Exclusive - Tips for the 2016 Presidential Candidates from Wyclef Jean- Uncensored

08/16/2016 Views: 326

Wyclef Jean's first tip for the presidential candidates: If you don't rap, don't try to rap. (1:26)

- If y'all would liketo be the next President

of these United States of America,

here's a few tips from an ex candidate that got bamboozled.

(hip-hop music)

Y'all don't have to do no rap song like Ben Carson

for people to think likeyou a real cool person

and we up in the hood want fuck with you.

You know what I mean?

Just keep it realistic.

Don't cross that boundary.

If you don't rap, don't try to rap.

If you find yourself in a bi-partisan convention look,

there's one side that's goin' lock her up, lock her up,

turn up and you look at your side and you're gonna be like

turn up!

Hell no, she won't turn up!

Hell no, she won't turn up!

Lock her up!

She won't go.

Hell no, you see, so all that fighting,

y'all could just put that together.

Like House of Pain, Jump Around.

Now that President Obama had banned

dabbin, dabbin,

this is a perfect time to bring back my man,

MC Hammer.

(hip-hop music)

It's hammer time!

The 46th President of the United States of America.

Your number one agenda is to put the Fugees back together.

Turn up!