Jonathan Katz - Eye Contact

Katz, Barry, Sklar Brothers Season 2, Ep 11 05/26/1993 Views: 1,255

Making eye contact with a New York woman is not easy. (2:03)

So nice to be here.

This is-- this is great.

How many of you-- I'm curious--actually recognized me from TV?

That's-- see that's--that's what it's all about,

I guess-- privacy, yeah.

I did a local radioshow this morning.

That was fun.

One of the other guess hadjust written a book called

"How Your NameShapes Your Future."

This is a guynamed Pee-Pee Head.

I don't know if you'refamiliar with his work.


Last night I spentthe night with my dad,

and at 3:00 in themorning I think

I hear someone breaking in.

So I call 911.

The voice says if there'san intruder in your home,

and you're calling from atouch tone phone, press one.

If there's anintruder in your home

and you're callingfrom a rotary phone,

hit the intruder withthe rotary phone.

Turns out, it's nothing.

I'm a little jumpy.

We've had some break-insrecently in my neighborhood.

I-- I'm just not used tothe sounds of the suburbs.

I grew up in New YorkCity, met my wife

there, which is-- which is noteasy-- to meet a woman here.

To make eye contact with awoman in New York is not easy.

The only way todo that is to walk

about three feetbehind her at night.

That's right.

It's a, uh-- scary place I wasmugged-- midtown Manhattan,

broad daylight, big guy like me.

And that is a, uh-- thatis a terrifying experience.

The things that racethrough your mind-- phrases

you haven't used sinceyou were a kid like I'll

be your best friend.

But even if you likeNew York, you'll

admit it's not a nice place.

It does things to a person.

My uncle-- true story--10 years ago this guy

was a prominentjudge in Manhattan.

Now he's a wino livingin Central Park.

But out of respect, people stillsay, may I approach the bench?

And that's sweet.