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The Joe Schmo Show 102

The Joe Schmo Show
Spike Brings Back the Audacious Faux Reality Show Where Only One Contestant is Real
“The Joe Schmo Show” Premieres Tuesday, January 8 at 10 PM, ET/PT

Spike has once again turned the tables on the reality show genre with “The Joe Schmo Show.” The one-hour, 10-episode series features one real guy who believes he is on a new, over-the-top reality show looking for America’s next bounty hunter, but in reality is actually surrounded entirely by actors. His cast-mates are a motley crew of reality show clichés including Lorenzo Lamas, playing himself, who must do their best under these unusual circumstances to follow a pre-determined outline. “The Joe Schmo Show” premieres on Spike with two back-to-back episodes on Tuesday, January 8 from 10 PM – midnight, ET/PT.

Deb Fazio

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