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Wendy Williams, Rory Albanese and Grace Parra discuss Mattel's decision to provide a variety of realistic body types for its iconic Barbie doll. (6:49)

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First up, Nightly Show contributor Rory Albanese.

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And Nightly Show contributor Grace Parra.

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Okay, I'm very excitedabout this topic,

'cause there wassome controversy recently.

It was announced--you guys heard about this--

that Barbie would now comein different body shapes.

-WILLIAMS: Mm-hmm.-Uh, uh, they said...

People and studies have said

Barbie represents unrealisticbody mages for girls,

so in an effortto reflect real women,

Barbie would nowalso be available

in curvy, tall,and petite sizes,

I guess is what they're saying.

-WOMAN: Yeah!-PARRA: Yeah.

WILMORE:All right. Is this necessary?

That's my question.



-It is.-WILMORE: Mm-hmm.

The thing about the tall one is

that I hopeshe's not tall and thin.

I hope she's tall and meaty...

-WILMORE: Yeah.-PARRA: Right, right.

...'cause that representsa lot of us. -WILMORE: Yeah.

I think they shouldcall her Meaty Barbie.

-Larry... -That's whatthey should call her.

That's how you sell those dollsoff those shelves, Meaty Barbie.

Meaty Barbie,I think, would sell.

Yeah, I mean, it feels's-it's a weird thing,

because you think about it,like, why stop there?

You know what I mean?Like, there's other...

like, Barbie's missing so manyother realistic components,

-like nipples. Full nipples.-Pregnant Barbie.

-You know...-Inverted Nipple Barbie.

Inverted Nipple...Just, like, it's like, she...

-There's so many... -WILMORE:Inverted Nipple Barbie?

There's so many other thingsabout her that are wrong.

-You know what I mean?-Or lacking, like underarm hair.

-Yeah, yeah.-I was the first kid in my class

-to get underarm hair. -Orunder... Or underarm wobble.


-It's like, Barbie, hello?-But you're right...

You're right that, like,at some point, when do you...

-when you stop with the real?-Yeah, I mean, it feels like

it's a good thing but there'sa part of me that feels like,

isn't the whole fun of beinga kid that you can live

in a fantasy world,that everything's great?

And then, like, when you hit 18,

you get hit with a sledgehammerof reality, you know?

Why-why... why hit kidswith that... 'Cause then part...

Then you start to go, well,you know, if you want it to be

realistic, get herthe out of the Dreamhouse.

You know what I mean?Like, she should probably...

she should probably havea smaller, like, a split-level

-Like, Barbie's Trailer? -Yes! Levittown, you know.

-She's not gonna beliving in Malibu. -Yes!

And Ken's really around anymore,you know what I mean?

-Right! -He's, like, you know...She's building IKEA furniture.

You know what I mean.It's like... Why stop...

why stop with the...why stop here, you know?

Is-is this an adult concernor a child concern?

Like, does this feel like

-it's more adults thinkingthat this is and issue? -Yes.

-Or do kids really careabout it? -I think that adults--

and I'm a parent,so I can say this--

a lot of us,because we're working so hard,

we don't have a whole lotof time, some of us,

to devote to our children,and so we rely

on Justin Bieber,

Selena Gomez...

-Oh, my God.-...Barbie,

you know, and McDonald'sto raise our kids.

-That's a... -ALBANESE:That... I'm not gonna say...

-That explains a lot.-PARRA: It does explain a lot.

That is a... that is a listof horribles right there.

-But a lot of...-Selena's not horrible.

-A lot parents are up to stuff.-Yeah.

-And they don't have the time.-Uh-huh. -Yeah.

Do you think dollshave to look like you?

Did you ever feel that as a kid?

-Did you play with dollswhen you were growing up? -No.

Did... Oh, neverplayed with dolls at all?

-PARRA: Amazing, amazing.-Really? -I-I...

-Uh, Larry, sore subject,I mean... -I know, I know.

No, no, just 'cause...No, no, not sore, but I just

never played with dolls

and I never hung picturesof, like, Keith Partridge

or-or, you know,The Silvers-- remember them...

-Oh, absolutely, big Afros,yeah. -...on my wall.

I-I actually did play withBarbies, but because I am

a wee Mexican who wasspawned from the loins

of two other wee Mexicans,I never saw Barbie

as being attainable.She was always, you know,

like a mythical beastlike a unicorn or...

-A beast. A beast.-Or... Yeah.

Just completely,completely unrealistic.

Yeah, you know what-whatwas interesting, I saw

some little girls-- they weregiving them the other Barbies.

