Impression of a Possessed Rooster

Season 4 , Ep 3 08/09/13 Views: 16,733

If Pete Holmes' impression doesn't bring you joy, there isn't anything more he can do. (0:55)

Okay, one last thing.

I like to end with somethingridiculous, because

this is a ridiculous job.

I would like to end by doingmy impression of a rooster

that's been possessedby Mrs. Doubtfire.

Everyone who's laughingalready: friends forever.

Everybody else, it's like,"I'll hear him out."

How dare you, Geton the joy train.

This is my impression of arooster that's been possessed

by Mrs. Doubtfire,

a fictional character.

"Oh, hello, hello!"


If that doesn't get youthere, I can't get you there.

I can't do it.I've failed you.

Thank you so much, everybody.

Good to see you.