Panel - Will Bernie Sanders Voters Switch Allegiance to Hillary Clinton?

April 20, 2016 - Susan Sarandon 04/20/2016 Views: 1,787

Susan Sarandon, Mike Yard and Rory Albanese debate the responsibility of Bernie Sanders's supporters to rally behind Hillary Clinton in the general presidential election. (6:32)

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Nightly Show contributorMike Yard.

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No, you're right.You're right, Rory.

So, the New York primarywas yesterday,

and Trump and Hillarywere the victors.

And my question is,does this look like

finally what we're goingto see in the fall?

Do you thinkit is Hillary at this point?

You're a big Bernie supporter,right?

I cannot say those words.

WILMORE: You cannot say thewords, right. You, um...

-(applause and cheering)-Um... -YARD: Hell, yeah.

WILMORE: Hillary did sayin her speech. She said

there is more that unites usthan divides us.

Did she get specific about that?'Cause I'd be curious.

WILMORE: She did not. She didnot get specific about it.

Uh, but, uh... so do you thinkit's up to her

to woo the Bernie supporters,

or should the Bernie supportersjust jump on the Hillary train?

If she can get 'em, but

she's gonna havea whole lot of wooing.

'Cause, remember,these people were ready

to vote for a socialistbefore you.

-WILMORE: Yeah. Yeah. -You knowwhat I mean? (applause & cheers)

SARANDON: Yeah, but not only...not only that.

-So many of these people weren'tDemocrats. -WILMORE: Mm-hmm.

You had so many independents,so many working families.

YARD:Yeah, I couldn't vote.

So many green, you know?

So they don't wantto vote Democrat.

It was him that brought them in.


So, her platformis so different than his.


To assume that they're justgonna roll over is really naive.

-Mm-hmm. -I mean, I thinkthat you have to say something.

I mean, if you careabout the environment,

then she's gonna have to say,

you know,"I'm against fracking,

-even though I..."-(applause and cheering)


"Even though, you know,I've been selling it all over

"as the Secretary of State,even though..."

You don't think Hillary...?

-"...GMOs I've beenselling all over." -Yes.

-Got to... -WILMORE: But youdon't think Hillary will say

what she will have to say?She's pretty good at that.

-(laughter) -YARD: I mean,she carries hot sauce.

-(laughter)-WILMORE: She's pretty good.

SARANDON:I know, and...

She's willing to do anythingto get a vote.

I don't even carry hot sauce.

She jumped on that $15 minimumwage after she was against that.

-WILMORE: Yeah. -She suddenlywas up there signing it.

So, I understand you're saying

we can't necessarilytrust what she said.

Maybe if we get the transcriptsof those speeches.

-WILMORE: Mm-hmm.-(applause and cheering)

-Both of 'em.-Because I'm...

You know, I'm sure that she'sgetting rid of Citizens United.

That's probably what she wastalking about, right?

-WILMORE: Yeah.-So, get money out of politics.

But don't you feel, though...don't you feel at some point,

if the national electionis Trump versus Hillary,

just on the, like, you know,just for, like,

for humanity,you just vote for...?

Right? You know what I'm saying?

'Cause it's, like, even ifyou're are a Bernie supporter,

I get it, you know, and, like,you know, Hillary could pander.

-WILMORE: Yeah.-You know, she could, like,

use that Wall Street moneyto buy a bunch of chain wallets,

hand them out in Brooklyn.You know what I mean?

-And, like, win people over.-Chain wallets?

-That's old, man. -Well, I knowwhat you guys like, but, uh...

But, no, I'm saying, butI feel like just now unfor...

Right now, yes,it's Democrat versus Democrat,

but once you're inthat national election,

-and it's Trump versusHillary... -WILMORE: Yeah.

...and the option isDonald Trump running America...

-WILMORE:, don't you just feel

like, at that point,like a pair of socks?

You just vote for it.Like, "I don't care what it is."

-WILMORE: Right. -Like, "I justcan't... It can't be that guy."

-Doesn't it feel like that?-YARD: I don't know, man.

-I mean, you know, peoplethat supported Bernie... -Yeah.

...are not peoplethat play the game.

-(whooping, shouting) -ALBANESE:Yeah, but what do you do?

