Outrage over Tim Kaine's Spanish-Laden DNC Speech

July 28, 2016 - Cass Sunstein 07/28/2016 Views: 1,080

Conservative critics lash out at vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine for speaking Spanish at the Democratic National Convention, and Grace Parra comes to his defense. (3:48)

Uh, now, last night wasn't justabout saying good-bye to Obama,

it was also about saying helloto Tim Kaine.

Or should I say "Hola, Señor Kaine"?

The best complimentthat you could pay to somebody

was to say thatthey were "listo."


Not "inteligente"-- "smart."

Not "amable"-- "friendly."

Not "rico"-- "rich."

But listo. Listo.

Is it just me or doesTim Kaine seem like

a laid-backmiddle school teacher, right?

Doesn't he?Right?

Hey, guys.

So, check it out, guys.

The only homeworkthis weekend... (scoffs)

is to have fun.


But some had a problemwith this, uh, white man

who was speaking the languageof el diablo.

Hillary Clinton,instead of choosing a Latino,

she chose an old white manwho speaks Spanish.

That is a slap in the faceto Hispanic Americans.

What? Are you kidding me?

Hey, Hispanic Americanslove slaps in the face.

It's what 90%of telenovelas are about.

All right? Got it?

Don't be telling me.

No, angry Trump lady,

as far as Latinos are concerned,

this is moreof a slap in the face.

When Mexico sends its people,they're not sending their best.

They're bringing drugs,they're bringing crime.

They're rapists.

And... Yeah. AndAngry Trump Lady's not alone.

This, uh, blonde-ito on CNNshared her, uh, Univision.

I'm hoping I'm not gonna have tokind of start brushing up back

on my Dora the Explorer to understand

some of the speeches giventhis week.


Brushing upon Dora the Explorer?

What, you mean learningabout maps and thieving weasels?

I don't... What does...what does that mean?

What's wrong with speakinganother language?

Look, for her thoughts, we turnto Nightly Show contributor

and resident Latina,Grace Parra.

-Thank you. Oh, thank you.-(cheering and applause)

Thank you. Thanks, Larry.

What the (bleep)

is so wrong with people learninga second language?

Is it becausethat language is Spanish?

We really don't want to thinkour politicians are smart enough

to speak another language?

Look, if Trump started to breakout into a little German,

I get it,that would be terrifying.

But we are talkingabout our neighbor, Mexico.

We share a border with them.Nobody gets upset

when Americans just break outinto Canadian.

Uh, Grace, I-I don't thinkthat's a language.

Oh-ho, you don't know whatyou're talking aboot, Larry.

Of course it is, eh?

Grace, that was horrible.

¡Cállate, Lorenzo!

Look, are we so non-aspirational

that we have to continuallydeclare war on knowing things?

I mean, even the pied piperof the uneducated himself,

Donald Trump,

is married to a womanwho speaks many languages--

Slovenian, English,French, Serbian,

German, Michelle Obama.

(cheering and applause)


once again, Grace,

I don't think Michelle Obama'stechnically a language.

I mean, it's a nice j...

We should encourageall Americans to be smart

and to do thingslike learn Spanish,

as opposedto just speaking English louder

around someonewho speaks Spanish.

She's right. Very nice.

-Grace Parra, everybody.-Oh, that's Parra.

-That's right. Parra. -Parr... Parra.

-Parra. Parra. We'll beright back! -Parra. Parra.