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Workaholics Bios

Adam DeMamp

Adam ‘The Main Attraction” DeMamp is a lat guy living in an ab guy’s world, but that doesn’t stop him from always being ready to s’go.

Blake Henderson

Blake's got major swag—whether rocking a killer bear coat, or keeping things tight butthole in a stripping class, he's the unique guy you want to get weird with.

Anders Holmvik

Often tightly wound, Anders can end up in knots, but when he loosens up he’s the guy that stumbles home the next day with a grin, some shame and a great story.

Karl Hevacheck

The smartest wonky-eyed dude the guys know.

Alice Murphy

Alice is the guys' no-nonsense boss who isn’t afraid to rule by intimidation if it will help increase sales.

Jillian Belk

Alice’s assistant with a heart of gold and the mouth of a sailor, Jillian is everyone’s best work friend.

Montez Walker

Sitting in the other cubicle with Jet Set and Waymond, this man of indeterminable race is a sales beast with the numbers to prove it—and the mouth to advertise.

More Workaholics characters

Waymond Womano

He's a five foot-plus media maven of wonder and will, an iron hearted master of all things considered