Brett Butler - Cat Calls

Butler, Behrendt, Louis C.K. Season 2, Ep 5 05/26/1993 Views: 3,142

At 35, you react to construction workers' cat calls a lot more positively. (1:09)


I'm- I'm not a lesbianbut I play one on TV.

Anyway, that's what- oh, don'tgive me that surly young New

Yorker,been-in-an-office-all-day look.

Bite me, young man.


[cheers and applause]


I- I turned- no.

I turned- I turned35 so now I'm taking

prisoner all men under 20.

Thank you.

It's- I am.

I'm getting awful.

I yell back atconstruction workers now.

I don't care.

-When you're a young womanin this city of all cities,

you know, when they say thosecreative and lascivious things

when you walk by, you're filledwith youthful indignation.

You're, like, (SILLYGIRL VOICE) stop it.

This is not for you.

God, how thirdworld. (NORMAL VOICE)

And you walk off in thatlittle Clearasil huff.

-But when you get to be my ageand they yell stuff- stuff.

I didn't say it good.


Then you- you- you'reso so grateful,

you're beside yourself.

You're, like, what?


-Thank you. [laughs]


-You- you want to do whatwith me in that wheelbarrow?


-You want me to bethe wheelbarrow?


-All right.

I got a minute.



-And then, they're, like,lady, I was kidding.

I gotta put up a building.

Holy crud.

She heard me.