Positively Negative Season 1, Ep 3 02/15/2007 Views: 54,390

Sarah pumps up the audience at a rally for AIDS awareness. (1:57)

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You're applauding yourselves.

You're applauding yourselves.

I'm one of you.

So in that respect,you are applauding me.

And I thank you.


My name is Sarah,

and I'm going to pump...

you upwith AIDS awareness.

[cheers and applause]

Thank you. Thank you.That was a good one.

People of AIDS,don't cry for me.

Long after I'm gone, I'll remain behind.

On every child'ssmiling lips.

I'm every star in the sky.

I'm every tear you cry.

♪ I'm every--


Oh. Oh, 7:00 already.

I gotta getmy blood test results.

Okay, everybody listen up.

Jewel's gonna come out and sing a few songs.

I've gotta getthese blood test results.

If I do have AIDS,I'll be back in ten minutes.

[booing] If I don't have AIDS,

please enjoy Jewel's performance.

I hear she's wonderful.

What?What's the problem?

Are you booing me becauseI might not have AIDS?

Oh, my God! Oh!

Why are you beingsuch fickle pickles?!

I hate you!

What?! Oh!

(woman) We hate you Sarah!

Oh, my God! Oh!

You know, if this is how AIDSmakes you treat people...


I hope I don't have it.