YouTube Exorcism Tutorials

Tuesday, September 27, 2016 09/27/2016 Views: 748

Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart take to YouTube to help aspiring exorcists with step-by-step tutorials for demon expulsion. (1:50)

Before the break,

I asked you to makean exorcism tutorial video.

So let's see whatyou guys came up with.

Mamrie, let's start with you.

So, after youclean the vomit off you

and pull the crucifixout of your orifice,

be sure to exercise your fingers

by subscribing for more vidsthat'll make your head spin.

Love you like an...

(deep voice): exor-sister.

The subscribe call to actionon that was flawless

-at the end.-Thank you, thank you, sir.

Uh, all right,Hannah, you're next.

Hey, guys, it's me, Hannah.

Today we're going to learnhow to you expel demons

that have overtakenyour mortal soul.

So let's get started firstwith some incantations.

(speaking Latin)




Oh, wow.

Anyway, be sure to click "like"and subscribe.

Uh, Grace, you're next.

Hey, guys, it's me again.

So, step one of today's tutorial

is to make sure that your friendis, like, actually possessed

and not having, like, a seizureor something else gross.

So once you rule out scienceyou can start shoving pencils

up their assuntil the demons are gone.

Like and subscribeto my channel, not to Hannah's.

Thank you, bye.

There's-there's a...

The rivalry-- there's a rivalryamong exorcism videos.

I got... I think I have to giveeveryone 5,000 points.

-Those were all fantastic.-Yay! -Yay!

-(whoops)-5,000 points?

Oh, 666.

-666.-Aah! -Oh!