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Scott Aukerman, Grace Parra and Bobby Gaylor discuss Hulk Hogan's $140 million legal victory against Gawker after the site published a sex tape featuring the iconic wrestler. (6:25)

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Okay, so, here we go.

So, on Friday-- and you guysmay have heard about this--

a jury in Florida awardedHulk Hogan $115 million

in a lawsuit againstthe gossip news Web site Gawker

for showing a sex tape of him

and the wife of his best friend,Bubba the Love Sponge.

And just today he receivedan additional $25 million

-in damages totaling $140million, okay? -(man whoops)

Now, Hulk... Hulk claims...I know, that is a lot of paper.

Hulk claims he didn't knowhe was being recorded

by his friend...

Bubba the Love Sponge.


Okay, what's the biggest thingwrong with all this, you guys?

I mean, I thinkthe biggest thing wrong

is that we've all seen HulkHogan having sex at this point.

-Yeah. -Were you ableto find the video?

-I found the video,and I watched... -You saw it?

Yeah, I saw the video.It's not good.

It's... not a thing to watch.

But to his... to his, um, favor,

he does pleasure the lady first.

-But you didn't see it.-That's your takeaway from this?

-I read the transcript! Yes!-(laughter)

-But to me... -Wait, whatdoes it say in the transcript?

-Just "Mmm, mmm, mmm"? -Yeah.That's-that's what it says.

Yeah, it's a lotof "Mmm, mmm, mmm."

-And then "legs spread."-A lot of muffled...

-Yeah. -But to me,I wouldn't even want to see it,

because he's like a big,over-the-top cartoon character.

So to me it would be likewatching a six-foot Yosemite Sam

have sex all of a sudden. Like,"That was some rootin'-tootin'

-sex. I hate rabbits."-Yeah.

I think Hulk Hogan should splitthe money he won

with everyone who had to know,

-watch him actually have sex.-We'd all get a little bit.

You know, 'cause we werethe victims here.

I agree with that. 'Causeit's like I can't unsee that

-in my mind right now. You know?Which is horrible. -Yeah. Yeah.

-He's tagging her out, callingher brother. -Tagging her out.

-You know? "Get in here,brother!" -Yep. Yep.

-He loves saying that. "Hey,brother. Hey, brother." -Yeah.

-"Hulkamania!"-Do you think... This is a huge,

a huge settlement.Do you think he's being rewarded

or Gawker's just being punished?

-Oh...-He's-he's not being rewarded.

I-I... Gawker is being punished.

-And Gawker should be punishedfor this. -I agree with that.

-I mean, this-this is aterrible thing they did. -Yeah.

Uh, a-a total invasionof privacy.

I mean, it's basically...they are airing

-a stolen piece of property.-Mm-hmm.

Uh, and so they should bepunished.

-Unfortunately, it has to goto Hulk Hogan, -Right. -Right.

-who is calling peoplethe N-word on this tape! -Yes!

By the way, he-he only askedfor $100 million,

-and they gave him $115 million.-Yeah. -Yeah. They're like,

"You said the N-wordenough times. It's Florida.

-Let's give you an extra $40million." -"Here's extra money!"

-Yeah. -You know...Wait, this was the tape

-he said the N-word on?-Yeah. He's saying it

-in between having sex. Yes.-He got $115 million for saying

-the N-word and having sex withhis friend's wife, -Yes. Yes.

-Bubba the Love Sponge?-Bubba the Love Sponge. Yeah.

Well, because the trialwas in Florida.

-That's wh... that's why...I'm sure. -Yeah. -Right.

-A lot of old people andrednecks down there. -This is

-the state that determinesour president, you guys. -Yes.

-This state. I know. -Yeah.Yeah. -Hello, President Trump.

Also, Bubba the Love Sponge, howis that not somebody who lives

-in a pineapple under the sea?-Right.

There's also the issue of whatconstitutes a public figure now.

All of us put everything upon-on social media, so...

