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Blake Henderson

His strange personality, matched only by his savage head of hair, makes Blake interesting, but also misunderstood, which is frustrating because he just wants to be himself. When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong constantly happens to this rebellious kid. He understands the human condition in ways that Adam and Anders never will, and he enjoys pitting Anders and Adam against each other like Othello’s Iago, if Iago had a sense of humor and a medical marijuana license. Being a weirdo with self confidence, phone sales suits him perfectly. What makes Blake a good friend is that he’s willing to take risks and try new things and he’ll trick you into joining him for a night you’ll never forget... because of the tattoo... and the scar... and the Croatian wife you now have.

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  • Adam DeMamp

    Adam ‘The Main Attraction” DeMamp is a lat guy living in an ab guy’s world, but that doesn’t stop him from always being ready to s’go.
  • Anders Holmvik

    Often tightly wound, Anders can end up in knots, but when he loosens up he’s the guy that stumbles home the next day with a grin, some shame and a great story.
  • Karl Hevacheck

    The smartest wonky-eyed dude the guys know.