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Flip Men - Season 2

Spike TV’s hit original unscripted series “Flip Men” is back for a new season, following Doug Clark and Mike Baird, Utah-based entrepreneurial partners and real estate gurus, as they gamble their financial fates week-after-week by buying and flipping foreclosed properties. The stakes are higher than ever this season, as the pair encounters a myriad of bizarre developments, including a house infested with bees, a drive-thru meth lab, a horrific crime (or potential murder) scene, a drug den and a hoarder’s haven. Ten all-new half-hour episodes of “Flip Men” premiere starting Sunday, July 22 at 10PM ET/PT on Spike TV.

In the premiere episode, Mike and Doug find themselves in unfamiliar, dangerous territory when they realize the house they’ve just purchased has been ransacked by thieves and stripped of all its valuable copper wiring and plumbing. It’s an incredibly expensive job to replace the copper and the guys find themselves running a sting operation and coming face-to-face with the returning thieves in a late night showdown.

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Melissa Leung-Sugiura

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