Like, I don't know why they allhave to be Barbies.

-Can't they just have differentnames? -Right.

Because one girl said,"This isn't Barbie!"

and started crying, 'cause,well, yeah, you're right,

-they changed Barbie.-Yeah.

-It's like they're trying totrick the little girls. -Right.

-We get attached to name brands.-But why couldn't they just

have different names?Why do... why do they

-have to all be Barbie?-Meaning, like, Curvy Barbie

shouldn't be Barbie,she should be, like, Rhonda

or something like that,you know what I mean?

-Right, right. -Exactly.-Right, and then it's like...

-That's my point. -Yeah.-Yeah, and then you're like,

"You know, Rhonda... She...Rhonda's got her own problems."

-You know what I mean?Let's not... -WILMORE: Exactly.

She's got...Rhonda has her own issues

-that are different from Barbie.-Barbie's doing fine.

-Barbie's got the Dreamhouseand she's got Ken. -Exactly.

-That's all I'm saying.-But Rhonda's got someone named,

like, you know, Cur...or, like, Carl or something,

-you know what I mean?-PARRA: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

He, like, you know, he fi--he fixes the Jeep for Ken.

-You know? He's like, youknow... -When Ken's not around

-to take care of things. -I feellike that's a more fun...

-I-I agree, I... That's a morefun world. -Personally, Larry,

I think you could actuallycall the petite Barbie

Grace Parra, 'cause I don't knowif you guys saw this...

-Oh, yeah! -This is amazing,this is amazing. -This is...

So, a few friends have sent mepictures of...

WILMORE: Look at this,look at this! That's hilarious.


Mattel, I'm stillwaiting on my ten percent.

WILMORE: That is hilarious.Okay, actually,

do you-do you thinkthis is an issue with boys?

'Cause I think it was The Guardian or somebody

-drew up, like, some toys forboys. -ALBANESE: I love this.

Let's take a look at what theylook... We didn't do this.

Th-They did this.

ALBANESE:And-and wait, just to be...

WILMORE:Like, I like the dad bod toy.

-WILLIAMS: The one on the wayright? -Yeah.

ALBANESE: That literally lookslike our entire writing staff.

WILLIAMS: Who is the one inthe pink tank top? Who is that?

WILMORE: I have no idea.I have no idea.

-I think he's Douche Ken.-Caitlyn. -PARRA: Yes, yes.

-Does he have breasts?-I have no idea.

Boys don't care about theirbody image. Like, like...

-Yeah, boys don't care...-Well, hold on a minute.

-Don't speak on boys' behalf.-Okay. Okay, boy.

We... I... We don't care.But I just... I feel like...

I just want to be clear thatI feel like I had to say that.

-I had to say that.-Yeah, I agree.

Boys might care aboutpenis size, though.

-So if there werelittle dolls... -On a doll?

Well, I don't know!

-Yeah, I mean... -No, a boy'llmake the whole doll a penis.

-I mean, we don't...-That's true, that's true.

I also feel like Kenis not, like...

I don't think there's anythingabout Ken that anybody likes.

-I don't think anyone likes Ken.-No. -No, nobody likes Ken.

'Cause he seems like hisparents, like, hooked him up.

You know? Like, he's,like, he doesn't seem...

It doesn't seemlike he worked for it.

You know what I mean?It feels like...

Like, who waxes their chest?Come on, Ken.

-Right. Right, right, right.-You know what I mean?

Who's, like, who's gotthat kind of time?

Ken has perfect hair,perfect teeth.

-Perfect girlfriend.-He waxes. -I don't like him.

-I don't like him, either. Yeah.-ALBANESE: I like that guy.

PARRA: You likeDad Bod McGoo over there.

Yeah, I like the guy...the dad bod guy who looks like

-he makes pickles inWilliamsburg. -Exactly.

I like that guy.

Wendy, would youhave Ken on your show?

-Um... yes.-Mm, that's a great choice.

-WILMORE: Oh.-But just to ask the questions.

Not to be downwith the Ken side.

-Mm-hmm.-I'm not... You know,

-I-I can'tdeal with the Ken doll. -Yeah.

I mean, how did heget along for so long

without... with no genitals?I don't understand that.

-I don't know.-I don't know.

-I just don't get it.-It's a really...

WILMORE: You talk aboutwhite privilege...

-PARRA: You don't even need apenis to get everything in life.

-You don't even need...-That's how easy it is...

That's how easy it isto be a white guy.

You don't even need balls.Just...

That's what the message isto our children, yeah.

Oh, God. We'll be right backright after this.

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