Keep It 100 - Larry's New Voice

February 10, 2016 - New Hampshire Primaries & Marley Dias 02/10/2016 Views: 949

Larry makes a noble sacrifice in order to silence a 2016 presidential candidate. (1:13)

All right, thanksto my panelists Jordan Carlos,

Grace Parra and T.J. Miller.

And special thanksto Marley Dias for being here.

-(cheers and applause)-Marley!

We're almost out of time,but before we go,

now, I'm gonna Keep It 100,so tonight...

I'm gonna Keep It 100for you guys.

It's from @cirkoolio?Is that what it is?

They ask, "You can silenceone candidate for good,

but their voicebecomes your voice."

-The sp... -(Bleep). Oh, my God."Who do you choose?"

Oh, my God. That's a...

Okay, I have to silence him.

God, I can't talk like Trumpforever.

-That would be horrible. Um...-Say it! -Say it!

I know, but who do I wantto sound like? Uh... um...

-Rubio?-Uh, you know...

Oh, you're taking too much time!

You know, no, I don't get...All right, Cruz.

I'll silence him.

(imitating Cruz):And then I'll talk like this

for the rest of my life.

-Thanks for watching.-All right, okay.

Don't forget to ask me your KeepIt 100 questions on Twitter.

Good Nightly, everyone.

I got some Ted Cruz.I kept it 100!

Challenge me!

(cheers and applause)