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Jeff & Some Aliens - Strange Addiction


Jeff's accidental fart leads Sammy the alien down a long, painful road.

Jeff & Some Aliens - "Some Aliens & Jeff!"


When a new sitcom portrays Jeff in an unflattering light, he takes matters into his own hands.

Gusto Rules - Boobies


The leader of an egg nation introduces his people to the wave of the future.

Sword Lords of Sorcery


A young boy contacts a webcam girl to join him in a medieval role-playing game.

Ellis Island


In the early 1900s, an Ellis Island official gets a little too creative with immigrant nomenclature.

S**tf**k News


Get the latest news from the imaginative mind of a homeless man who lives under a bridge.

Gusto Rules - Toilet


An egg leader gives a speech about his plans to revolutionize the way that people eat.

Sir Ian of Patrick and the Final Quest


When a knight returns home after battling dragons and warlocks, everyone but his wife is happy to see him.

Polygamy Scholygamy


When a man's childhood fantasy of having four wives comes to pass, he realizes that some dreams shouldn't come true.

Gusto Rules - Money


One egg is in charge of all the other eggs, and he's a jerk.

Ready for the Ball


A fairy godmother turns out to be less than helpful to a little girl.