-WILMORE: It is... -They'renot afraid to blow (bleep) up.

-That's all I'm saying.They're not afraid to... -Yeah.

And maybe we needto blow this bitch up.

-(laughter)-Maybe we need to. I'm sorry.

Maybe that's what we need to do.I'm sick of false choices.

I'm sick of false choices.Two people I hate--

I got to pick one.That's ridiculous to me!

-SARANDON: There's a...-(cheering, applause)

SARANDON: I thinkthere's a John F. Kennedy quote

that basically I'm paraphrasing,but says,

those that put downa peaceful revolution

are making sure that there'sa violent revolution.

-WILMORE: Yeah. -So this wasour peaceful revolution.

Well, let me ask you a question.Is this revolution

a referendum on the Obama years?

I believe it's a revolutionagainst the system.

I mean,Obama's part of the system,

but I think the systemis bigger than Obama.

And people are sick of the waythe game's played.

See, I mean,this is a (bleep)...

Aah! It's so (bleep)frustrating.

-But wait, hold on.-(laughter)

But how is... but how is Bernienot part of the system?

He's been a senator for,like, over 30 years.

-That's the system.-SARANDON: Because he's...

because he's not ownedby anybody to begin with.

He doesn't take moneyfrom anybody.

And every single timethat we voted wrong,

whether it was a trade deal...

ALBANESE: Yeah, he voted right.I get it, yeah.

-Yeah, the war... -But he'sstill part of the system.

YARD:Except for the crime bill.

We can't let him slideon that one.

Trump is the guywho's not part of the system.

-Bernie is part of the sys...-Yeah, that's-that's...

that's another partof my frustration

is that this dudeis taken seriously, dude.

-Like, come on.-SARANDON: But maybe, you know,

they don't want a third party,

but the DNChas made it very clear

that they don't letany progressives in, you know?

So maybe it's timeto have a third party.

-(cheering, applause) -Yeah.-YARD: Maybe it's time...

WILMORE: Well, I... I thinkyou hit on something there.

I think America--now, I said this, actually,

almost about ten years ago--we've been ready

for a third partyfor a really long time.

There are so many...In fact, maybe a fourth

-and a fifth party. -YARD:How about we try no party...

-Not even a third party...-how about we try no party,

and just votefor the best people?

-How about we do that?-SARANDON: Yeah.

WILMORE: Because the best peopleare never gonna run.

I don't know, one ofthe best people-- I'm sorry,

I'm giving away my...One of the best people ran

-and is losing right now, so...-But, you know,

the Democratic Partyis not a progressive party.

The last time the DemocraticParty was a progressive party

was when LBJ was president.

-Since then...-SARANDON: Try FDR.

Well, no, LBJ wasa progressive president, right.

I think he waskind of pushed into it.

I mean, he voted a lotof fabulous legislation, yeah.

-If you sign it, then youdid it, you know. -That's true.

You got to give him creditfor it, right.

If you don't sign it,then I think it's different.

But we didn't havethe Koch brothers.

-Yeah.-We didn't have all these people

just messingwith the whole system.

-Right.-You know, it's impossible now,

and you're asking the congressthat's benefitting from all

of this to vote against it,and that's never gonna happen

unless you get a Bernie Sandersin-- there's never gonna be...

-(whooping, applause)-WILMORE: Well, we'll see.

ALBANESE: I don't know.I mean, I feel...

I feel like the problem is evenif a guy like Bernie gets in,

'cause I feel likeeverybody said this about Obama.

What happens is,the minute a Democrat gets in,

the Republicansjust spend all of their time

making sure that personcan't do anything.

SARANDON: You have to votein the midterm elections.

Nobody votesin the midterm elections.

-Nobody wants to do that.-Yeah.

YARD: That's the problemWe just want to complain...

And nobody wants to votein the midterms.

You got to votein your local elections,

vote in your midterm elections--

-Eat your vegetables.-that's how you make change.

-(cheering, applause) -Yes.That's how you make change.

But, now, I'm saying,you got to start reading,

-you know what I mean?-Exactly.

You got to, like, load stuff.Come on.

WILMORE:This is America--

we just want it all to work!

-(laughter)-All right, we'll be right back.

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