Anything is n-newsworthyunder their standard of,

"Well, we thought thiswas news." Watching Hulk Hogan

have sex is not newsworthy.It's the opposite of newsworthy.

-Unless the headlines are on hisdick. -That was their argument.

-That-that was their argument.-Right. Right.

So is-is gossip news today?I mean,

-that was their argument though,right? -That is their argument.

I think it is. Because I getmy news from Twitter,

and I get my gossip from CNN.It's like... It's just...

I mean, my news feed is as muchabout ISIS as it is about, like,

-Barb Jackman's fourth kidor whatever. -Right.

-It's all in-intermingled now.-Yeah. -I've heard

people even tuneinto Comedy Central for news.

(cheering and applause)

Um, it's so odd though thatthe guy who did the recording,

this is supposedly his friend,and somehow he wanted

his friend to have sexwith his wife

and then secretly records him,

and he settled with himfor, like, $5,000.

Yeah, Bubba the Love Spongegot $5,000 and had to apologize.

-Yeah, publicly. -How is thatthe lesser crime here though?

And when the tape came out,Heather, Bubba's wife,

said she was actually... Yeah,yeah, her name was Heather.

She wasactually really embarrassed

because she's now seenhaving sex with Hulk Hogan,

and she thought he was cheesy.And it's like, "Really?

"You're married to a guynamed Bubba the Love Sponge.

-Right, right. -You thinkHulk Hogan is cheesy?"

-Yeah. -Do you thinkthey're all in this together?

-Is it a conspiracy? -Oh, 100%.They have to be. Oh, yeah.

I mean, I-I thinkthis is the new paradigm

-for how to release a sex tape.-Yeah.

You know, insteadjust going straight to Vivid

and getting, you know,whatever you... you know,

-$1 or $2 million,-Right.

you know, sell itto some irreputable news outlet

and have them put it upand get $140 million.

I think they all knew. I thinkthey all knew. I think, uh,

-H-Hulk knew that he was beingfilmed. -Yeah. His career's been

-in the (bleep). He needs a bolt-You think so? -Yeah.

of lightning. His friend islike, "Hey! I'll have sex

-with your wife" and...-It might be part of the fetish,

by the way. They might enjoythe fact not only of them

being filmed but that it's gonnabe broadcast publicly.

Hulk Hogan had the biggest bonerduring the trial.

-Yeah! Yeah. -Just like,"Everyone's watching me,

-brother!" -Oh, my God.That's horrible. -Yeah.

You know what's amazing is,like, Erin Andrews,

who was secretly filmedin her hotel room,

-was awarded, like, $55 million,and half of that -Oh, my God.

-was from a guy who hadno money. -Right. Right.

Hulk Hogan-- I just don't getthis, guys-- he's making

a-a porno tape with this womanwho was this guy's...

his friend,and he gets $140 million.

Even in privacy invasion,women are getting (bleep).

-Yeah. Yeah.-Right.

-We still are earning lessthan men, -I mean... -Sucks.

-even when it comes to therelease of sex tapes. -I know.

-Well...-It's a totally... Yeah.

-It's a totally different issuethough. -It-It's true.

-It is. It is a different issue.-The reasons for the lawsuit

-are totally different.-It seems related to me, though.

I mean, they're both invasionsof privacy, but, I mean,

Erin Andrewswas settling the hotel

-that gave up her informationto the weirdo -Right. Sure.

-who-who... Yeah. -Sure.-Idiots. And then the thing is,

the guy that shot Erin-Erin,like, he approached TMZ

with that footageand they said no.

And it's like what kindof (bleep)-up world are we in

if TMZ's the moral compassall of a sudden

-for what we're doing?-Right. -Right, right, right.

-Exactly. -I like how you say,"Shot the video,"

-like you're a DP.-Oh, yeah, oh, yeah.

-It was grainy on purpose.-Yeah.

-I think "Florida"sums it all up. -Yeah.

-We'll be right back.-(cheering and applause)

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