Ruth Marcus - Covering President Trump Fairly

September 27, 2017 - Ruth Marcus 09/27/2017 Views: 408

Washington Post Deputy Editorial Page Editor Ruth Marcus discusses how difficult it is to find op-ed columnists with positive stories to write about President Trump. (4:28)

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Opposing me tonight is authorand journalist Ruth Marcus.

Here's what you need to know.

She's an op-ed writer anda deputy editorial page editor

for The Washington Post, which is owned by Amazon.

Raises the questionwhy isn't she using Alexa

to find Hillary's e-mails?

She graduatedfrom Harvard Law School,

so we'll see if she can hear usfrom her ivory tower.

And she has two first names.

What's her last name?And where is she hiding it?

Please welcome Ruth Marcus.

-(cheering, applause)-Ruth.

-Thanks for having me.-Thank you.

Ruth... Ruth,so The Washington Post

has been unfairlyattacking Donald Trump,

or, as you guys call it,"covering Donald Trump,"

day in and day out.

Don't you get tiredof smearing his name?

Not really. No.

I spend a lot of time,I want to tell you,

not workingon smearing Donald Trump,

but on--this is gonna amaze you--

finding op-ed writers

who want to say nice thingsabout Donald Trump.

Oh, that does amaze me,'cause I don't believe it.

Well, what I can say?

-Wait, you're looking...-I found one.

You're looking for op-ed writersto say nice things?


Why is that? Becauseyou're all about diversity

-at The Washington Post?-We're all... Indeed.

We're all about diversityat The Washington Post.

But I like the tonethat you say that in.

-You didn't do that.-Oh, yeah.

My-my words can do this.

That's... I'm pretty flexible.

Why is it so hardto find opinion writers

to talk positive thingsabout Donald Trump?

He's our commander in chief.There-there aren't

other conservatives out there?

So, if you lookat our diverse slate

of regular columnists--

we have left-wing columnists,liberal columnists,

we haveconservative columnists--

they don't like Donald Trump.

Do you know Donald Trump?

Have you looked Donald Trumpin the eyes

-and seen into his soul,-I-I...

past the-the lovely pallorof his face?

I have n... I-I have not onlylooked him in the eyes--

I've looked him in the hands.

(gasping, laughter)

It's true.

-You...-Do you want to hear more?

Am I gonna have to bleep it?


I can... I-I can do this

totally for the family-ratedshow I know you aspire to be.

Talk me... talk to meabout his gigantic hands.



Talk to me about this man...

Donald Trump, actually,to his enormous credit--

"enormous," see-- came to the Washington Post editorial board

last March, uh, March 2016,

when he had not yet wonthe nomination but was about to,

um, and just after he had hada certain encounter

with Marco Rubioabout the size of his digits.

-Mm-hmm. -Um, and we said,"Why did you feel the need

to bring up your hands?"And he said...

And I spent the whole timestaring at his hands,

trying to think, you know,is it... are they big?

Do they seem normal?I don't know.

And he said, "I had to."

I said, "Well, no, actually,you didn't have to--

you just chose to." And he said,

"Because people were askingquestions about my hands.

People thoughtthey weren't a normal size."

And then he said--'cause I kept pressing this

'cause I'ma serious journalist-- he said,

"I didn't want anyone to thinkthere was a problem there."

Are you judging my handsright now?

-They... I...-'Cause if they look small,

it's just a perspective thing.

They look elegant.


(cheering and applause)

I feel like that's elitist talkfor "small penis."

No, believe me, I would know ifI wanted to say "small penis."


(cheering and applause)

I like... You know,I like you, Ruth.

I'm might haveto take another look

at this Washington Post rag.

Please do.

-You can subscribe.-I can subscribe?

-Yes.-I'm not gonna do that.

Ruth, um, you're a smart person.

Tell me somethingI already know.

Uh, you're not gonna likethis one.

Um, Donald Trump announcedyour tax cut today.

Um, you don't deserve it.

You don't need it.

Tax cuts don't payfor themselves, magically.

There's no magic beansof tax cuts.

Deficit-financed tax cuts

definitely don't payfor themselves.

In fact, they're very badfor the economy.

So you don't deserve a tax cut.

Ruth, I'm a rich guy on TV.

I think I'm gonna be fine.

Ruth Marcus, everybody.The fight continues.

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