "I'm still voting.

-I'm still voting for Trump."-PARRA: Yeah, exactly.

-So... you know...-Unbelievable.


Like, "Oh, he-he jokedabout shooting Hillary.

He's got my vote."

-(laughter) -PARRA: That's whatthe people...

That's why I think people

-are still stuck with him,by the way. -WILMORE: Uh-huh.

Because he's essentially saying

what they think thatthey want to say.

They're like, "Uh, he'ssaying what's in my brain

-but I'm not ballsy enoughto say it." -WILMORE: Yeah.

They love that.

-People love... people love him.-WILMORE: Yeah.

Yeah, the funniest thing isseeing people like Paul Ryan,

and the people that madethis Faustian deal.

-CARLOS: Oh, my gosh.-PARRA: Oh, God.

It's almost like...I hate to use the gun analogy,

but, like, somebody's holding itto the back of their head.

They're going,

(crying): "Yeah,I'm still voting for him."

It's just sad, man.

-It's really sad.-BARBER: It is.

All right, on that sad note,we'll be right back.


(cheers and applause)

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